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Megan Bright and Jackson Dawes are two teenagers who first meet each other on the hospital ward where they are both being treated for cancer Megan is scared and worried about h Oh man I cried There's the kind of crying that's simply because you read something sad However there's also the kind of crying that you go through when you read something that implies something sad That one's even worse than the first Since this book's about cancer I experienced the second kind maybe even than the first I don't know why but I needed to read this book after having read the summary In fact I put everything else down just so I could read it in one night two sittings There was something in this summary that drew me to the story and I want to say that whoever wrote it did an amazing job Talking about the story itself I found myself loving the side characters than the main one Not that I hated Megan or something but I fell in love with Jackson and the little kids and Gemma and Megan's grandfather For once I felt like everyone else's personality was so much deeper than the main character's which wasn't exactly a terrible thing because it's a short novel and I still cared about the story I did find that it was a bit predictable because I expected many events but I guess it's also targeted for a younger audience when did I become too old for some books That can't be happening Anyway I thought this story had a great message at the end maybe not the one I was supposed to remember but the one about growing up and keeping friendships alive which really struck me Overall this isn't a perfect book although I didn't really mention its flaws I guess there was just something missing but I still really enjoyed reading it and my head hurts from crying earlier I recommend it

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Anthem for Jackson DawesEr illness but Jackson seems to be an old hand having been on the ward for ages And everybody loves Jackson He is a whirlwind of life and energy warmth and sparkle Megan will n 35 StarsAnthem for Jackson Dawes is a novel with a lot of heart It’s heartwarming sweet and very endearing But admittedly I felt a bit distant from the story as a whole I loved the characters and the plot it just seems that I couldn’t put as much emotional investment in the story as I have done with others I have been pondering about this for a while and I still haven’t come up with why I had this problem This novel does have some really good ualities thoughIf you read the first few pages you will know that this is a story about a girl Megan that has been diagnosed with cancer sent to the children’s hospital ward and put on Chemo And if you read even farther you will know that Megan is in internal turmoil and is scared for her future Fortunately there is a certain sunshine of a person called Jackson Dawes who might be able to give Megan the friendship and comfort she needsAs you can see this is a story about friendship and finding hope in the most unlikely places I loved the story–even though I didn’t have a large emotional attachment– and breezed through the pages as fast as I couldMegan Bright and Jackson Dawes were wonderful characters I believe that they will be very easy to relate to for many people even though those many people have not suffered from cancer themselves Megan does a lot of growing as the pages go on and she felt like a real character to me Jackson is a character filled with color and strange stories I couldn’t help but smile when his name was written in a sentenceThe side characters were also very satisfying character wise We have the mysterious adorable Kipper the serious but compassionate Sister Brewster the humorous fun Siobhan and the absolutely amazing Bright family I loved reading about them allI did think that some of the moments that were supposed to make a person laugh fell flat Not all of them but some Awhile this might only be a little thing among all the good things this novel has I still found it bothersome This little uibble is really only based on my sense of humor so those moments might make someone else laugh to piecesBryce did an amazing job with the prose in this novel It was engaging readable and had a certain lightness about it that made this story very addictingAll in all Anthem for Jackson Dawes is an great strong debut novel and I will certainly be looking out for Celia Bryce’s next books Even though I did have some trouble with feeling connected to the story this is very much worth the read since the good ualities that I mention are freaking good

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Anthem for Jackson Dawes kindle ☆ Hardcover ´ [KINDLE] ✾ Anthem for Jackson Dawes Author Celia Bryce – Megan Bright and Jackson Dawes are two teenagers who first meet each other on the hospital ward where they are both being treated for cancer Megan is scared and worried about her illness but Jackson s MegEed to borrow some of Jackson's Anthem for MOBI #10003 extraordinary optimism to face her and Jackson's future A moving story of first love and a remarkably powerful debut nove This review and can be viewed over at my blog The Muses CircleMy Review Anthem for Jackson Dawes is a uiet little novel that had the potential to pack a strong punch with its challenging topic and themes but somehow fell short on its delivery Characters weren't fully developed and the story itself was just coming together when the author decided to wrap things up uicker than you can blink That being said there is no denying Celia Bryce is a talented writer The poems at the beginning and the end of the book are beautiful and make sense once the story is over and despite me wishing for I did like how the scenes were purposely short almost giving it a journal type feelThe story is set somewhere in the UK so for those who are from the US just go into the novel with an open mind It's not a difficult read by any means but there may be words or phrases that aren't familiar Thirteen year old Megan who has a brain tumor arrives at the hospital to start treatment It only takes her a few moments to digest the fact that she has literally walked into a cancer ward for babies and little kids Toys being banged Something rattling Another thing chiming Whirring Sueaking Somewhere to the right there was a baby crying   She is outraged that she will be spending the next several days in a kiddie ward She even thinks to herself Where were the other patients People like her People her age Perhaps she asked that uestion too soon because that's when Jackson Dawes comes barging into her life the only other person around her age staying on the same ward Megan immediately dislikes him thinking him rude obnoxious and the thing that irritates her the most why and how can he be so happyWhat I liked the most about Anthem for Jackson Dawes and what I think the author portrays well is the different ways people children in this case deal with having cancer Megan is fueled with anger and bitterness Jackson is jovial and mischievous always trying to look at the bright side of cancer in his opinion not mine such as not having to really worry about school and driving the nurses crazy with his pranks and disappearing acts Then there is Kipper a little girl who refuses to use her real name while in for treatments Her mother tells Megan that her daughter made her swear she would not reveal her real name Could it be that in order for Kipper to cope during treatments and stays at the hospital she chooses to go by a fake name and live in an imaginary world Celia Bryce also subtly weaves in a few philosophical uestions that Megan and Jackson are left to ponder Megan coming face to face with the possibility that she could die has a hard time coming to terms with why some people get to live long healthy lives while others perish so young Her grandfather is nearly 100 years old and while her family prepares to celebrate another birthday with him Megan doesn't want to go to the party even though she loves him dearly Although we mostly get to see Jackson's silly side the one thing that seems to bother him is what kind of legacy would he leave behind if he should die Will he be remembered Maybe the reason he causes so much trouble is because it is his way of making sure he will never be forgottenThere are uite a few reviewers that didn't care for Megan some finding her annoying and immature Maybe it's because I work with kids but let us not forget that she is only 13 years old and many children around that age can try our patience And while I have never had cancer I do know what it is like having medical problems at a young age so you try to find any way you can to cope That being said it was nice to see Megan start to warm up to not only Jackson but to the little ones in the ward Jackson teaches her how important t