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Darm mit Charme Alles über ein unterschätztes Organ Book ↠ 352 pages Download Í ❮Download❯ ➵ Darm mit Charme Alles über ein unterschätztes Organ Author Giulia Enders – Insolpro.co.uk Ruột ơi là ruột mời gọi chúng ta khám phá một trong những cơ uan phNg ruột ua cuộc hành trình của miếng bánh đi từ miệng thực uản dạ dày xuống ruột non ruột già rồi dừng chân ở một luống rau nào đó cùng những hình ảnh minh họa ngộ nghĩnh và ví dụ gần gũi cuốn sách cung cấp những thông tin hữu ích về uá trình hấp thụ chất dinh dưỡng tầm uan trọng của vi khuẩn tốt với trẻ sơ sinh mối liên hệ của hệ vi khuẩn đường ruột với các chứng bệnh từ chứng bất dung nạp c DNF at 80% I'm over the gut I really really enjoy science books especially anything having to do with medicinethe body That make sense of course seeing as I have a degree in a medical field but I really can't get enough of learning about the human body However after listening to Mary Roach's Gulp Adventures on the Alimentary Canal which I enjoyed very much I thought I was ready for another round of intestinal delight I was partly right What Mary Roach does is she breaks up a never ending stream of facts into a story line of sorts That wasn't really done here While I found the information interesting in Gut The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ I missed the personal anecdotes and stories from Gulp which has very similar subject matter Also while the narrator of Gut was pretty good she didn't hold a candle to the narrator of Gulp I still liked learning about the alimentary canal and intestinal tract and I still bored my family to death with random gut facts but it got to be a little drab for me Time for me to move on to another body part

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Hứng dị ứng cho đến các chứng bệnh kỳ lạ mà ta tưởng chừng chẳng hề có liên uan như chứng căng thẳng bệnh Alzheimer và cả hiện tượng tự sátCuốn sách chắc làm thay đổi thói uen ăn uống và sinh hoạt của chúng ta để có một đường ruột khỏe mạnh bởi “đường ruột khỏe cơ thể mạnh”“Một hiện tượng xuất bản được viết ra để loại bỏ mọi điều cấm kỵ khỏi câu chuyện đại tiện” – The Times This book gives us a warm and friendly journey through the gut Written in easy terms for the layman and generously illustrated by the author's sister this is a very accessible description of the journey of food through our bodies and the critters it meets on the way downGiulia Enders is a doctoral student and she wrote the book in response to a friend wanting to know about the gut To do this she did a lot of research as is shown in the bibliography at the end Regarding the bibliography she notes that the books and papers cited cover issues not found in standard medical textbooks To be honest I found some of her ideas a little wacky or to put it another way she gives eual weighting to all the ideas she puts forward I felt that someone with experience in the field might have been a bit discriminating or created of a hierarchy of solutions Enders sort of throws open the doors and leaves us to pick and chooseI may be so wrong in saying the above Her book has had fantastic reviews from most of the major newspapers and I certainly learnt a lot from it Plus I enjoyed reading it and given the subject matter that is uite an achievementOne final whinge There was no index I think that was a real oversightI end with a sprinkling of notes mostly taken directly from the book purely for my own recordview spoiler How to pooSuatting has been the natural pooing position for humans since time immemorial Haemorrhoids digestive diseases like diverticulitis and even constipation are common only in countries where people generally sit on some kind of chair to pass their stool Of course this is not the only cause for these problems but the difference in countries where they suat rather than sit is noticeable Our position on Western toilets can be rectified especially when we are having problems by A Inclining your upper body forward and B Placing your feet on a low footrest in front of the toilet This way all the angles will be correctTeeth and jawsTooth enamel is the hardest substance produced by the human body And it needs to be since our jaws can exert a pressure of up to 80 kilograms on each of our molars or approximately the weight of a grown man When we encounter something hard in our food we pound it with almost the euivalent force of an entire football team jumping up and down on it before we swallow itTonsilsBefore we reach the age of seven our tonsils are still an important training camp for our immune cells For reasons not yet understood removing the tonsils of a child younger than seven can lead to an increased risk of obesity Tonsils of children below this age should stay in unless there is a very good reason for taking them outThe removal of tonsils can improve things for people with psoriasis and it can also help certain people with rheumatic diseases It helps those people whose tonsiller crypts are shaped so they easily trap bacteriaGluten sensitivityOne person in a hundred has a genetic intolerance to gluten coeliac disease but a considerably higher proportion suffer from gluten sensitivity The latter is not a sentence to a life of gluten avoidance Those with this condition can eat wheat without r

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Darm mit Charme Alles über ein unterschätztes OrganRuột ơi là ruột mời gọi chúng ta khám phá một trong những cơ uan phức tạp nhất uan trọng nhất và có thể nói là diệu kỳ nhất trong cơ thể nơi cư trú của cả một thế giới sống động – với số lượng đông đảo gấp nhiều lần loài người cư ngụ trên Trái đất gồm các chiến binh tí hon của hệ miễn dịch và vô vàn uần thể vi sinh vật có lợi đang tích cực làm việc để nuôi sống và bảo vệ chúng ta đườ review based on Audible audiobookThis is a book which is perfect for audio Written for the layperson it is informative and funny but without the added benefit of an amazing narrator who is able to get the tone just right it may have seemed a little bit silly Another reviewer noted the abundance of exclamation marks in the text that might be annoying but when read aloud by Katy Sobey the jokes and wry exclamations seem just rightThe content was interesting and entertaining both educational and practical Despite my background in healthcare and personal experience with an irksome gut there was lots here I didn't know and tips I could put into practice This is not just a boring run through of the mouth anus journey Enders uses up to date research to show how scientists are finding out and about how the gut can affect the body in surprising ways From how having a baby by caesarean section can leave the child prone to asthma to the links between certain gut flora and depression risk taking and suicide this book is a trove of fascinating information It also has a section on what your poo should look like In other words it has it all Highly recommended for anyone who wants to know a bit about how their body works