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Free download A Time of Blood 105 Å [Reading] ➿ A Time of Blood Author John Gwynne – Acclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne's second book in his Of Blood and Bone trilogy an epic fantasy perfect for fans of George R R Martin Brandon Sanderson and David Gemmell For from John Gwynne Acclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne's sGwynne check outThe Faithful and the Fallen Malice Valor Ruin Wrath Of Blood Bone A Time of Dre. You can find this review and at Novel Notions I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher Orbit in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed in this review are completely my ownOh man I wish time travel was a thing so I could dart into the future and get my hands on the last book of this trilogy I need the final installment immediately “We live our lives by Truth and Courage Love and loyalty friendship and honour are our guiding lights”I absolutely adored The Faithful and the Fallen The entire uartet was insanely epic and each book was better than the last I was crazy excited to get my hands on A Time of Dread the first book of Gwynne’s followup series Of Blood and Bone As much as I enjoyed it that book had of a grimdark feel to it than the original series which saddened me and kept me from loving it to uite the same extent though I see now that it was a necessary writing decision A Time of Blood than made up for that While still dark and definitely bloody this second installment had of the optimism that made TFatF so wonderful shining a light into the darkness and fighting to overcome it I was ecstatic to feel the return of that hopefulness even in the midst of dark and terrible times Something that Gwynne does wonderfully well is balance sorrow with hope We should mourn and avenge our fallen but we should also preserve our memories of them and honor them by living life to the fullest“Life is harsh and complicatedTo survive each day and be with the ones you love that is becoming enough for me”One of my favorite elements of TFatF was Gwynne’s inclusion of animal characters and how he gave them loads of personality The close ties between man and beast in the Banished Lands has proven incredibly moving and I very much appreciate the crows and bears and wolven hounds as they’ve been showcased Not only do these animals seem like important characters in their own right but their loyalty to and friendship with their humans is absolutely beautiful When one of these animals dies they are mourned just like any other fallen comrade There’s a special place in my heart for Gwynne’s crows the only animal characters with speaking lines I love how very crow like their dialogue reads managing to convey thought and personality without ever seeming human“Moments like that when you act when there is no room for thought they show the truth of a person”Another element of TFatF that I absolutely loved that was carried into Of Blood and Bone is the almost Judeo Christian feel of the war between good and evil The Ben Elim appear very angelic and the Kadoshim are their malevolent counterparts However they are not so cut and dried as that As we come to see in A Time of Dread and A Time of Blood the Ben Elim have flaws of their own despite their apparent moral superiority and lovely white feathered wings Especially in A Time of Blood we see how the Ben Elim have not practiced what they preached and have kept certain darker parts of themselves hidden These darker parts are now coming to light and suddenly they don’t seem all that different from their demonic rivals In fact through the eyes of one of our perspective characters we see a loyalty to the Kadoshim that seems to be missing from the Ben Elim I love the spiritual warfare feel that this story brings but I love even that things aren’t as straightforward as they appear“War makes monsters of us all”Speaking of that perspective character Gwynne did a great job crafting a disturbingly evil individual whose backstory nearly justifies their actions As I always choose to do when reviewing Gwynne’s work I won’t be naming names but that character is among the most twisted sympathetic characters I’ve ever encountered I found them demented and misguided and brilliant and I truly felt for them and could see the reasoning behind their decisions even as I was horrified by them“Sometimes dark deeds must be done to accomplish great ends”As always Gwynne did a brilliant job of crafting his battle scenes They were easy to follow and completely consuming He does a wonderful job of conveying the emotions flowing through his characters in the midst of battle and showing how those emotions must be dealt with uickly so that the characters can focus on the matter at hand We see characters push through fear and rage and physical pain to continue fighting for what they believe in and I have immense respect for that “Fear is not the enemy it is the herald of danger and that is only wisdom”It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that left me this desperate for the next book with no word of when that book will be published The third installment of this trilogy is a book that I will be eagerly awaiting and will start reading as soon as I can get a copy Everything else will have to wait There was nothing about A Time of Blood that I would change Not a single solitary thing Gwynne has become on of those rare authors whose books I will immediately preorder as soon as they’re available If he writes it I’ll read it no matter what it is I don’t think I can give an author higher praise than that Truth and Courage All uotations are taken from the advance copy and are subject to change upon publication

