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I Capture the CastleThrough six turbulent months ofyear old Cassandra Mortmain keeps a journal filling three notebooks with sharply funny yet poignant e What a generous caretaker of a novelIf I say that this novel didn't reuire me to do any work it sounds like a vague insult as if I'm saying that the story or the characters were slight and that's not at all what I mean I mean that the novel both through format a very self aware narrator's journal and authorial intent with a firm eye on the sort of story telling pedigree that brought her there anticipated my readerly needs and desires with such swiftness that I felt agreeably anticipatory and satisfied at all times I did not have to tell myself to be patient to wait for one plot line to play out because the book helpfully plied me with a pleasant drink while I waited I did not feel done after it had given me a good meal because right before the last course it promised dessert The summary is accurate and pointless It is about Cassandra writing about herself in a journal Their family is penniless They do live in a castle She is as it promises deeply hopelessly in love But not with any of the men in the book They're all intriguing in their own way don't get me wrong and she does love many of them in many different ways The novel takes place in one of my favorite intellectual time periods to read and study and this book plays across all of its nuances artists' models and intellectuals servants' uarters and vicars romanticism and mysticism the religion of church and the religion of a well turned out drawing room But all of that is sort of beyond the point The point is that Cassandra is deeply hopelessly in love with life and her utter wry engagement with the castle she adores is what pulled me through the pages Her voice is kind and self deprecating generous and wondering The humans she observes — Topaz her often nude step mother; Rose her selfish and hungry sister; Mortmain her once famous father — are all seen through this well meaning gaze and even terrible events are colored with love even when I thought characters could do with a polite punch in the mouthThis book took very good care of me It goes onto my comfortable re read shelf immediately

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E MOBI #10003 have been great changes in the Mortmain household not the least of which is that Cassandra is deeply hopelessly in lov The first half of this was like Jane Austen herself descended from the heavens godlike and delivered me personally a giftThe second half of this is like Jane Austen removed the mask and revealed she was just Some Romance Writer not to be confused with a good romance writer of which there are many and then she also punched me in the stomachIn other words I suffered unimaginablyEveryone goes ON and ON about this protagonist Cassandra “She is the most charming creature in the history of the world” says JK Rowling “She is a hero” says a heroic person “She is me reincarnated” says GodAnd yeah at first she’s pretty cool Very cool evenBut then she sucksBasically everyone was great at first and then everyone sucks and also the book was great at first and then sucks Don’t make this into some grand metaphor about life I sufferedThis is not even my sometimes bias against romance showing Except okay maybe it is a little bit But in this book we go from a uirky ragtag family living in a dilapidated CASTLE in the English COUNTRYSIDE tounreuited love And sisterly hate And family separation And heartbreak and betrayal and sorrow and a whole lot of other thingsThings that are my least favorite things In conclusion #JusticeforStephen2020Bottom line This may have been designed as a torture device for me specifically using a complicated series of time machines and nightmare infiltration pre reviewtoo much lovey dovey stuff not enough practical instruction on the day to day of castle acuisitionreview to come 3ish stars

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I Capture the Castle Ebook Ç 343 pages Download î Dodie smith µ ❴Ebook❵ ➨ I Capture the Castle Author Dodie Smith – Insolpro.co.uk Through six turbulent months of 1934 17 year old Cassandra Mortmain keeps a journal filling three notebooks with sharply funny yet poignant entries aNtries about her home a ruined Suffolk castle and her eccentric and penniless family By the time the last diary shuts there I Captur 299 Kindle sale May 1 2020 4 stars Recommended if you like historical coming of age fiction I had never heard of I Capture the Castle until a friend gave it an extremely strong recommendation Dodie Smith is the author of The 101 Dalmatians the original basis for the Disney movie and the only reason I was familiar with her name which I read many years ago and really enjoyedThis 1948 novel is about an intelligent 17 year old girl Cassandra Mortmain who lives in semi genteel but crushing poverty in mid 1930s England in a dilapidated castle Cassandra has ambitions of becoming an author like her father Her story is told in the form of her journal entries as she practices her writing skills to try to learn to “capture” the castle as well as the people in her life in her writingCassandra skillfully describes her father’s distance and failure to do anything to provide for the family her stepmother’s charm and eccentricity and her older sister Rose’s despair at their isolation and poverty But what broke my heart was her matter of fact descriptions of how their poverty affects their lives every day the too small worn out clothing the girls have to wear; her gratitude for having eggs along with bread and margarine for their evening meal; the way the girls trade off sleeping in the one comfortable bed in their room which hasn’t been sold only because it’s in such bad shape Rose the beautiful sister is grimly determined to escape from poverty even if she has to marry a man she doesn't love When two young American brothers move into town the older son Simon is the family’s new and wealthy landlord the Mortmains’ lives are all turned topsy turvy with love romance and secretsCassandra’s insights into own and others’ personalities and motivations are sharp and witty and occasionally even a little prophetic; I think the symbolism of her name from Greek mythology is deliberate although she misses at least one major secret that a member of her own family is hiding The characters are believable and human sometimes frustratingly so with their flaws I particularly wanted to smack Cassandra's father upside the head he's a well known author with one famous book to his credit but for the last ten years he's been struggling with a massive case of writer's block hiding away in his home office reading detective novels and working on crosswords while his family sells the furniture to survive I thought there were just a few missteps in the story the chain of unreuited love interests was pushing the boundaries of believability woman wants boy who loves girl who loves another guy who loves another girl who loves I guessed one big reveal at the end fairly early in the story Cassandra spends a chapter or two examining her views on religion and talking to the local vicar and then never mentions it again which made me wonder why it was included in the first placeBut these are minor flaws Cassandra is an enchanting character and a fantastic narrator surrounded by some unforgettable characters This is a lovely bittersweet novel that doesn't go for the easy resolution