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The Great Sea A Human History of the Mediterranean review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB á [PDF / Epub] ✍ The Great Sea A Human History of the Mediterranean ☁ David Abulafia – Die Geschichte des Mittelmeeres ist die Geschichte unserer ZivilisationDas großartige opulente WTig lustvoll die durch Great Sea A ePUB #9734 ihre Gelehrtheit Begeisterung und Bereitschaft zu Staunen Great Sea A Human History eBook #203 besticht« Simon Sebag Montefiore Autor von ›Jerusalem‹»Dieses Buch wird für lange Zeit konkurenzlos sein«Literary Review»Dieses Buch ist ein Meilenstein«The Independent»Die vielfältige ualität von Abulafias Wissen ist fast unheimlich«Observer»Dieses epische hervorragend zu lesende und gelehrte Werk über die Geburtsstätte des Westens – das Mittelmeer – ist der Kandidat für das Geschichtsbuch des Jahres Abulafia übertrumpft sie alle«Sunday Tim. An ambitious effort but suffers from being a subject that is too large for one book to do it justice The author makes a valiant effort but can’t help but jump from one stepping stone to another He has chosen to focus heavily on ancient history giving it close to 250 out of 650 pages before he reaches the year 600 and al but wraps the youngest centuries up in little than one hundred pages The author has chosen five distinctive periods in which to subdivide his book These five periods reflect five separately identifiable epochs in the history of the Mediterranean The first is 22000 BC 1000 BC then 1000 BC AD 600 600 1350 1350 1830 and 1830 2014 The first period is a bit bewildering with lots of unknown peoples at least to me passing back and forth The second period is a “who’s who” of the ancient world and the third period is where the authors speciality lies The leading maritime cities take centre stage and their rise and fall is our common thread The author gives relevant and interesting information about how those cities and their networks operated and what that meant for those who participated For instance the best way to both sleep comfortably and insure your merchandise reached the port of your destination was to sleep on it Successive chapters deal with the coming of ever interlopers in the area Russians Austrians British Americans and the change from mercantilism to political power Some chapters feel somewhat “tagged on” and the larger narrative seems to crumble a bit – though the author remains a good storyteller The last period gives us some loose tie ins and the last chapter the authors views on mass tourismRefreshing the role outsiders played in this large scene most notably the Jewish communities and the networks that dot this bookEye opener the role slavery continued to play in this region since antiuity – which I did not know aboutConclusion follows the leading characters because otherwise the cast is too large Fun but not special and to me it lacked bite

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The Great PDF der unvergleichlichen Geschichte eines Dialog verschiedener Kulturen Identitäten Politiken Wissenschaften Handel und Religionen entlang der Küsten des Gewässers für das die Römer noch den einen allbezeichnenden Namen hatten Mare Nostrum Abulafia schlägt einen Bogen durch Raum und Zeit und zeigt wie das Mittelmeer zu eben jenem kraftvollen Ort wurde an dem sich die Geschichte der Menschheit auf einzigartige Weise widerspiegelt Ein aufsehenerregendes Werk mit einem reichen Farbbildteil»Eine gelehrte Geschichte der Menschheit erzählt anhand des Mittelmeeres – packend welthaltig blu. After reading Norwich's A History of Venice I looked at his other books and saw one on the Mediterranean that looked interesting However most of the reviews for it said it was okay but Abulafia's The Great Sea was much better so I put that on my wishlist instead and got it for ChristmasIt's a large expansive book covering from prehistory to the current day 2010 Abulafia purposefully tries to limit the scope of his book by sticking to subjects that impinge directly on the Mediterranean as a whole; the communities on its shores the trade that crosses its surface the rivalries and the piracy It is a general history and doesn't really have any defining thesis other than perhaps the one his book is organized around The book is split into five parts titled 'The First Mediterranean' 'The Second Mediterranean' and so on with each part being about a single economic complex in the MediterraneanMany parts are familiar to those familiar with history but along the way there are plenty of new things to see I had not known of the ancient ruins on Malta nor the entire nature of Allied frustrations dealing with French North Africa The third and second to last chapters are depressing as they cover the destruction of several multicultural communities in the lead up to WWI through the aftermath of WWII The final chapter takes a uick look at how mid 20th century emigration spread southern Italian cuisine to the rest of the world and then talks of the impact of tourism on the MediterraneanIn all it is a broad book that manages a surprising amount of depth and an enjoyable read

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The Great Sea A Human History of the MediterraneanDie Geschichte des Mittelmeeres Sea A MOBI #239 ist die Geschichte unserer ZivilisationDas großartige opulente Werk zur Geschichte des Mittelmeers seit mehr als Jahren ist das Mittelmeer eines der Zentren der zivilisierten Welt An seiner geographischen Achse entscheiden sich bereits zu Zeiten Trojas politische und kulturelle Neuerungen die von weltpolitischer Bedeutung sind Von hier aus werden neue Reiche erobert Grenzen verschoben Weltanschauungen durchgesetzt Irrfahrten begangen es gab Schrecken Kriege Fehden Erstürmungen und Tragödien Aber es existiert ebenso die andere Seite und diese besteht aus. A gorgeous mosaic that pleads for the diversity and cultural exchange to which the shores of an inner sea lend themselves so well As one of the prominent anti Brexit historians Abulafia knows how to argue against the mythology of the nation stateThe only danger of 5000 years of Braudel with the wars kings restored into the economy Getting lost amidst the marbles For example some of the Byzantine interests of the Italian merchant republics in the Ottoman era aren't clear within the space of a few pages and the cultures of the Jews from Spain to the Levant could easily fill all of it by themselves just as easy as WWII or the Minoan civilisation Cultures of the Jews A New History by David Biale The Path to Victory The Mediterranean Theater in World War II by Douglas Porch