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Free download Beyond Control ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó ❮EPUB❯ ✺ Beyond Control Author Bronwyn Jameson – The moment Kree O'Sullivan's and Sebastian Sinclair's fortunes crossed she knew one undeniable truth the man had power The power to commandeer her apartment which he Some secret inner struggle And though she knew to play with Sebastian was to play with fire she couldn't resist tempting him couldn't resist turning the tablesjust a little bitBut a little was too f. 4 Stars Kree runs her own hair salon a business she's worked hard to succeed But lately her business is sliding and she finds she's having financial trouble She's hoping that subletting her apartment while she house sits will help her through this lull Sebastian throws a screw into her plans He's the executor for the estate of the deceased landlord and he's going to take over the apartment while he gets the estate in order; seems his 14 year old daughter Torie is the heir From the moment they meet Seb and Kree spark tempers and passion Kree's a free spirit not to be tied down by other's rules Seb's a man of controls and power But Kree discovers that Seb has a weakness; her and she can't help testing the boundaries of that controlThis was a fun read The dialogue was witty and often laugh out loud funny Kree knows exactly what to say and do to push poor Seb's buttons and boy does she ever I'm looking forward to reading from Ms Jameson

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Business But to Kree's shock the control that cloaked Sebastian like some impregnable armor had the unlikeliest weaknessHerEvery time he looked at her she saw the want burning in his eyes followed by. Pretty well done book where the heroine flusters the hero which is a favorite trope of mine and I wish there were of them The characterizations of both of them were well done The heroine had depth than might have been expected from the set up and the hero was a kind man who was willing to accept his responsibilities and learn from his mistakes etc I liked it and would be willing to try by this author

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Beyond ControlThe moment Kree O'Sullivan's and Sebastian Sinclair's fortunes crossed she knew one undeniable truth the man had power The power to commandeer her apartment which he did And the power to destroy her. I don't know how I missed reading this book since I have read the first three books related to Beyond Control I really liked this book I do have a tendency to love opposites attract Kree runs her own salon which isn't doing very well because of a new one Sebastien our Brit hero is the new executor of the building her salon is in and rents her apartment from her along with his fourteen year old daughter TorieI liked how Kree is all bohemian her colourful apartment her constantly changing hairshe let's her stylist experiment on her and how she was able to connect with his teenage daughter when the hero is kind of struggling with itteenagers and their wanting to experimentKree was pretty awesome and her salon represented her independence and that she had managed to carve something from her miserable poor childhood She didn't like it when the hero gave her a business plan since she did to help people and started investigating her friend for stealing I did find her a bit naive when it came to the money thingThe hero is one for plans and control and we kind of find out why later He didn't know he had a daughter till she was 9 so married his wife which was a disaster plus he also found out at 18 he was adopted and his blood relatives only liked him for his money I loved how the hero at the end told her she was his colour and he didn't want that to change Their attraction worked really well and first lust takes place and then getting to know each other plus parts of their past The heroine was awesome