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Et I'm in love with my next door neighbour my best friend Kyle JacobsKyle Jacobs is popular hot wanted by every girl in school I am the exact opposite I'm invisible unnoticed I haven't even kissed a boyOne girly weekend to a spa for a makeover changes everything I start getting noticed. I liked the plot Ali and Kyle were best friends and as time went by their feelings for each other changed but both of them were afraid to tell and show how they really feel When Ali turned from ugly ducking to a lovely swan Kyle decided to pursue her and fight for his feelings Soon Ali was noticed by a lot of people but not all were pleased Something happened Halloween night where everything changed Will they finally get their happy every afterStory wise it was good It has lot of potential but my concern was the poor editing and grammar issues Honestly I am uite fussy with the use of the words you're and your which weren't properly used in the book among other things like punctuation marks I can't help but pout whenever I encountered these errors multiple times But I'm still holding my breath for book 2 I think it's going to be a lot betterI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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A Simple Change The Change #1Even Kyle is starting to act differently around meSomebody though doesn't like this new change doesn't like how Kyle and I are blurring the lines from friendship to something New adult contemporary romance with mature content Recommended for due to mature language and adult situations. I always enjoy reading new authors Ms Ostle has captured high school angst at its finest Her characters are well developed and very likable Kyle and Alison are meant for each other if they would only admit it to themselves Lex is a stellar best friend everyone needs someone like her in their lifeThe twists in the story are well plotted and the ending will leave the reader wanting The only thing that threw me was the use of British terms in a story set in the US As a debut novel this book is a great read perfect for laying on the beach and relaxing with

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A Simple Change The Change #1 Free download ¿ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç [Reading] ➽ A Simple Change The Change #1 By J.L. Ostle – Insolpro.co.uk This book has been re edited on 18062015My name is Alison I am a goody goody I follow the rules I work hard and study while everyone else parties and hooks uThis book has been Change The Kindle #214 re edited on My name is Alison I A Simple PDF am a goody goody I follow the rules I work hard and study Simple Change The PDF #206 while everyone else parties and hooks up I'm ok with that I'm use to it My life isn't simple though I have a secr. Alison has been in love with her best friend Kyle for years She does not tell him for fear that it will destroy the close friendship they have There are a lot of factors working against what she wants Kyle is a player Alison is being bullied She dates someone elseKyle is a very protective best friend They have known one another for so long that they know each other better than themselves He takes her to school and home each day He is a popular guy at schoolAlison gets a spa day with her other best friend and makes some changes Next thing she knows guys and girls alike are noticing the new her Where before she was invisible Will the guy she really wants to attract see the new herMeanwhile there is a stalker wanting to harm Alison if she does not get away from Kyle Even with the police and school involved the stalker is making their presence known Can they be caught before tragedy strikesA really engaging book that I could NOT put down The story is very well put together with complex characters who have real feelings for each other I am hoping this is the start of a series I give this story a 45 Kitty's Paws UPThis ARC copy was given for review purposes only