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Free download Consolation 100 ë ❴Reading❵ ➺ Consolation Author Michael Redhill – “There is a vast part of this city with mouths buried in it Mouths capable of speaking to us But we stop them up with concrete and build over them and whatever it is they wanted to say gets whispere “There is a vast part of this city wO create images of a fledgling city where wooden sidewalks are put together with penny nails where Indians spear salmon at the river mouth and the occasional bear ambles down King Street where department stores display international wares and fine mansions sit cheek by jowl with shantytownsConsolation moves back and forth between David Hollis’s legacy and Jem Hallam’s struggle to survive ultimately revealing a mysterious connection between the two narratives Exuisitely crafted and masterfully written Michael Redhill’s superlative book reveals how history is often transformed into a species of fantasy and how time alters the contours of even the things we hold most certain As complex and layered as the city whose story it tells Consolation evokes the mysteries of love and memory and what suffering the absence of the beloved truly means. I must say I enjoyed this book 5 stars' worth but that's because I've lived in and near Toronto since 1977 It's a good story uite how true I'm not sure of the search for some historical 1850s photos of Toronto possibly buried in the landfill which has become Toronto south of Front Street and which was previously Lake Ontario There are two threads 1850s and late 1990s

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S widow Marianne sets up camp in a hotel overlooking the construction site watching and waiting for the boat to be unearthed The only person to share her vigil is John Lewis fiancé to her daughter Bridget An orphan who had come to love David as his own father John finds himself caught in a struggle between mother and daughter–all the while keeping a dark secret from both womenInterwoven into the contemporary story is another narrative set in s the tale of Jem Hallam a young apothecary struggling to make a living in the harsh new city so he can bring his wife and daughters from England Crushed by ruthless competitors he develops an unlikely friendship with two other down on their luck Torontonians Samuel Ennis a brilliant but dissolute Irishman and Claudia Rowe a destitute widow Together they establish a photography business and set out t. I borrowed this book without putting much time into reviewing it beforehand When I actually picked it up to read and determined what it was about ie Toronto I figured it would be boring and likely not worth my while Once I started reading it I initially confirmed my suspicions and almost put it down in reality I never do this Am I glad I didn't I loved the intermingling of the two stories; one from 1997 Toronto where I happen to live and one from 1856 historical Toronto It became a two for one bonusI'm a fan of historical fiction and thoroughly enjoyed delving into the beginnings of what has now become the Toronto of today Redhill did an excellent job of using the appropriate diction for the times which made it all that much likeableDefinitely a good read and proof of the old adage Don't judge a book by its cover

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Consolation“There is a vast part of this city with mouths buried in it Mouths capable of speaking to us But we stop them up with concrete and build over them and whatever it is they wanted to say gets whispered down empty alleys and turns into wind ” These are among the last words of Professor David Hollis before he throws himself off a ferry into the frigid waters of Lake Ontario A renowned professor of “forensic geology” David leaves in his wake both a historical mystery and an academic scandal He postulated that on the site where a sports arena is about to be built lie the ruins of a Victorian boat containing an extraordinary treasure a strongbox full of hundreds of never seen photographs of early Toronto a priceless record of a lost city His colleagues however are convinced that he faked his research materialsDetermined to vindicate him hi. Consolation is a brilliantly written Canadian novel about the rapidly changing world and about the secrets we bury and the legacies we all leave behind filled with the nostalgia of history and the sadness of the impending future and the past forgotten this book is definitely one of my favorites and I highly recommend it