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Conard County Witness Conard County #45; Conard County The Next Generation #28 review ¹ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✵ Conard County Witness Conard County #45; Conard County The Next Generation #28 Author Rachel Lee – In New YorkIn New York Times bestselling author Rachel Lee's Witness Conard eBook #10003 newest Conard County romance a killer stalks a wounded warrior and the woman he's vowed to protect I found you The game begins The note wasn't a threat exactly But Jess Conard County PDF McGregor se. I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review and here it is 45 starsI have been reading this series since it first began with Exile's End back in 1992 and it's long been my favorite romantic suspense series for several reasons First Rachel Lee has made Conard County as real to me as the town in which I live She's peopled that town with brave men and women many of them wounded warriors of one kind or another and having been married to a wounded warrior for almost 40 years I have a deep understanding of them and the daily struggles they face In Conard County Witness she's given me a new wounded warrior to fall in love with Jess McGregor who served as a medic in Afghanistan and who came home minus than half of one leg To make matters worse 5 years ago while he was deployed he lost his beloved wife Sara to an aortic aneurysm Since Sara's death Jess and Lacy Sara's closest and dearest friend have kept in touch by phone and now Lacy is in trouble She was working as a corporate CPA in Dallas and discovered that lots of drug money was being laundered through the corporation She blew the whistle on the malfeasance and the FBI put her in protective custody until the cases were adjudicated and those responsible were in prison but she still feels as though she's being stalked perhaps for revenge Jess invites her to come to Conard County and stay with him and they devise a getaway plan for her to evade anyone who might be following her Even then she still feels she's being stalked and after a warning note appears Jess get the sheriff Gage Dalton one of my favorite Conard characters ever involved But is it really Lacy who's being stalked or is someone actually stalking Jess And if so why You'll have to read this engaging and suspenseful novel to find out If I have any complaints about the novel it's this I would have loved to know about Lacy's background why she's so introverted and shy and if there were any dark experiences in her past to explain it Jess wonders about it and so did I It's hinted at but not fully explored

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Nses danger The wounded ex soldier offers Lacy Devane a place to feel safe after her stint in witness protection But someone is after her Or is Jess the intended targetJess and Lacy are practically strangers And the County Witness Conard eBook #10003 powerful attraction stirri. I liked the chemistry and connection the long time friendship Jess and Lacey have The years of phone calls after Sara's death have formed a new type of friendship that took them facing each other again to realize And now face to face again after five years the friendship is slowly blooming into something something either of the didn't expect but are willing to explore The story is mostly about the new kind of relationship forming between Jess and Lacey They have long conversations getting to know each other in a new level going through the drama of their past the relationship with Sara and the possibilities of the future The danger is constant in the background the fear of the unknown threat Lots of theories of conspiracy but no actual action until right at the end I liked the story there are many amazing points to the relationship developing while stuck in the house because of the weather I usually like when the story has a lot of conversation it makes its move on faster But since this story is mostly memories of the past conversations about them and what could have been what could happen and why I felt at times the story could have used action or building up the danger and fear The lack of the intensity and action is the reason why the score is Four Spoons

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Conard County Witness Conard County #45; Conard County The Next Generation #28Ng between them may feel like a betrayal to Jess's late wife Lacy's closest friend But as a big freeze envelops Conard County the warmth and healing they find in their growing friendship will be put to the County Witness Conard County #45 PDF ultimate test by a deranged killer. Lacy was best friends to Jess's late wife Since then he seemed to be MIA When Lacy managed to land herself in witness protection Jess steps up as an ex soldier to lend her some protection Little did they expect that there would be an attraction between each other They are being watched and hunted like prey and neither is sure who is being hunted because both seem to have their own baggageI liked this book thing is I was having on and off feelings about this book I feel like it dragged in some places and then got at a good pace that really kept me hooked I had to stop and start up many times to get into the book There was plenty of drama a bit of romance to heat things up then there was a mystery and suspense to keep the readers on their toes The story line was interesting enough there was multiple POV which included Jess Lacy and the person hunting themOverall I liked the story just really wasn't for me