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Cousin Kate review ô 3 ☆ [EPUB] ✵ Cousin Kate Author Georgette Heyer – When young and beautiful governess Kate Malvern finds herself unemployed in Regency England is surprised to receive an invitation to live with a distant aunt Minerva Broome who she has never met Rescu When young and beautiful governess Kate Malvern finds hersAve The life in the grand household is so very different from a life spent following the drum in the Peninsular But surely other households are homelike Kate's uncle lives in one wing handsome moody cousin Toruil in another cousin Philip appears to have taken her in instant dislike thought the guests are few even family dinners are formalHowever things are not as they seem strange things start to happen in the manor and Staplewood soon turns from an inv. The one where penniless orphaned Kate is taken in by an aunt she's never met and begins to discover strange things happening in the manor This was two different books that didn't mesh well together The romance conflicts with the suspense in a way that takes the power out of both of them By the time Kate finds out she could be in real danger she's already got an ally who's powerful than any of the forces that threaten her And in a romance context I accept women agreeing to marry men they've only known for a week but in a suspense context in a book that keeps whispering people are not what they appear; people who seem to be kind are dangerous it seemed like a crazy thing to do Well OK not really; in reality you could identify the good guys and the bad guys within five minutes of meeting them but that just means that the suspense novel rules applied to the bad guys and the romance novel rules applied to the good ones

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Iting stately house to a cold and gloomy mansion with a dreadful secret Slowly however as strange events unfold Kate begins to realize that her aunt's apparent benevolence hides an ulterior motive To assure succession of the title her aunt intends Kate to marry her cousin Toruil until his increasingly bizarre behavior culminates in violence and tragedy And when Kate begins to suspect the shocking reason for Minerva's generousity she has no one to confid. Turned off from her job as a governess Kate Malvern has no where to go except to the home of her old nurse Sarah Nidd a carrier's wife When Kate declares her intentions of becoming a fashionable lady's maid or a dressmaker Sarah is appalled A young lady like Kate shouldn't have to go into trade even if her father was a gamester soldier who left Kate with nothing Urged on by her cantankerous but kindly father in law Sarah writes to Kate's estranged aunt Lady Broome Kate's Aunt Minerva sweeps in and whisks Kate off to Staplewood for the summer Aunt Minerva showers Kate with as many clothes and jewels as Kate could wish yet her life at Staplewood is not what she expected For starters her aunt rules the household with an iron fist and won't let Kate help Then there's her aunt's invalid husband Sir Timothy who rarely ventures out of his rooms in an entirely separate wing in the house Then there's her volatile cousin Toruin nineteen and behaving like a sulky schoolboy He also resides an a separate wing of the house and is prone to migraines Finally there's Toruin's cousin and perceived enemy Philip Broome who at first dislikes Kate and then becomes a trusted ally and friend as Kate realizes that all is not well at Staplewood This is a Greek Tragedy or Gothic novel Regency Romance style Heyer departs from her usual witty comedies to weave together a tale of ambition wills power and mental instability Kate is a lively intelligent heroine typical of Heyer's older heroines I really like her and admire her for sticking to her plans to stay yet I find her terribly naïve not to realize what was amiss a lot sooner Her relationship with the hero progresses gradually and barely into the romance category than in The Unknown Ajax less than Heyer's comedies The plot is very dark and tragic and full of entirely hateful characters including Sir Timothy who loses my respect on the last page I couldn't really get into this one but yet I had to know how it would all come about happily for Kate If you're looking for sunshine flirtations or witty banter look elsewhere This is my least favorite of Heyer's novels This is also not a good book for Heyer neophytes to begin with because it contains excessive slang that even I find difficult to understandReread May 2020Georgette Heyer goes Gothic No Just no Super dark creepy and weird

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Cousin KateWhen young and beautiful governess Kate Malvern finds herself unemployed in Regency England is surprised to receive an invitation to live with a distant aunt Minerva Broome who she has never met Rescued from penury by her aunt Minerva hardly knows what to expect at majestic country home of Staplewood a Elizabethan manor Her aunt uncle and cousin welcome her to their estate buy her new clothes and provide all the amenities a Young lady of uality should h. The romance was really a side issue in this book with none of the feeling that Georgette Heyer has imbued in her other Regency Romances The love story developed way too uickly and I thought Philip and Kate rather insipidHowever apart from the romance this was a good read and I have to say that I loved old Mr Nid His conversations were priceless