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characters Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Blackcastle #4 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [KINDLE] ❅ Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Blackcastle #4 By Olivia Gates – Richard Graves has long battled his dark heritage and only one woman nearA her life But she can't resist rekindling their dangerous passion Can she protect her child from the man sworn to claim him and herself from the desire she can Claiming His PDFEPUBno longer figh. Simply fantastic The best yet in what was a magnificently passionate and emotional series so far Richard was my favorite from the moment he appeared in the first book From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride and I kept wondering what was his story Olivia Gates has delivered an even better story than I hoped for and it does him justice and it also gives him a much deserved happy ending I am very much Team Richard I wish there were books starring him He's the kind of hero a whole series is built around an ongoing one so you can get and of his luscious complexity and the incredible ways he loves his own

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Richard Graves has long battled his dark heritage Secret Son Epub #223 and only one woman nearly shattered his elegant facade Though he seduced Isabella Sandoval to take revenge on the man who'd. I thought this was going to be a fun revenge story with tycoons worrying about profit and losses and status – the usual fare you find in HPs Instead this was the final story in a series about powerful men in an organized crimecartelmercenary force This H was the villain I guess in other stories and in this story you find out why he was doing Bad Things for Good ReasonsHeroine was the trophy wife of a drug lord that the H seduced in order to get information on the drug lord When his mission was over he offered to take the h with him Heroine refused and hero thought she was loyal to her hubby than him Heroine’s Bad Decision was made for Good Reasons She thought her hubby was powerful than the H and he would be in danger as well as her familyFast forward 7 years Hubby is in a dungeon somewhere Heroine is a doctor and is about to start in a practice with hero’s sister who thinks her brother is dead Hero intervenes since he thinks heroine shouldn’t be around his sister He seduces her and then discards her as part of his revenge for making him Feel Things That revenge part lasts until she gets to the door of his penthouse apartment Yup Bad boy no longer wants revenge because he is Confused and Conflicted and he can’t TrustsighThe rest of the story underscores the theme that the world is a dangerous place and very few people can be trusted to follow your complicated backstory and logic The hero was not an alpha He did everything out of fear including turning his back on his son with disastrous results Everyone forgives him at the end including his bro mate alphas from the crimecartelmercenary force Who get page time than the h at the end of the story Apparently all threats have dissolved into the mist as each guy gets his version of the white picket fence embedded with voice recognition and laser beams no doubt I’m not the right reader for this story I’m afraid

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Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Blackcastle #4Destroyed his family walking away from her was the hardest thing he's done Now he's learned the truth about her son and he won't walk away again Richard's mission of vengeance nearly cost Isabell. I got the book directly from the author for an honest review LOVE her books I love Olivia Gates's books and have enjoyed this series so far but was a little anxious about reading this book Richard Graves aka Cobra is a complex hero The glimpses of him in previous books have not made him likable to say the least His past was sketchy and the side he chose to show to others was not warm and fuzzy I like what Olivia Gates has done with him His past is fully revealed in this story and he actually becomes somewhat of a sympathetic character The heroine is a woman from his past and their history is very complicated Isabella is a wonderful heroine Like Richard he is a complicated character and I liked her a lot She's survived difficult circumstances As with other books by Olivia Gates Claiming His Secret Son is filled with super steamy sex scenes and strong emotions The intensity and passion make this a compelling story that is hard to put downAlso props to whoever chose the cover model because as a fan of this series he is spot on for how I pictured the character