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アムリタUndene Erinnerungen verbotene Liebe der Erlösung und Genesung und einer Begegnung mit dem Geist der Toten auf einer fernen Insel im PazifikAmrita das Wort stammt aus der Hindu Mythologie und bedeutet Göttertrank Lebenselixier das Unsterblichkeit schenkt ist eine Hommage an das Leb The thing about Banana Yoshimoto's books is that I feel like I'm being introduced into a real and raw yet dreamy world The main character Sakumi aka Saku chan describes her mixed up family and the death of her younger sister and her own accident with crystal clear and unapologetic simplicityAll the characters have some flaw and we see the flaws but the flaws are so real and we are able to view them as natural part of life not a problematic thing to overcome The characters all seem to stay out late and drink and Sakumi regularly sleeps until afternoon There is no judgment and the characters live together in a fluid dance; when they talk their words slice through the truth and these truths are accepted and acknowledgedI have the vague sense that I am entering another realm when I read this book Banana Yoshimoto is an intriguing storyteller I read her other 2 books years ago and I'm so glad I found this gem The characters all seem to have some connection to the spirit supernatural world and it's so intriguing to read how they interact lovingly and in a real and raw wayThis book was a total pleasure and I find myself wishing that I could have this book accompany me in life to pick up whenever I want to connect with that supernatural world

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アムリタ epub ò Paperback read à banana yoshimoto ä ➮ [Ebook] ➩ アムリタ By Banana Yoshimoto ➺ – Insolpro.co.uk Mayu eine gefeierte junge Schauspielerin stirbt unter tragischen Umständen Sie hinterläßt eine ungewöhnliche Wahl Familie die die Trauer um die Verstorbene zusammenMayu eine gefeierte junge Schauspielerin stirbt unter tragischen Umständen Sie hinterläßt eine ungewöhnliche Wahl Familie die die Trauer um die Verstorbene zusammenhält Sakumi die ältere Schwester durch deren Augen sich die Geschichte entfaltet Yoshio einen jüngeren Bruder de I feel a need to defend this bookI picked it up during a Japanese authors phase and just couldn't put it down Some might argue that Yoshimoto's story is too surreal too fragmented too detailed as a friend put it For me it was just right Every other page I felt like underlining a uote Every seuential chapter distinctly out of joint with the previous made me feel like I was floating out in the ether somewhere The story is supposed to be about the way life turns on itself; the ebb and flow of just living I think Yoshimoto conveyed that sense perfectly As far as the plot I'm not sure what to say There's a girl She lost a chunk of her memory She has a brother who may or may not be insane Her sister committed suicide This girl has an odd relationship with her sister's fiance Everything somehow fits together like a Monet Just blobs up close but beautiful when you look at the whole picture

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R mystische Kräfte besitzt eine noch junge Mutter deren Freundin und Ryuichiro den Geliebten Mayus der einen Roman schreibt mit offenkundigen Parallelen zu ihrer GeschichteSakumi Yoshio und Ryuichiro begeben sich auf eine Reise durch Kummer und Leid verloren geglaubte und wiedergef I adore Banana Yoshimoto for the ability to create atmosphere I find myself at ease in She is for me the master of ‘ichi go ichi e’ this elusive Japanese awareness of treasuring the unrepeatable nature of a moment “Amrita” like many other works by Yoshimoto is a perfect novel embodying itMany people have a problem with “Amrita” saying it is too weird or about nothing in particular Some characters possess powers most people don’t they can enter other people’s dreams they have premonitions they are deeply connected to themselves and others For me though this is not some magic I myself sometimes have premonitions usually in the form of dreams but an element of reality many feel uncomfortable with but I feel perfectly in peace withWhat I love about “Amrita” is that the story has no beginning and no end it’s not aimed at transforming any character but they do change has no climax and doesn’t seem to have any clear message It is all about emotions and feeling that the moment is there and will soon belong to the past When Yoshimoto writes about staying up late coming downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee at 3am she makes me want to do exactly the same It’s been a long time since I read such perfect descriptions of holidays spent on getting a suntan and doing nothing as the main character and people close to her enjoy in Kōchi and later on Saipan“As people we narrowly get by with our lives each day energy from our soft delicate actions appearing like cherry blossoms only once and once for a short while Eventually petals fall to the ground”“Amrita” is also a novel about family bonds trust and autonomy family members give to one another Reading about so many unhappy families in Japanese literature here it was a breath of fresh air to see a family considered ‘strange’ for being unconventional by the conservative protagonist but healthy imperfectly happy and at ease People who truly enjoy spending time in each other’s company For all the above I hold Yoshimoto in the pantheon of authors who move me evoke deepest emotions and make me pay attention to the joy of simple moments And this is what I treasure