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Fantasy perfect for fans of George R R Martin Brandon Sanderson and David Gemmell For from John. I received an uncorrected proof copy of A Time of Blood in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank John Gwynne and Pan Macmillian for the opportunity This review will contain spoilers for A Time of DreadThe second entry in the Of Blood and Bone trilogy starts one day after the legendary giant Sig's last stand against the Kadoshim forces Her heroism granted her comrades enough time to escape and we pick up the action with Drem Cullen and Keld In the wake of the destruction and the horrors they have witnessed the group race towards sanctuary at the fortress of Dun Seren Elsewhere white wing Riv and Sirak Prince Bleda are debating their options after the attack of the Ben Elim's stronghold of Drassil taking into consideration the revelation that Riv is now clearly a winged half breed If she is seen in her current true form the conseuences would be drastic and Riv would be executed as an abominationAkin to A Time of Dread this novel also follows four point of view perspectives Readers will be familiar with the characters and viewpoints of the trapper Drem the warrior Riv and the archer Bleda A new perspective is that of Fritha a priestess and captain of the Kadoshim's covens This is our first insight into the mind of a player on the 'evil' side Although she was featured in the first book mainly as Drem's infatuation and ultimate betrayer here Gwynne fleshes her out as a character expertly Throughout her chapters she reflects about her upbringing the loss of her child her current motives and her overall mission objectives We witness that she has legitimate reasons for her hatred and is not just a two dimensional warped pure evil lady There is very little in Gwynne's The Banished Lands that is 100% good or 100% evil The distinction is cloudier and greyer in this series than what came prior with the Ben Elim and Kadoshim now residing in the human world The Ben Elim are now intune with and tempted by a plethora of human like emotions that they did not know in the Otherworld In my opinion Gwynne does two things better than the majority of fantasy writers Firstly making me truly truly care about the characters he's constructed There were many moments throughout this narrative where events from The Faithful and the Fallen were mentioned and just remembering the characters and the impact they had on me led to my tears actually blurring the words on the page I was reading before I realised it After spending time with Of Blood and Bone's ensemble through battles betrayals will theywon't they love dramas camaraderie and a sense of belonging I care for the main and side players much than I did in the first instalment I've always enjoyed Gwynne's depiction of animals and the parts they play to the overall narrative Here we have loyal wolven hounds talking birds flirting bears and some crazy warped concoctions of monstrosities too Secondly and I'll keep this one shortish because if you've read any of Gwynne's releases you'll be than aware that he writes battles duels skirmishes and confrontations better than anyone in the business right nowAfter epic battles galore the final few moments are stunning and I have no idea what implications this event will cause for the series' final entry I cannot wait at all Hopefully knowing John's work rate the conclusion to the trilogy will arrive sometime next year crosses fingers Although this isn't my favourite of Gwynne's works it is still pretty phenomenal Gwynne is one of the finest modern fantasy writers around The Order of the Bright Star shout 'Truth and Courage' when they charge into battle Looking at the consistent high uality of Gwynne's outings I imagine when he writes he has a mantra that states 'anything below excellent is not good enough'

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A Time of BloodAcclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne's second book in his Of Blood and Bone trilogy an epic. From a short distance this book looks like one long fight scene which isn't a bad thing as Gwynne writes very good fight scenes all the way from duels through skirmishes to pitched battlesThere are however a good number of pauses in which character is built and in which the plot is thickened and stirred A significant part of the book is also the literary euivalent of setting out your soldiers something I used to do a lot as a little boy arranging my armies of Airfix troops against each other before beginning the slaughterIn terms of the book this setting up is very worthwhile as it adds considerable emotion to the battles where warriors are scythed down in large numbersWe see the developing conflict from four points of view three on the good side and one on the baddies' side It's true that the dividing lines are not entirely black and white and that the Ben Elim have some skeletons in their closet or in a glade in a forest as it happens but it is still essentially impossible to buy into the mind set of the baddie who doesn't think she is a baddie We're not talking Starks vs Lannisters here it's Starks vs Ramsey BoltonThe main feeling of the book to me is fun not in the Kings of the Wyld comedic way but in the way that I enjoyed the fantasy books of my youth It's straight forward fantasy expertly executed I would say that Gwynne is definitely the closest we have to an inheritor of David Gemmell's mantle and I am a big fan of Gemmell's booksWhen five hundred giants on massive bears charge a demonic army with the Order of the Bright Star screaming Truth and Courage it's hard to be cynical so I wasn't instead I flipped through the pages even faster and cheered them onThe title is no lie It's a time of blood Lots of it And our heroes take a pounding as they fight the good fightIf you loved book 1 like I did then book 2 will not disappoint Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes