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READ Precocious 109 ´ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Precocious By Joanna Barnard – 'Can there be a unreliable narrator than a teenage girl'Fiona Palmer is unhappily married when a chance meeting with her former teacher plunges her headlong into an affairIntercut with the realities o 'Can there be a unreliable narrator than a teenage girl'Fiona Palmer is unh'Can there be a unreliable narrator than a teenage girl'Fiona Palmer is unhappily married when a chance meeting with her former teacher plunges her. A schoolgirl crush is almost a rite of passage An influential teacher A bright young girl A love of literature and a disdain for frivolity Fifteen year old Fiona Palmer idolises her English teacher Henry Morgan and he returns her unwavering attention A line is crossed but just who is to blameYears later Fiona now married bumps into her former teacher and the passion inside her is reignited almost at once Their past is not long becoming the present but can they stop it before someone gets hurt Can a precocious child and an enigmatic teacher work together with no sexual involvement Can a mutual respect for each other remain innocent Does age really matter Joanna Barnard askes these uestions and within the pages of her debut novel It is a story of obsession trust honesty and betrayal A coming of age tale with a sting in its taleAlthough this is not an original idea the concept of a teacherpupil relationship is addressed in a slightly different way This time the narrator is a thirty year old married woman recalling her experiences as a fifteen year old student in love with her mentor She almost loves him before even setting eyes on him as he is extremely popular with the students of the school In his twenties handsome in an intelligent way he is a bit of an enigma and this appeals very much to the unusual Fiona She is the stereo typical angst ridden teen with dreams of becoming a writer and being different to her peers Mr Morgan spots this trait and plays on it However Fiona is also very adept at playing the game of seduction Is it as simple as abuse of authority or does some blame lie with the ‘mature’ nature of Fiona The author divides the narrative between the two frames fairly eually with Fiona guiding us through past and present It becomes very obvious that she is not a nice person Not at all Neither is Henry They are well matched Both narcissists both void of genuine emotion and neither having an ounce of compassion for anyone but themselves There are secrets lies and hidden agendas from both ends Manipulation and desperation ooze from the pages of this novel and the writing is superb The detail within the story is finely tuned and the prose is delicate yet simultaneously harsh There is however a lot of repetition and it dragged on in places The ending was also a let down for me as once again the precocious protagonist walks away unhindered and unharmed Overall a beautifully written book with a clever character driven plot It was just lacking something which I can’t put my finger on

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Cious and lonely fourteen year old Her schoolgirl crush developed into an intense relationship but it was always one which she controlledOr did she. This wasn’t uite what I expected I thought it would be a little of a thriller and lighter I wouldn’t say it was constantly enthralling but it was handling a serious issue in a truthful way I think the author did a great job of creating doubt Clearly this man was in the wrong but how much of it was what Fee wanted and is it possible he really had fallen in love with teenage Fee To even be asking those uestions or having those doubts that he was anything other than a predator show how well the author wrote this I had a slight problem with the ending I didn’t like it I didn’t think doing the “normal” and expected thing with Dave was the same as loving Dave and wanting to be with him Fiona was clearly damaged with no handle on what she actually wanted I never had the feeling she loved Dave like she thought she loved Morgan The story takes a long time to get where it’s going and things are reveled very slowly I would have uite liked to see Morgan get what he deserved but it was implied that was coming It made me sad that so much emotional damage had been done to Fiona and Alice and the others and wonder if they would ever get over it

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PrecociousHeadlong into an affairIntercut with the realities of their adult relationship Fiona remembers first meeting the enigmatic Henry Morgan as a preco. The premise of Precocious a twentysomething woman runs into a teacher with whom she had an affair at the age of 14 is tantalising and slots nicely into the domestic thriller oeuvre But the story itself feels much too slight; it never really seemed to dig in to the complexities of the emotions involved Rendered in broad strokes the characters and situations didn't uite jump off the page for me