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Bride Reuired Summary í 102 ¸ [Read] ➲ Bride Reuired By Alison Fraser – The price of a brideBaxter Ross had asked Dee to become his wife of convenience in return for a very large sum of moneyDee decided she had nothing to lose and agreed to go ahead with the wedding But w The price of a brideBaxter Ross had asked Dee to becoThe price of a brideBaxter Ross had asked Dee to become his wife of convenience in return for a very large sum of moneyDee decided she. This has an interesting premise starting with the heroine busking and trying to survive on the streets of London She's seventeen and homeless after running away when her mother catches her drunken stepfather trying to rape her and falsely accuses her of seducing him This could have been a stronger read but the heroine actually ends up wearing the reader down Granted her chip on the shoulder and combativeness is necessary to portray her survival on the streets of London However it gets overplayed as she continues to shovel it out while living in a safe environment surrounded by friends who care for her I typically like this authors' work but this one missed the mark

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Had nothing to lose and agreed to go ahead with the wedding But why did such a good looking man need to pay for a bride It seemed he'. Every once in a while you run across an absolute gem in the HP world For me this one hit it out of the ball parkThis one had a very different set up and I don't want to say too much about it because that would spoil the story The heroine is a street busker and the hero picks her up Needless to say I loved the sarcastic plucky heroine and the long suffering hero was nice too Lots of plotI realized just recently that I have enjoyed every Alison Fraser book I've read and I am disappointed that her backlist is so short

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Bride ReuiredD never been short of female company before And how would the raw physical attraction that simmered between them affect their marriage. As soon as you begin reading this book and discover that the main female character is just seventeen years old the seed is planted in the back of your mind that there is going to be yet another inappropriate age gap between her and her male love interest But the further you read the less bothersome it is because she’s feisty and mature beyond her years and the physical contact is pretty PG right up until the last third of the book by which time she has turned eighteenDee is homeless busking for money on London’s streets while she struggles to feed both herself and her dog and living in a boarded up building without water or electricity scheduled for demolition Baxter is a doctor recently returned from a lengthy stint working for a charity in Africa and close to burned out When he spots Dee playing her flute in a corridor of the London Underground she’s exactly what he’s looking for Which isn’t a girlfriend but someone prepared to enter into a marriage of convenience in exchange for paymentDee isn’t naïve – she’s been exposed to enough bad things in her short life to be wary But when she hurts her knee and Baxter takes care of her she realises he’s exactly what he says he is The only problem is that despite abandoning his plan to use her in a marriage of convenience he won’t just let her go back to her life on the streets He gives her an ultimatum come to Scotland with him where he can continue looking after her and her badly damaged leg and maybe get her back into school or return home and sort out her problems with her familyShe chooses to return to her family planning to see Baxter off and then do nothing of the sort but he insists on driving her right to the front door She fumes as he goes through her bag to find her birth certificate telling her he’s going to drive to the address on it and see if that gets them anywhere close Dee finally gives in and gives him the correct address but when they get there Baxter sees her dysfunctional family is something worse than living on the streets And so they go to ScotlandThe dialogue in this book is pitch perfect Instead of the usual waffle that permeates so many romance novels their discussions are interesting and not always about themselves and their burgeoning love There’s an actual plot genuine drama and life difficulties and terrific writing I’ve read uite a few of Alison Fraser’s books and her efforts are always significantly better than most of the other writers writing in the same genreThis book is a little unusual in that it is written from both the main characters’ perspectives not just one Usually romance writers only show the thoughts of one main character in order to maintain the drama that comes from the misunderstandings that dominate romance as opposed to genuine reasons keeping them apartThe only thing that detracts is Dee’s age but it’s a necessary component of the plot and Baxter is written so well that he doesn’t come off as a creepy old man – always a good thing in romance fictionIf you’re looking for a good romance read you’ll find it in this book If you’re looking for a good example of how to write romance you’ll find that as well If you’re not a romance fan then don’t bother because it doesn’t pretend to be anything else but if you are it should tick every box