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From the future they just might out swindle the evil giants and put his beloved city back in the hands of good peoplewhile catapulting themselves and readers into another fantastical adventure. I was looking forward to read the seuel of Rapunzel's Revenge and it was fun to read but not necessarily as cool as the firstThe story has switched gears and our main character is Jack and as the reader we get to see what his past is all about and how did he ever get that goose Well we get find out here and see Jack back in his hometurf It was funny and the illustrations and the placements are really just great and I could only imagine how much work is put into them I missed that Rapunzel's pigtails were no longer on her head but change can be good What this one was missing was that I really didn't get that fairytale feel like I did with the previous one I didn't feel as invested in the story as I like to be I'm guessing that the setting of Rapunzel's story fit better with the characters This is targeted towards a younger audience who will be sure to love it but it didn't capture me as much as the firstStill give it a try if you have read the first and come away with a good laugh

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Calamity JackJack likes to think of himself as a criminal mastermindwith an unfortunate amount of bad luck A schemer plotter planner trickster swindlermaybe even thief One fine day Jack picks a target a lit. Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen ueen for TeensReadToocomJack has long been a trickster he's just not had the best of luck When a heist involving magic beans a beanstalk and giants goes wrong Jack leaves town After his adventures with Rapunzel in RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE Jack returns home to Shyport only to discover that the giant Blunderboar is in charge the city is in ruins thanks to an infestation of ant people and his mother is being held captive and is in charge of baking bones into bread It's up to Jack and Rapunzel to save the dayI'm often asked to give booktalks on great books for tweens and I always inlcude the Hale's first graphic novel outing RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE and now CALAMITY JACK These two books are a librarian's dream come true The Hales combine witty dialogue action and adventure beautifully detailed artwork and lots of humor to create the perfect graphic novel I would give this one to anyone who is not convinced in the value of graphic novels or anyone who's a newbie to the style And of course old fans tooThe fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk is given the steampunk treatment in CALAMITY JACK and those looking for a great adventure read will devour this one There's even a cute bit of romance thrown in so I think this book will have wide appeal It is a seuel to RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE but readers don't necessarily have to read the first one to pick this one up The book starts with Jack's past and gives us a little information on how Jack and Rapunzel met so I doubt readers will feel lostAs I mentioned the dialogue is very witty there were a few lines I just had to read aloud to my husband because they were too great to keep to myself The artwork is very detailed young Jack is pictured with his tongue out while thinking and we get a glimpse that he hasn't lost this habit as an adult It's this attention to detail that make the art stand out The text and illustrations pair perfectly and work together which makes this an excellent example of a graphic novel And be sure to check out the inside cover page for a peek at our authors and illustrator snuck into the artworkThis is a book to share to pass around to friends and re read because each time you'll see something new I'm hoping we can look forward to graphic novels from this creative team I'd love to see their take on other fairy tales

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Calamity Jack characters ß 107 ✓ [Download] ➹ Calamity Jack ➾ Shannon Hale – Jack likes to think of himself as a criminal mastermindwith an unfortunate amount of bad luck A schemer plotter planner trickster swindlermaybe even thief One fine day Jack picks a target a little gia Jack likes to think of himself as a Tle giant than the usual and one little bean turns into a great big building destroying beanstalkWith help from Rapunzel and her trusty braids a pixie from Jack's past and a man with inventions. OkNot as good as Rapunzels Revenge