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Deadline Free download æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ý ❮Read❯ ➯ Deadline Author Mira Grant – Shaun Mason is a man without a mission Not even running the news organization he built with his sister has the same urgency as it used to Playing with dead things just doesn't seem as fun when you'veHe may have put down the monster who attacked them but the conspiracy is far from deadNow Shaun hits the road to find what truth can be found at the end of a shotgun Newsflesh Feed Deadline Blackou. The conspiracy is bigger than they thoughtnot uite as good as the first but still an original take on a world with the living dead

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E lost as much as he hasBut when a CDC researcher fakes her own death and appears on his doorstep with a ravenous pack of zombies in tow Shaun has a newfound interest in life Because she brings news. I had a lot of mixed feelings about the first book in the Newsflesh trilogy Feed I thought there were some technical problems with the world building including how bloggers became the voice of a generation and helped people stay informed during the uprising For one thing I never thought conventional media would fail uite as hard as Mira Grant wanted me to believe it would and for another thing I always thought bloggers would spread a lot of misinformation as fact you know the way they do now When I opened Deadline however I wasn't concerned about whether or not that was plausible any I opened Deadline willing to accept everything all the world building in Feed In fact I'd completely forgotten about my old issues until I reread my review of the first book Grant got a clean black slate with me and it didn't really work out too wellBefore you move forward I'm going to put a second spoiler warning here because I can't discuss anything if I'm worried about spoiling someone Read the summary goodreads provides and then don't go near any spoiler warning reviews Regardless of what I think of the book you deserve to have it unfurl the way the author meant it to unfurlShaun's grief fueled behavior was ridiculous It would have been suitable two weeks after George died or two months after George died but two one freaking years The dude has been walking around the office not really doing anything resembling his job either as an Irwin or the head of the site AND talking to himself for two years No Just no I don't want to hear any bullshit about how much he loved George and how lost he was without her Listen up people die People you love die People you've built your whole world around die Eventually you have to get your shit together and handle it You either find another purpose or you die right along with them Given Shaun's level of grief you'd think he'd just walk out into a field of zombies and let them have him but no he did have something 'driving' him Shaun's 'other purpose' was finding George's killer but he did absolutely nothing save talk to himself and punch people His rage was the futile rage of a child not a grief stricken man If he was a teenager I might've given it a pass At his age however he came off as an incredibly weak person and his constant breakdowns should've landed him in a mental hospital He never pulled himself together and focused The entire plot of this book arrived gift wrapped on his door step He didn't dig and hunt or work to find George's killer He had one prolonged nervous breadkdown and hit people a lot for two yearsMy next point Shaun and George's relationship I'm going to say this once What the fuck was thatThe sex scene between Shaun and Becks was well written It didn't shy away from details and yet it never got too graphic The fact that he said George's name afterward blew my mind My mind came back though and it was pissed off George never presented her relationship with Shaun as anything than familial albeit extremely co dependent Okay yes it was co dependent than the Olsen twins but they were still actively portrayed as only siblings How after one full book written from a first person point with a character who was not only presented as a reliable narrator from start to finish but also presented as a character obsessed with the pursual of truth did we end up with this weird surprise in the second book How could George have been the person we thought she was and never know she was involved sexually with Shaun I call foul I can't accept that George lied for the entire first book so either this is part of Shaun's crazy delusions or I'm uestioning Grant's storytelling integrity I think Grant cheapened herself for shock value and I'm annoyed about itAnd no I don't give a damn about the uasi faux incest It didn't bother me in the Harper Connelly books; it wasn't what made the Mortal Instuments suck the writing did that What I don't respond well to is being lied to as a reader just so the author can have a gasp y reveal If you can't pull that off without flat out lying to me then you don't deserve me as a reader There were ways to make that a reveal without destroying George's integrity as a characterSpeaking of cheap manipulative writing I didn't think Dave's death in the beginning of the book was necessary seeing as they were hacking the building's security system If it was a hack why couldn't it be hacked from a laptop within the van Maybe there was a reason and I glossed over it I don't know What I can tell you is that when you're trying to get me to cry over something you should handle the material with a light hand and let me arrive at those tears myself Grant all but sucker punches you in the stomach and demands you cry I obviously wasn't impressed with either execution or the contentThe plot of the book was somewhat interesting although again it just arrives gift wrapped at the front door For someone whose entire goal in life it was to find George's killer Shaun was doing a crackerjack job A lot of the plot involves running back and forth across the country with the CDC breathing down their necks as other people gift wrap information for them Seriously the first scientist Shaun approaches with the information hands him a sparkly career make or break story Gift wrapped information even comes flying in from England On top of all the 'an apple of knowledge fell into Shaun's lap' very few of his plans were particularly intelligent It was mostly let's kick down some doors and see what happens It's not like they can kill us except they already have and they haven't shown any sign of not doing of it Also I didn't think their hide out at Maggie's was particularly genius If I was searching for a rogue group