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READ & DOWNLOAD Mistletoe Hero ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç ❰KINDLE❯ ❁ Mistletoe Hero Author Tanya Michaels – Even after all these years whispers of scandal still follow brooding Mistletoe loner Gabe Sloan But when did Arianne Waide ever listen to rumors She's always been a viGabe felt that way too All he needs is a chanceThe last thing Gabe wants is a pint size beauty championing his cause Yet Arianne's starting to make him feel less of an outsiderand as if he's home With the town cheering him o. This book was okay I thought the characters were pretty good but I didn't really feel like there was much of a problems between the characters Gabe is visiting Misletoe and he meets Arianne She instantly sees potential and she wants him to notice her while at first he really wants nothing to do with her She is determined he will change his mind and goes out of her way to try and prove this She invites him to help out at a festival She hopes this will get him to stay in the town he is very determined to leave I didn't feel that big of a connection between the characters Gabe and his dad doesn't really get along due to the past and I felt like there should've been in the story on this I thought the story was okay but I think it could've been better

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N after he performs a daring rescue the resident bad boy just might be starting to believe it himselfGabe may have shown their town what he's made of but is it enough to keep him here in Mistletoe where he belongswith Arianne. Fairly decent harleuin romance Gage was a misunderstood loner Arianne the lively daughter of the local hardware store owner She brings him out of his shell and into the life of the town Pretty well written A nice story Worth giving the author another look

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Mistletoe HeroEven after all these years whispers of scandal still follow brooding Mistletoe loner Gabe Sloan But when did Arianne Waide ever listen to rumors She's always been a vital part of her small town Georgia community and it's time. Arianne found herself transported to that moment earlier when the corners of Gabe's eyes had crinkled and it looked as if he might smile at her For that heartbeat of time she'd teetered on the edge of intoxicating potential Coaxing a smile from him would be a victory on par with winning a critical play off gameGabe lost his virginity to a married woman when he was 16 Now he's thirty and STILL the town pariah after the woman was killed that night in a murder suicide performed by her husband He is a strong silent handyman who never smiles and speaks rarelyArianne is a bright bubbly short little blonde who is a town darling Full of spunk and bossiness she doesn't allow her family or anyone else to run roughshod over her When Gabe comes in to the hardware store she's working at one night she impulsively asks him on a date Thus begins the storyTHE PROS Gabe is a silent type The kind of man who is monosyllabic and just takes care of business I adore men like this Arianne reminds me of myself trying to get a smile and a kind word out of him Smile brightly at him and be extra kind to him It really works The men break eventually and then the triumph you feel is euphoric The first time he smiles at you The first time he winks at youBonus if he is talented with his hands and knows how to fix things like Gabe does Then when you thank them for a well done piece of work they look at you like you are crazy and say It's my job Like it ain't no thing Sometimes it can take years to crack men like this I know from personal experienceThe goal is not to get them to be gushy That will never happen The goal is not to get them into bed or date them although in Arianne's case she wants to and this is a romance novel But that isn't the goal IRL The goal is to get them to nod to you whenever they see you and maybe occasionally wink A smile once every six months is always very cherishedI identify with Arianne's excitement and determination with Gabe She is a cute little shorty something I also identify with In flagrant disregard of the damp night he wore a black T shirt with no jacketAren't you coldNoProgress They'd moved from nonverbal gestures to a monosyllabic responseMen who are strong capable fix things get shit done you feel safe with them so adorable and cute High urges for snuggling I was suealing a lot while reading this at Gabe's high levels of cuteness Nom Arianne doesn't let Gabe OR her father and big brothers intimidate her You're trying to intimidate meIt's working And it's probably a lesson you need Bite size morsels like you shouldn't chase after the big bad wolfShe surprised him by taking a sudden step forward nearly erasing the remaining gap between them I grew up with two older brothers who taught me not to back down in the face of bullies so save your bluster for someone else I don't think you're that big or that badYou're wrong But her clear gaze was so piercing that for a second he almost couldn't find his voice I have found this and lately It is refreshing I like when heroines refuse to be cowed and demand basic rights Like when Gabe yells at her when she does something upsetting and interfering She stopped smiling I would love to talk to you but I don't like being yelled atYou do not get to yell at her Good Way to go ArianneAnd when he tries to put her on the back burner wanting her help and her support when he's going to be view spoilerleaving her and leaving town hide spoiler