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Summary í You Really Got Me (Rock Star Romance, #1) Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à [KINDLE] ❁ You Really Got Me (Rock Star Romance, #1) ❄ Erika Kelly – The first irresistible novel in a hot new series about a rock star on his way??t just her business acumen that catches Slater’s attention Emmie is sexy and warm and for the first time in his life he wants But as irresistible as Slater is Emmie is done with musicians In her experience a man can’t be a rock star and someone to trust with your heart but Slater is determined to show her he’s both. 5 Stars LOVED THIS BOOKIt is difficult to write a book about rock stars or and group of guys who are struggling and on the verge with out it being same old same oldbecause it has been done a lot This story was not the every day rock star story it completely grabbed ahold of me and sucked me into its world I don't want to give the story away but I will say I absolutely enjoyed this and can not wait to read the next book by this author

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The first irresistible novel in a hot new series about a rock star on his way up and the woman he wants to take all the wayEmmie Valencia has what it takes to be the music industry’s hottest band manager She just needs to prove it Determined to discover a killer new band Emmie is ready to You Really Epubmake her move Fi. “She’s not a girlfriend She’s my fucking heart”HOLY SEXUAL TENSION We have a new book boyfriend and we’re already predicting it’s going to take a lot to beat him this year Yep we fell HARD for Slater Vaughn and You Really Got Me Did we mention our new book boyfriend is a soulful and sensual rock star Yuphe is“I’m fucking crazy about you”“You are”“I am”We loved everything about this story; from the love of music that shone through every page to the passion and emotion it elicited Music themed romances are our weakness and Erika Kelly left us breathless with the way in which she captured Slaters stage presence so perfectly She made us feel every moment of Slater’s caresses right along with Emmie as though we were in her shoes Our hearts were fully captured never to be let go‘He didn’t just sing He sang to someone’Emmie Valencia has the music business in her blood Working as a PA for Irwin Head of Amoeba Records Emmie’s at a crossroads in her life She’s feeling a lack of confidence and satisfaction in her personal and professional life; in other words Emmie is lost looking for that big break She’s excellent at her job and that’s the crux of the problem She craves a promotion for personal reasons that have followed her through life but her boss is hesitant to let her out of his clutches though Irwin has his reasons We completely felt the dilemma this girl went through and as we learnt of her relationship with her parents we truly felt for herTaking a time out to in Austin visiting her brother Derek Emmie tries to find herself She needs to decide what she wants out of life and it’s here that powerful moment happens; she meets Slater Vaughn the lead singer in her brothers up and coming band Snatch The connection between Emmie and Slater was incredibly powerful It had everything that makes the reader feel and experience along with the characters It was absolutely beautiful If it’s possible to feel jealous of a heroinewell this is it because wow “I want the part you don’t want to give” As for Slater; oh wow our book heroes do not get any better than this Slater has an incredible soul which he transfers into lyrics on notepaper He then caresses his audience with these words bringing sensuality to his music that literally leaps off the pages giving us goose bumps as we experience firsthand the intensity of his performance Whilst Slater appeared cocky and somewhat arrogant there was an intense vulnerability and powerful beauty to this man which touched our hearts He was soulful surprisingly honest and says what he feels screw the conseuences If ever there was a candidate for the saying; he wears his heart on his sleeve then it’s this guy Such a beautiful sexy man with a romantic heart that had us in puddles on the floor throughout the story “I want you to own me I want you to fucking possess me “ Emmie and Slater’s relationship was a slow build and for that we were really grateful as it gave us a chance to firstly enjoy the banter and lightness of a friendship all the while gripping our Kindles over the sexual tension that rippled through every page We were left in a constant state of exhaustion wanting these two to act on their feelings Well it was truly worth the wait because the resulting passion between Emmie and Slater set our kindles and hearts on fire WOW “Sex is naughty Emmie It’s hot and filthy and it drives you wild It makes you literally lose your mind There’s nothing fun about it Sex is raw sweaty and dirty”She contemplated his words “Then I’ve never had sex at all” This was a straight out winner for us and we can’t wait for MORE Though the next book follows a different character we’re desperately hoping we get Emmie and Slater down the track because we feel as though we’ve only just experienced the beginning of their sometimes rocky relationship and we’re hungry for We have this bond this connection that I can’t fucking explain but it’s’ there and it’s perfect and I want it and I don’t know how I’m supposed to live without it”We loved the passion the emotion the journey into the music world and we loved the relationship between Emmie and Slater and the other band members WE LOVED SLATER WE LOVED THIS BOOK ARC Copy provided with thanks by BerkleyPenguin Random House in exchange for an honest review✦✦ TB Blog TotallybookedBlog✦✦✦ Come say Hi TB on Facebook✦✦✦Follow us TB on Twitter✦✦✦Check out TB on Pinterest ✦✦✦ We're on TSU TB on TSU

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You Really Got Me Rock Star Romance #1Rst stop Austin TexasAs a sizzling hot lead singer Slater Vaughn has no trouble raising heart rates but his band’s been flat lining for years When Emmie his bandmate’s sister crashes with them in exchange for some free management her industry know how lands them a spot in the biggest music festival in Texas But it isn?. I've made a huge mistakeI have no excuses Carmen's Review was RIGHT there with one star But instead I read like 75% of this book It starts out like this25 year old heroine thinks she's paid her dues in the music biz Old legendary boss wants to keep her as assistant despite her 8 year tenure She takes a break Heads to Austin Shacks down with elder brother DerekIs immediately led around by her sexual desire and her recent break up of 3 years with rocker Alex who obviously misses her despite cheating on her once he hit it big WILL do anything to avoid falling for Slater Plot twist he's the heroSo yeah insert every rock star stereotype here I don't really mind that to be honest cause this is why I read rock star romance from time to time I like tight jeans and sexy voices I like sweaty long hair and stage presence I have no NONE musical skillz I like the fantasy I do not like one dimensional characters Poor Emmie She's on her path to sexual discovery to be told how it is by Slater Everyone loves a little mansplaining I actually don't think her plan to discover herself was a BAD one It starts with you after all Slater thought it was silly and just told her if the chemistry was there it should work And that she's hot enoughApparently also Emmie is the house mom bc none of these late 20 year olds can care for themselves by picking up milk or cheese These were actual things in the book Which means I really hope they make it big because obviously they might starve if they don't have a mother figure otherwiseEmmie's still trying to bust into the music scene to sign the next big thing and gets tips from SLATER to become successful Man this hero is a jack of all trades especially that one where you tell women how to best do everything I kept reading There was some insecurity but honestly where I can't any is the righteous rockstar He's boring She's boring to the point she never talks with anyone or thinks about anything but Slater so she sucks she has a friend but they only talk about the hot guys in the band I should've resorted to rereading or moving on in the series Most Eligible Billionaire or at the very least realized that 30% into the book there's never been an actual non sex related conversation