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Appalachian Prey Free download ´ 104 ´ [Reading] ➸ Appalachian Prey Author Debbie Herbert – Star crossed loversDanger awaits them both Unfortunate circumstances force pregnant Lilah Tedder to face deputy Harlan Sampson her child’s secret father who left her heartbroken But when a killer ta Star crossed loversDangeStar crossed loversDanger awaits them both Unfortunate circumstances force pregnant Lilah Tedder to. While Debbie Herbert isn't a new writer she's certainly a new writer in the Intrigue line and if this book is any indication a welcome addition Herbert gives exactly what I look for in these books a romance with believable complications simmering suspense and a complex plot And how refreshing to get an Intrigue book not set in Texas or Colorado The plot has Lilah Tedder returning to her hometown after the murder of her father Not much later her sister is killed as well Weaved into this is the mysterious death of her grandfather some cold case killings from a couple of decades ago illegal drug marijuana and alcohol moonshine runners and possible police conspiracy and cover ups Whew But Herbert handles all of these expertly and everything is resolved by the endThe romance had plenty of complications and was sometimes a little exasperating but did draw me in Lilah keeps Harlan in the dark about his paternity of her baby for my liking but I did understand where she was coming from I found I was able to excuse her behaviour because it was in response to Harlan's own selfish and crappy behaviour to her Too often in these books the heroine has no good reason to keep paternity a secret All in all Lilah was uite the kick ass heroine I might conveniently ignore that TSTL moment where despite someone having killed several members of her family Lilah decides to go for a walk in the woods alone with only 12% of her phone battery working She was asking for a bullet in her backBut otherwise this was a much above average romantic thriller that I really enjoyed I look forward to reading Debbie Herbert's next book for the Intrigue line

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Face deputy Harlan Sampson her child’s secret father who left her heartbroken But when a killer ta. Second Chance Romance with a healthy dose of Suspense to keep you on your toes Lilah is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who is trying hard to escape her past and her family's reputation Harlan is the career driven police officer who fell for her Unfortunately he chose career over romance and the two fizzled outbadly They are forced to come together when they discover that Lilah's father may have been dabbling in something dangerous Now in order to save herself and her loved ones Lilah needs to root up old family secrets This book is gorgeously written from beginning to end Debbie Herbert always has an element of intrigue and suspense in her novels but this is her first to be printed under Harleuin's Intrigue handle It doesn't feel like the first though She writes like a seasoned veteran of the genre and I found myself glued to the pages Lilah is a modern age heroine who is smart and self sufficient and Harlan is a hero we can root for his strength lies in his ability to care for his community and those around him He also makes human mistakes and reacts accordingly No extreme ALPHA stuff here Just a good old Love Storywith murder and moonshine I absolutely loved it

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Appalachian PreyRgets Lilah Harlan becomes than her protector They must uncover old secrets or pay the ultimate pric. I love this story Its about old prejudices and new Lilah Tedder is from a family of secrets whose family business is moonshine Harlan Sampson is a deputy because of that any association with someone whose papa does moonshine could kill any chances to become sheriff Hence the problem of prejudice old and new But add to it a few murders This will keep the pages turning trying to figure out who done it Its an awesome book my 1st time reading this author and looking forward to the next book in this series