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An Isolated IncidentLanation anything that could make even the smallest sense of Bella's death her ex husband friends and neighbours do their best to support her But as the days tick by with no arrest Chris's suspicion of those around her gro. An Isolated Incident offers the reader a thorough examination of the impact of a horrific violent crime against a young Australian woman rather than an investigation into the crime itselfWhen Bella Michaels a pretty and much loved community member of the small NSW town of Strathdee is found brutally murdered it not only shatters a whole town but the lives of those she left behind namely her older sister Chris As Chris struggles to come to terms with her sister’s death a second voice appears in this story May Norman a young reporter from the city sent to cover the story An Isolated Incident alternates between these two young women’s voices and their personal experiences in the direct fallout from Bella’s deathAn Isolated Incident is a compelling piece of psychological fiction novel that is defined by high uality writing I have never read any previous works by Emily Maguire but her prose struck a chord with me and I will be sure to explore of her work in the future Maguire explores a myriad of controversial issues in this novel namely violence at against women the male perception of women and society’s treatment of female victims of crime Maguire pulled this off well weaving into these themes a psychological narrative based on the murder of a young woman What emerges from reading this novel is a deeply raw and confronting piece of literature I do feel it is a story that needs to be told and Maguire does this well through the vehicle of Bella Michael’s murder Maguire crafts her novel succinctly contrasting the experiences of the victim’s sister with the young reporter Maguire shows two very different sides to a crime but manages to sync them together finely I did feel empathy for the character of Chris Bella’s sister rather than May Chris was a realistically drawn character Maguire manages to get into the innermost thoughts feelings and fears of this character extremely well I also found the touch of the supernatural an interesting theme which added further appeal to this page turner The ending in this novel may frustrate some readers as it doesn’t offer complete closure I looked at the conclusion of the book as a commentary on any crime – does locking away an offender truly bring closure to the loved ones of victims of a crimeHarrowing thought provoking and brilliantly written An Isolated Incident offers the reader a very personal insight into the aftermath of a terrible crime against a young woman I urge all readers to consider selecting this confronting but absorbing psychological thriller

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Olated PDF or a barmaid at the local pub whose apparent easygoing nature conceals hard won wisdom and the kind of street smarts only experience can bringAs Chris is plunged into despair and searches for answers reasons exp. This is a book about violence towards women societal misogyny and the publicmedia's limited and temporary interest in victims of violence especially if they're young and pretty Important subject matter and we certainly need fiction exploring these stories but disappointing writing and execution here deserved nuance The writing was painfully pedestrian the main characters were badly drawn and the book was a poor attempt at a thriller dressed up to seem like literary fiction Such a crude exploration of these issues The writing made me cringe a few times There were some moments of clarity where the rage was powerful but not enough to redeem

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An Isolated Incident Free read ´ 106 Ç [Download] ➶ An Isolated Incident ✤ Emily Maguire – When 25 year old Bella Michaels is brutally murdered in the small town of Strathdee the community is stunned and a media storm descendsUnwillingly thrust into the eye of that storm is Bella's beloved When year old BellWhen year old Bella Michaels is brutally murdered in the small town of Strathdee the community is stunned and a media storm descendsUnwillingly thrust into the eye of that storm is Bella's beloved older sister Chris An Is. Blunt tough rawthe male gaze held up to the mirrorMy ViewShoot this one straight to the top of my list of “Best Reads of the Year” Brilliant masterfully written Raw tough agonizingly truthful the male gaze is reflected in a mirror back to us These reflections are a constant in our women’s everyday life look around you will recognise it too Misogyny discrimination entitlement double values violence or threats of violence intimidation judgments the worthyunworthy beautifulother Women’s everyday experiences decisions choices are under scrutiny of the male gaze – women are judged on whether they wear makeup or not clothes can be fashionableslutty friendliness mistaken for availability as a sexual toy she discounts you – she is a tease she is self assured – she is a “ball breaker” how can a woman win How does a woman tell the good guys from the bad when they all wear the same disguise I think it is the “entitlement” that bothers me the most in this book and in life A woman walks down a street alone– she is cat called whistled at judged sexualised There is a lot of social media chatter about the unsolicited attention men thrust on women at the moment which if she ignores uickly turns to insults and rage If I had time I would write you an essay on these type of behaviours There is a great example of this in the novel The ugliness and ordinariness of entitlement goes like this; May is jogging alone in suburbia;‘Hey what you running for sweet girl’May’s pace didn’t alter her head remained high her gaze trained at six feet ahead She was used to running in the inner city where dick heads calling from cars were background noise ‘Aww just a uestion Why you running Sweet arse like that don’t wanna go running it away’ She kept moving taking the next left focussing her mind on retracing her route determining whether to loop back at the next corner or go another few blocks She realises only two or three cars had passed since she’d left the main road tried to picture the town map figure out a direct route back to her hotelA car turned from the opposite corner came towards her headlights on high beam then no headlights at all May’s vision flickered and swam She noticed how dark it was how few houses there were on this street‘Come on girl Stop for a second Just a second’The car was right behind her engine revving keeping pace” p 49Sounds all too familiar to me Domestic violence is another behaviour is succinctly showcased in this novel – I love you love you love you until you hurt meor those around meI love you but not the violence “he’s a good bloke” is he until he isn’t “He is a good bloke” really until he is provoked Where is the responsibility Vision is blinded when it comes to violence against womenhe is a good bloke he couldn’t possibly I think this is a book that will polarise Those who tune out the politics will read a work of crime fiction an intriguing and moving narrative of crime fiction Those who absorb the depth of this writing will read a crime narrative set in a world of male entitlement gender ineuality violencea feminist’s taleAbsolutely loved it