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Criminal PleasuresWhen young attorney Brendan Burke opens his first law practice in a new city he knows things are about to change in his life though he never expected one of those things to be getting his first serious crus. Contains some spoilers okay just one and are you really surprised The guy on the cover has a gunI suffer from some kind of disease unacknowledged by the medical community perhaps only familiar to other readers a wild compulsion to read a recognizably blah book This compulsion generally occurs after seeing a muscle bound man with his head cut off on the cover of an MM romance andor after reading a well written especially funny review Symptoms may last from anywhere between 4 hours to several months – this being entirely dependent on when you finally give in This disease is most especially disastrous to your “book budget” like that actually exists but is also uite educational10 items learned while reading Mr Cox’s Criminal Pleasures1 Looking up the keywords “criminal” “cox” is a fun way to make yourself giggle like the 14 yr old you know you really areA It will also make you wonder if that’s the author's real name or just a convenient nom de plume for an MM romance novelistB Wonder the same thing about author Nina Bangs Also Kindle Alexander but uickly realize it’s best not to go thereC It may occur to you at this point that these authors must have had a much uncomfortable childhood than you when you were freuently referred to as “Rosa Rita Refried Beans”2 Girls are sillyA‘Cause getting drunk in front of your boss is an awesome way to get ahead in business I’m sure it’s suggested in the first chapter of Lean In Women Work and the Will to Lead B Girls exist only to inform the reader that said boss and MC looks like an “Egyptian Prince”C Women may also exist to play the role of possible stalker andor refreshingly open Mom “I don’t care if you sleep with a dolphin as long as you’re happy” Little does this woman know that that’s actually an option Points to the author for mentioning that homosexuality should never be likened to dolphin lovin’ or its brethren3 This book gives a whole new meaning to “The busboy’s comin’” – ie never trust a hot busboyA Even if he has an Italian accent Or in this case especially if he has an Italian accentB “ Che cosa stai facendo” What are you doing is a real panty dropper Fap fap fapC Busboys can apparently afford 2 bedroom apartments with their own personal room sized jungleterrarium in their extra bedroom With lights like lightning streaking across the ceiling Have you seen how much plants cost at a nursery And how much would that lighting cost Is this an episode of FriendsD Busboys who like to drop info into conversations such as “garden spiders trap unsuspecting prey by sucking them in using electrostatic attraction” might just be a serial killer4 The MC may be a lawyer but he’s also a coy 16 yr old A “He’d never been touched down there before” Author's italics Where your foot Did you wash it If yes what’re you worrying about Some toe sucking can be nice Or are you perhaps referring to your fluttering anusB Wonder why it is every GFY character knows nothing about the prostate I’ve read Cosmo I know about the prostate and personal experience tells me that massaging said prostate will make a fellow come like a geyser Or at least a cheetah You know fast The conversation always goes something like thisI GFY Dude What’s that tingling feeling in my anuus II Gay Dude massaging gently That’s your prostate babyIII Me LAAMEC Referring to other men as “acting like a bitch” or “being bitchy” is totally acceptable adult conversation5 If you manage to forget that the MC is really really ridiculously good looking for even a moment fear not the author will remind you at least several times a chapterA “He might look like some fairy tale prince but he’d never thought of himself as soft or weak someone that needed rescuing”B “He was exceptionally good looking He could find a boyfriendor girlfriend easily”6 It doesn’t matter if the aforementioned busboy dumps you 3 times like a sack of crap all the while either saying purposefully mean things threatening you with physical violence or blaming you for all his problemsA What matters is that he’s really a copB What matters is that he luurrves you so hard babyC Getting back together with him 5 minutes after he’s blamed you for his fragile emotional state as the MC would say What a pussy is completely understandable So is agreeing to move in with him 8 hours later7 The word “flesh” is creepy Finding a note in your Kindle that says “flesh is creepy” is also creepy8 Reading this book writing this review is a great way to avoid things you actually need to get done like a review for a book you actually loved Or you know your job9 You may need to address your other disease the one that causes you to gravitate towards any book which features a cop with a half naked man a gun on its cover This cannot possibly be healthy10 Reviews can go on too long ie Aaaand I'm doneOkay it’s not uite as bad as I made it sound – I’m having fun with words—but this was a very meh read for me I can see why a lot of people may like it it may be good for those unfamiliar with MM romance but I’ve read too many books with similar plots not to want exclaim “ugh”

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To let Brendan into his bedroom he’s stubbornly elusive about his past and his family Fixated on discovering the truth Brendan’s passion for Marcello turns out to be far dangerous than he ever anticipat. YES This is the Darien Cox I have come to loveThe story didn't drag on at all things kept happening all the time I totally didn't see the plot twist coming and I love it when the author surprises me this wayOverall a great read Recommended

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SUMMARY ✓ Criminal Pleasures Æ [Epub] ➝ Criminal Pleasures Author Darien Cox – When young attorney Brendan Burke opens his first law practice in a new city he knows things are about to change in his life—though he never expected one of those things to be getting his first seri When young attorney Brendan Burke opens hH on another man But when he meets Marcello a sexy and mysterious stranger working at a restaurant in Providence’s Little Italy he can’t fight his compulsion to pursue him But while Marcello is willing. 35 Stars At first I was kind of thinking this wasBUT then it grew on me and I ended up liking it It was a cute storypretty low on angst and drama I would say Some cheesy parts But the sexy times were super hot Brenden is a lawyeropening a new branch of his dad's law firm While out celebrating the opening of his office he meets Marcello a bus boy at the restaurant Marcello was an ass But apparently a hot ass Marcello is pretty secretive He and Brenden spend a hot night together before Marcello kicks him out Marcello keeps pushing Brenden away despite their attraction towards each other Turns out Marcello isn't who we all thought he wasthis is where the twist comes in things picked up from here for meThere was some suspense surrounding Marcello which kept things interesting I kind of thought Brenden was a bit of a pansyA few times I wanted to tell him to He kind of cried a lot But then I also thought Marcello over reacted a few times too and wanted to tell him to just Overall it was a decent read I did pretty much read it straight through If you're a fan of the MM genre and you're looking for something uick and hot I would recommend this one