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Bitter BetrayalIt happened all the timeJenneth told herself she wasn't the only woman in the world to have been let down by the man she loved and expected to marryShe kne. This romance aggravated me from here to Sunday but was fun anyway for some reason Jenneth has never been able to love again since being cruelly dumped by her fiance who married another woman Now his wife is dead and he wants to get Jenneth back By telling her the bizarre truth about his marriage and asking for forgiveness Nah by plotting and scheming to force himself on her against her will Oh Penny Jordan why can’t I uit youThere are so many little annoyances in this The narration is primarily from the heroine’s POV with little glimpses of the hero’s now and then I found this both jarring and narratively useless stick to one or give eual time And in classic PJ fashion the presence of any man in the heroine’s life in any capacity whatsoever is immediately interpreted by the hero to mean she’s the Whore of Babylon which is particularly irksome in this case when she is the injured party And even the brief glimpses we see of his POV do nothing to convince me that his scheming is necessary or useful He just comes off like a jerk all aroundStill drama Tears Heartache Reconciliation It's not the best Jordan I've ever read but manages to hit the spot

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review Bitter Betrayal 103 î [Download] ➵ Bitter Betrayal By Penny Jordan – It happened all the timeJenneth told herself she wasn't the only woman in the world to have been let down by the man she loved and expected to marryShe knew people went on to rebuild their lives and f It happened all the timeJenneth told herself she wasn't the W people went on to rebuild their lives and find lasting relationships So why couldn't she put the past behind her The fact that she still loved him was to. What did I just read HPs are definitely my guilty pleasure but it’s books like this one that usually send me off to take a two year hiatus What was PJ thinking I can deal with an arrogant asshat man whore who jumps to conclusions and slut shames innocent heroines I mean let’s face it why else would you read an hp But this guy takes the prize He cheats on the heroine while engaged to her gets his side piece preggers dumps the heroine and years later has the nerve to come back into her life and call her a slut And instead of laughing in his face and letting him know that unfortunately he still holds the title for slut of the century she decides it’s better to let him think that Probably that alone wouldn’t be bad but the heroine spends the entire book being led by the nose by everyone She allows her two young brothers to invite this piece of garbage into their house She allows a sniveling five year old to call every dance tune Her BFF and her business partner both think it’s okay to run the heroine’s life and coerce her to marry this turd After all barefoot and pregnant is so much better than being single with a vibrant successful career With friends like that who needs enemiesHonestly I grew up in the eighties Trust me it wasn’t this bad This should never have gotten published

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Tally irrelevant nowBut Luke Rathby wasn't the sort of man who was easily forgotten And when he came back into Jenneth's life he created havoc all over aga. It’s 1989 and the year of my first job something I disliked so much that once whilst complaining about it to a colleague he gave me the following advice “You could always take the baby option” It was something that really depressed me at the time; but this book embodies those attitudes from that time entirelyYes there’s a distinct lack of feminism here as Jordan’s heroine Jenneth allows herself to be coerced manipulated and bullied into a reunion with a man who broke their engagement and her heart some years earlier The premise for the story is this Jenneth was madly in love with Luke and they got engaged – however just before the wedding Luke tells her he’s got another girl pregnant and he’s marrying her instead It breaks Jenneth’s heart and leaves her unable to trust anyone again When her parents die in a tragic accident uelle surprise Jordan’s heroines are nearly always rendered alone and unprotected via some tragic accident or other – why else would they permit the heroes to bully and coerce them so much and she is left looking after her twin brothers it’s as if her life has been put on hold However the twins grow up and decide she needs a husband virtually everyone in the book decides that Jenneth needs a husband and a load of kids despite the fact that she’s managed very well without these encumbrances in the past and they invite Luke to move in who else with the offspring from his previous marriage and volunteer her services as an unpaid nanny Now at this point anybody else would tell the hero in no uncertain terms to sod off Not Jenneth though; oh no Instead she just sucks it up and lets Luke and his horrible child with her horrible “piping” voice move in despite the fact that it’s the last thing she wants So depressed is she that she gets utterly drunk at a party and ends up in bed with the hero His daughter then finds her semi naked and with a raging hangover and with that same “piping voice” slicing through the hangover informs her that she is now her “new mummy” Again anyone else would be running for the hills; and again no not Jenneth She freely admits to the reader “She was a puppet with no will of her own her movements dictated by others” Kindle edition Loc 1721 Before you can repeat to yourself the valuable life lesson “never get pissed at parties” she’s married with a step child whose irritating piping voice is destined to cut across any future hangovers or indeed anything she tries to do for herself in the future This is a poor piece of work and a terrible terrible affront to the women’s liberation movement I’m not particularly hardcore in terms of feminism but even I can see this is offensive to female nature It was just too redolent of the things my mother used to tell me about how a woman needed a man to complete her etc my mother grew up in the fifties enough said The only bitter betrayal here is the one that Jordan is perpetrating against her fellow women and her readers A dreadful relic from the 80s and one best forgotten