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Trong ngày khai giảng nhờ sự xuất hiện vào phút chót của cậu bé thiểu năng trí tuệ Harun trường Muhammadiyah may mắn thoát khỏi nguy cơ đóng cửa Nhưng ước mơ dạy và học trong ngôi trường Hồi giáo ấy liệu sẽ đi về đâu khi ngôi trường xập xệ dường như sẵn sàng sụp xuống bất cứ lúc nào khi lời đe dọa đóng cửa từ viên thanh tra giáo dục luôn lơ lửng trên đầu khi những cỗ máy xúc hung dữ đang chực chờ xới tung ngôi trường đ? I don't know why but I am not as satisfied as others experienced Andrea Hirata the author wrote it in a good descriptive way Unfortunately I get bored It talks about the education of students in remote area An education for the poor but the teachers teach that they don't have to feel shame due to their lack of financial status To be confident To stand up To express To actualizeIt is a good topic but I somehow get distracted with the way the author use the Latin names of plants I feel it isn't a smoothly moving How he associated a lot of things with certain figure which of course well known worlwide but not the common ones which makes me start to guess whether it is really a story of the people in remote areaI have been to remote area though only three districts Currently they can use television decoder to watch national and international television stations But of course the people in villages don't watch the international ones due to the language barrier And it is happening now how about or less two decades ago which is somehow be the current time of the story Thus I can't feel satisfied with this book

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Laskar Pelangi?? dò mạch thiếc? Và liệu niềm đam mê học tập của những Chiến binh Cầu vồng đó có đủ sức chinh phục uãng đường ngày ngày đạp xe bốn mươi cây số rồi đầm cá sấu lúc nhúc bọn ăn thịt người chưa kể sự mê hoặc từ những chuyến phiêu lưu chết người theo tiếng gọi của ngài pháp sư bí ẩn trên đảo Hải Tặc cùng sức cám dỗ khôn cưỡng từ những đồng tiền còm kiếm được nhờ công việc cu li toàn thời gian ?Chiến binh Cầu One evening after a full day of heavy rains a perfect rainbow stretched across the sky to the west a half circle shining brilliantly with seven rows of colorThe right end of the rainbow departed from the Genting Delta like a sparkling carpet The left end was planted in the dense pine forest at the slopes of Selumar Mountain The rainbow curved resembling millions of maidens wearing colorful kebayas jumping down into a remote lake hiding bashfully because of their beautyWe soon invaded the filicium tree climbing up and claiming our own separate branches After every rain we climbed up the tree to watch the rainbows Because of this habit Bu Mus nicknamed us Laskar Pelangi Laskar means warriors pelangi means rainbow so literally Rainbow Troops

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Laskar Pelangi Doc Á 428 pages ✓ Insolpro È ★ Laskar Pelangi PDF / Epub ✪ Author Andrea Hirata – Trong ngày khai giảng nhờ sự xuất hiện vào phút chót của cậu bé thiểu năng trí tuệ Harun trường Muhammadiyah may mắn thoát khỏi nguy cơ đóng cửa Nhưng ưVồng có cả tình yêu trong sáng tuổi học trò lẫn những trò đùa tinh uái cả nước mắt lẫn tiếng cười – một bức tranh chân thực về hố sâu ngăn cách giàu nghèo một tác phẩm văn học cảm động truyền tải sâu sắc nhất ý nghĩa đích thực của việc làm thầy việc làm trò và việc họcTác phẩm đã bán được trên năm triệu bản được dịch ra 26 thứ tiếng là một trong những đại diện xuất sắc nhất của văn học Indonesia hiện đại The Blurb “Originally written in Bahasa The Rainbow Troops was first published in 2005 and sold a record breaking five million copies in Indonesia The novel tells the inspiring and closely autobiographical tale of the trials and tribulations that the ten motley students nicknamed the Rainbow Troops and two teachers from Muhammadiyah Elementary School on Belitong Island Indonesia undergo to ensure the continuation of the children’ s education The poverty stricken school suffers the constant threat of closure by government officials greedy corporations natural disasters and the students’ own lack of self confidence The story is written from the perspective of Ikal who is six years old when the novel opens Just as the author himself did as a young man Ikal goes to college and eventually wins a scholarship to go abroad beating incredible odds to become a writerThis delightful inspiring book has a fable like uality that reminds us why we love stories— heartwarming stories funny stories stories that remind us of the precious things in life Ikal and his band of plucky cohorts face obstacles large and small and the reader can’ t help but root for them to beat the odds and get the education— and life— they deserve The setting is as compelling and memorable as the characters and a rare window into a world we know little aboutSummary and ThoughtsIsn’t it amazing how we living in first world countries take education for granted when all over the world there are still others who sacrifice so much to gain an education which should in actual fact be a right and not a privilege?The island of Pulau Belitong in Indonesia is one such island and we follow the story of ten children who become known as “the Rainbow Troops” from extremely poor families attending a school which is nothing than a shack the only foundations two extremely dedicated teachers who receive no monetary gain in return but who give these children hope for a future which will enable them to rise above their circumstances thereby allowing them to realise a life beyond those of their uneducated parents who are largely store helpers labourers “coolies” or fishermen working for a pittance Without many of the every day conveniences we take for granted these children love learning and with hopes and dreams of a better future firmly in place albeit with limited learning materials beat up bicycles for transport clothing without buttons great distances to travel to attend school sometimes encountering dangerous situations along the way and a greedy government official who consistently tries to eradicate their little school thereby obliterating their only chance at education it is ultimately these children and their faithful teachers that bind this little school togetherWe see Ikal experiencing his first taste of love and whose greatest aspiration is to become a writer failing which he’ll be a badminton player; Lintang encounters many dangerous situations on the eighty kilometre round trip he travels by bicycle to attend school but he is determined to defend his father’s dignity and also become Belitong’s first Mathematician; and dear Harun afflicted with Downs Syndrome but who constantly has a smile on his face wants to be just like Trapani a perfectionist whose clothes are always spotlessTold in the first person narrat