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review Clock without Hands Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB É ➸ Clock without Hands Free ➮ Author Carson McCullers – Set in small town Georgia on the eve of court ordered integration Clock Without Hands is Carson McCullers's final masterpiece as well as her most poignant statement on race class and individuT Malone Clock without Kindle a lonely dying middle aged druggist looking to redeem his misspent life Fox Clane a corrupt old judge and defender of the ways of the Old South Jester Clane the judge's orphaned grandson a directionless adoles. While I was reading this I kept thinking of Beckett's Malone Dies Malone Meurt written in 1951 ten years before this book The main character here is also called Malone and he dies slowly while the rest of the story some of which is a little absurd happens around him But dying itself is kind of absurd when you think about it In any case I was able to relate to Malone and his peripheral and long drawn out dying because Malone in spite of his condition has memorable moments dying had uickened his livingness As to the title I wondered if it meant that when you know you have only a limited amount of time to live as Malone does you might prefer clocks without hands I expect Carson McCullers must have thought than most about dying having been ill all her life She died a few years after she finished this novel which was her lastIn The Mortgaged Heart a collection of McCullers' writings I came across this poem called 'When we are lost' which mentions clocks When we are lost what image tellsNothing resembles nothing Yet nothingIs not blank It is configured HellOf noticed clocks on winter afternoons malignant starsDemanding furniture All unrelatedAnd with air betweenThe terror Is it of Space of TimeOr the joined trickery of both conceptionsTo the lost transfixed among self inflicted ruinsAll that is non air if this indeed is not deceptionIs agony immobilized While TimeThe endless idiot runs screaming across the world

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Set in small town Georgia on the eve of court ordered integration Clock Without Hands is Carson McCullers's final masterpiece as well as her most poignant statement on race class and individual responsibility The actors in this allegory are J. I believe I have rated McCullers' first 3 novels with 5 stars but unfortunately I can't get there with this one It seemed disjointed and unrealistic and I disliked each of the four main characters eually They seemed like caricatures than real peopleTHE JUDGE A gluttonous bigoted man who lied to himself as to his worth and at age 85 has come up with a plan for the federal government to make reparations to the South for the financial ruin brought about when slaves were freedJESTER The judge's 17 year old grandson who was naive and confused about his sexualitySHERMAN PEW An 18 year old negro orphan with a completely unbelievable personality for the place and time and a liar of some magnitudeJT MALONE A 40 year old druggist dying of leukemia who goes to four different doctors trying to find a diagnosis different than deathThe title of this book is appropriate however as a clock without hands makes no sense and neither did this book for me It is possible that I have missed something in my reading but now I know why I never heard of this book before even though I am a huge fan of McCullers and consider her other books Southern classics She made some very good observations of racial aspects of the deep South of 1953 but it just never came together for me

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Clock without HandsCent with a strong sense of social justice and Sherman Pew an angry blue eyed black youth in search of his own identity Their interlocking stories are told with that uniue mix of humor irony power and love that marks all of McCullers's writin. Carson McCullers never fails to impress me In this grim novel of the Southern Gothic tradition she examines the growing race tensions at the cusp of the civil rights movement inter generational gaps and relations and most importantly the theme of life vs death Sheer genius from the first line Death is always the same but each man dies in his own way Another aspect of McCullers' writing that I admire is her flawless shifting of points of view between characters Despite how flawed the characters may be you cannot help but sympathize with their motives and views through the lenses of their own logic Besides this the prose and imagery are incredibly vivid I wholeheartedly recommend this one