of reporters I'd start with friends family and ummIdunno other people working for the company Genius plottingThe outbreak in the storm also annoyed me Somehow everyone in the world knows about it except the three of them Yes they were off the grid but they had a radio playing the ENTIRE time They made several stops at gas stations rest rooms and blood check points and there were no televisions or notices of what was going on Just empty stores and security booths There should have been an emergency broadcast on the radio they should've known what was happening Again Grant sacrifices the integrity of her story and world building for a big reveal momentHere's what I enjoyed The book opened at a high pace and although Grant does eventually get lost in her own recapping she didn't torture me with it outright Despite Shaun's stupid life choices I did enjoy the zombie's are gonna eat you all scenes of course they're few and far between Deadline suffers from Feed's zombies zombies zombies everywhere but here The zombies are referenced constantly although not present often enough for my tastesBack to Shaun's BIG DARK GRIEF Fuck the coke It got annoying Fuck the bike He deserved to die when he decided to ride on it during the biggest out break in his living memory Had the coke and the bike not constantly been reinforced as important because it belonged to George then they might have both had some emotional relevance to me instead we got fucking beat down with the bike and slapped around by the coke Every single mother effing time Shaun drank a coke I got annoyed George's disembodied voice wasn't enough going back for her black box wasn't enough the bike wasn't enough no no the coke every twenty pages was absolutely necessary Grant methodically made this devoid of meaning for me Also it would have been a lot powerful had George not been in his head reuesting it If Shaun had done it without bickering with her about it or just because it reminded him of her I would have enjoyed it FailOh and George has been cloned Fuck it Where's my receipt I'm returning this book shaped bullshit In my first review I commented on how I kept waiting for the strange releationship to bloom into something but nothing ever came of it Well something did come of it We were just mislead and lied to so Grant could have a 'powerful' scene at the expense of reader's trust and her character's integrity In my review of Feed I also couldn't tell if George's death was a meaningful brave approach to the novel or if it was cheap The answer's in Cheap The cloning let Grant end Feed on a 'powerful' scene and then she takes it back at the end of the second book BullshitI'm going to go lie down now and try to forget about this book I need to go read Aftertime which I've been promised is a proper zombie novel I'll like crosses fingers Year confusion on George's death is somewhat addressed in the comments I've come to the conclusion that George is only supposed to be dead a year in Deadline

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DeadlineShaun Mason is a man without a mission Not even running the news organization he built with his sister has the same urgency as it used to Playing with dead things just doesn't seem as fun when you'v. This review does not contain spoilers for either FEED or DEADLINE One year has passed since Shaun and Georgia Mason found than they bargained for as they investigated the truth behind the Kellis Amberlee virus a mutated cure for human disease that led to the uprising of the dead The events that transpired then have an enormous impact now as the high profile bloggers from After the End of Times uncover a conspiracy that is even bigger than they ever imagined A CDC researcher fakes her own death in a spectacular fashion and shows up at their headuarters and soon the whole team is battling zombies mutant dogs and the ever present ghosts of their pastWhen I finished this book late last night my thoughts were I have not a single criticism to offer Not a single one And this still holds true Without exception every uestion and doubt I raised with Feed is answered here The action is incredibly intense the story is densely and intricately plotted and the book is exceptionally well paced and exciting Readers who are leery of zombies still shouldn't have much of a problem because although there are tense encounters with the undead the violence is relatively contained and there are no gross or gratuitous scenes Most of the terror comes from heart pounding action and chase seuences as well as the knowledge of the overwhelming conseuences if the team fails in its uest for truth and justiceShaun Georgia and Buffy all loom large in this seuel but we also get to know the other staffers better including the elegant Mahir the fiercely determined Becks the uietly steady Alaric and the sad tragic Maggie Most significantly however the narrator has shifted to Shaun whose personality comes through loud and clear in his bitterly funny words his decisive handling of his team and his desperately emotional struggle to hang onto what he loves most Mira Grant met and exceeded every expectation I had for this book particularly in the devastating truth that comes to light about what might have been I knew from Feed to expect an emotional reaction but I could not have prepared myself for the terrible knowledge that these characters have to face I was literally whimpering from the pain and tears were streaming so hard that I couldn't see the pageThis is my third 5 star review for a 2011 book and it is given with no reservations or ualifications This is a searingly intelligent novel with hard uestions about medical ethics government responsibility and the nobility and folly of human nature And just when you think the author has delivered everything she possibly could there is a HUGE twist at the end that made me bolt upright and scream in the middle of the night This twist has far reaching conseuences for both the characters and for society as a whole and it also answered uestions I had about the future in a crazy and unthinkable wayIt will be another year before the third book in this trilogy will be released and I'll spend much of that time waiting in agony to find out what happens to the characters I've come to care about so much But oh my stars what a pleasure it is to be so incredibly excited and thrilled and moved by an author's work This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisherREMINDER DO NOT read the synopsis for this book anywhere if you haven't already read FEED as it contains potential spoilers for the first book And please do be careful of reviews that may spoil this one