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A handsome stranger almost makes up for a lost phone in a comedy of errors across New York CityChristy prides herself on her efficiency as a personal assistant fueled by her ever present iPhone When she loses the phone on the train on the day of her sister’s engagement party Christy is sure the day is ruined – until she borrows a phone to reach Will the cute guy who picked up hers for safe keeping Dealing w. Ive read 2 busy 4 love it was just what i needed it was save the date mashed up with ive got your number ive enjoyed it so much i gave it 5 out of 5 stars

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2 Busy 4 LoveEnt groomers shoving oriental rugs into too small cabs and carefully avoiding Twitter obsessed socialites all with Will’s calming voice in her ear guiding the way Juggling his own misadventures with his cantankerous father and his flighty assistant Will begins counting the hours until he can be properly introduced to the woman who has drawn him in with nothing than a sexy voice and an overly complicated phone. ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley for an honest review 4 Funny Hilarious Laugh Out Loud StarsThis book was so funny at times I was holding my stomach and crying It wasn't my typical book that I would normally buy but I'm glad I reuested it from NetGalley cause it was really funnyIt kinda reminded me of something like the film How To Loose A Guy in 10 Days in situational humor Christy is a twenty four year old Type A personality who uses her iPhone as her second brain and extra appendage It's always stuck in her had It holds her schedule and every app that she could possibly use to clients and herself organized as a personal assistant to everyone from extremely busy executives to young paparazzi followed heiress' The day she's to pick up her future brother in law from the airport all hell breaks loose when Christy loses said iPhone on the train The phone is picked up by Will who is on his way to his family home to deal with the business of a deceased relative and his poet father with whom he has a strained relationshipFirst Christy picks up the wrong Antonio and everything goes downhill from there But the calming voice of Will on the other line helping her with her schedule makes her realize she's been missing something in her life A companion someone who's there when things go wrong and someone to celebrate with when things go well She also comes to learn that she's a little pushy with her own family and has to let up a bit even when she thinks shes helpingWill realizes with Christy's help that although he's experienced a childhood that wasn't ideal he has a father that loves him in his own way and didn't completely drop out after his mother passe He learns that it's never too late to establish the relationship he wants with his fatherChristy spends her day running around Manhattan The Bronx Newark and New Brunswick with Italian supermodel Toni who speaks broken English in commercial slogans and song lyrics trying to get her complete her tasks for her clients Some of her judgement and preconceived notions of people are put to the test as well as the good will of others Christy is always ready to help when someone is in need and this brings good things to her later in the storyIt's so funny at times you can't help buy laugh so hard you cry I would have liked a little better communication with Will at times but I get where the author was coming fromThe idea that we are all way too connected to technology to even remember someone's phone number really resonated with me I'm of an age that I remember when we had to remember everyone's numbers to call them or at least have it written down in a phone book next to the phone I'm always complaining that I feel I don't use my actual brain enough which is why I read So I loved the idea of what happens when someone loses something that they use instead of their own brain or writing downJust too funny

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Free read  2 Busy 4 Love ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB â ❃ [EPUB] ✻ 2 Busy 4 Love By Lucy Hepburn ➜ – A handsome stranger almost makes up for a lost phone in a comedy of errors across New York CityChristy prides herself on her efficiency as a personal assistant fueled by her Ith family emergencies of his own he can’t meet her until 2 Busy PDF the evening but maybe there’s still hope Christy enlists Will as her own personal assistant feeding her addresses and schedules throughout the dayDetermined to meet the high expectations of her clients not to mention the preparations for the engagement party Christy dashes back and forth across New York City saving spoiled dogs from impati. 35 Stars2 Busy 4 Love is a novel in which anything can and will probably happen and all in the space of 24 hours Christy and Will meet under unusual circumstances which ends up with Will in possession of Christy's iPhone and basically all the relevant information she needs for successfully running her business and day to day lifeWhat follows is literally a comedy of mix ups errors and down right bad luck Appointments and people intertwine without realising that they are but as the story progresses things become clear and gradually Will and Christy end up face to face againI liked that both Will and Christy have their own separate stories going on in this book as well as the adventure they take together across New York only connected by phone I did guess some of the little twists and turns before they were actually revealed but for the most part I still enjoyed the story I found Christy a bit annoying in parts but nothing that detracted from the overall book Best part was Toni getting suashed in the Mercedes laughed my socks off reading thatIts the first book I have read by Lucy Hepburn and I would be happy to read from her ARC supplied by Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review