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A Computer Called KatherineThe inspiring true story of mathematician Katherine Johnson made famous by the award winning film Hidden Figures who counted and computed her way to NASA and helped put a man on the moon Katherine knew it was wrong that African Americans didn't have the same rights as others What a lovely book I was of course familiar with her story because of the movie Hidden Figures But this is just everything a picture book biography can and should be If our school budget is not ridiculously low again next year 👎🏻😕 I want to get it

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As wrong as 5512 She knew it was wrong that people thought women could only be teachers or nurses as wrong as 10 53 And she proved everyone wrong by zooming ahead of her classmates starting college at fifteen and eventually joining NASA where her calculations helped pioneer A Katherine loved numbers since she was a little girl and she was always superb at math When she reached high school at age 10 there wasn't one for black students Katherine's family moved so that she would be able to attend a good high school After graduating from West Virginia State she became a math teacher before discovering a job at Langley Aeronautics Laboratory as a computer a name given to women whose job was calculting data for male space engineers for airplane designs and for their flight plans After she proved herself as an inventive thinker Katherine was invited to join the space team to plan for the flight of the first astronaut in space She continued calculating and planning reaching new horizons until she finally was responsible for calculating and charting the entire moon flight This story highlights Katherine's inuisitive mind always asking uestions and her resilience never taking a no for the answer A beautifully written biography inspiring girls of all cultures in STEM fields to challenge the barriers reaching for the sky and beyond

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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK A Computer Called Katherine Ä INSOLPRO Ø ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ A Computer Called Katherine Author Suzanne Slade – The inspiring true story of mathematician Katherine Johnson made famous by the award winning film Hidden Figures who counted and computed her way to NASAMerica's first manned flight into space its first manned orbit of Earth and the world's first trip to the moonAward winning author Suzanne Slade and debut artist Veronica Miller Jamison tell the story of a NASA computer in this smartly written charmingly illustrated biography PROGRESS 1000 BOOKS BEFORE KINDERGARTEN challengeRead together May 9 2020Book #28 in our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challengeLogan and I read another stellar children’s book a few days ago — this time about a real life figure we were already somewhat familiar with Katherine Johnson If you’ve been living under a rock the last few years you might not have heard of this awesome lady but if you’ve seen the 2016 movie “Hidden Figures” or paid any attention to NASA you certainly know about her In fact you also probably know about Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson as well Katherine Johnson was the last surviving member of this empowered trio until she passed away at the age of 101 on February 24 2020The beautifully illustrated picture book “A Computer Called Katherine” was released in spring 2019 to much acclaim Since our public library has been closed for a while now we can’t access a physical copy of the book so we read an ebook copy on Mama’s phone We know without a doubt that the experience of the physical book would have made the reading of this book even wonderful and we hope to revisit it as soon as possibleWe won’t reveal the details of the book because we definitely want you to pick it up for yourself but we will tell you without reservation that this is one great title for littles and adults alike The amazing I can’t find a better word artwork by illustrator Veronica Miller Jamison and the biographical narrative by children’s book author and scientist Suzanne Slade provide ample evidence that they are wholly devoted to their subjectThe cheerful full page spreads visually invite the reader into the world of NASA and American society during the time in which Katherine was doing her history changing work It highlights Katherine’s lifelong ambition and intellectual gifts in a way that young children will devour making her personal determination and enthusiasm to achieve and excel an important talking pointThis book will help start the conversation about personal goals and the importance of having dreams — no matter one’s gender or skin color It will also demonstrate how critical it is to disregard any voices saying sometimes shouting that something can’t be done simply because it’s never been done before The story of Katherine’s entire life proves that if we are able to do something in our lives we must then be willing — no matter whatIt’s simply inspiring from the first page to the last and a must read for young and old alike 5 stars for the artwork alone One of our favorite reads so farLink to original blog review