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Read & Download わたしに××しなさい 2 è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ➹ [Read] ➵ わたしに××しなさい 2 By Ema Tōyama ➼ – 「絶対零度の雪女」とクラスでおそれられる中学生、雪菜の裏の顔は、超人気ケータイ「絶対零度の雪女」とクラスでおそれられる中学生、雪菜の裏の顔は、超人気ケータイ小説家のユピナ 悩みは、恋愛体験のせいで、読者が期待するラブがかけないこと。でも、学校一の人気者・時雨の黒い秘密をにぎったことで。. This volume was better but still not great Better because it sort of self acknowledges the weirdness that is going on even though it makes no efforts to fix it We also get some genuinely interesting moments out of Akira but their whole relationship dynamic is still weird and uncomfortable Not great because it still makes no sense what the tone of this book is Missions of Love is starting to feel like a classic love triangle manga but I don't like either of the options here Take Yukina and drop her into any other story and she would be fantastic but here with these two boys it just doesn't work for me I also still don't get the cousin thing Someone explain the cousin thing to me please

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絶対服従、恋のミッションがいまスタート女王様・雪菜の命令に、従順なシモベのふりをしながら反逆を企む時雨。でも、そんなことは雪菜を見守る騎士ナイト・晶がゆるさない そんな中、雪菜のケータイ小説ランキングが位に転. I really enjoyed the first volume so when I saw that the next three volumes were available and discounted massively I had to get them I really enjoyed this manga I read through the manga so uickly but I do want to point out that this manga is really problematic and toxic Yukina the female main character is literally blackmailing Shigure the male main character to be romantic and do things to her because she has something on him which would ruin his good boy reputation in the school and show him to be of a f boy On top of that Yukina's cousin Akira loves Yukina in a romantic way However even though it's a problematic series I am still really enjoying it and I am looking forward to reading the next books in the series

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わたしに××しなさい 2落。首位奪還のため雪菜は、もっとドキドキしなきゃいけなくなって―― 大好評の番外編「雪菜のお姫様大作戦」やキャラトークも収録ユピナのケータイ小説『悪魔でリフレクション』の設定資料もついてくる、超お楽しみの第巻. Still super cute I will forever love Love Triangles 3Also REALLY love that they put a little translation section in the back to explain things that might not make sense initially for an English reader such as the Snow Witch comments or the fact that you don't typically use first names unless you are very close