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Review ß Deadwood ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ➜ [Epub] ❧ Deadwood By Pete Dexter ➦ – DEADWOOD DAKOTA TERRITORIES 1876 Legendary gunman Wild Bill Hickcock and his friend Charlie Utter have come to the Black Hills town of Deadwood fresh from Cheyenne fleeing an ungrateful populace BiElf pursued by a vicious sheriff a perverse whore man bent on revenge and a besotted Calamity Jane Fueled by liuor sex and violence this is the real wild west unlike anything portrayed in the dime novels that first told its story. She was as strong as most men but it was unnoticeable except in her legs where she was stronger than any man Bill had liked the muscles of her calves and told her not to be ashamed HE would find her like that out of nowhere and touch her heart No one else had ever seen that she was ashamed And he could say that one moment and the next he would be staring at the sky expounding on the nature of the problems it caused to be famous like there was some secret to it that only the two of them knew And that was as far from her interests as the moonWith the door closed the noise from downstairs was like something past that you heard in your head remembering it Little specks of dust floated in the air around her shoulders The room was full of motion and nothing moved at allHe listened without a word facing the morning sun and the ocean It was from a woman named Agnes Lake and much of it concerned her trip to Deadwood to find what had become of him It said she loved him it said they had mending hearts

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DEADWOOD DAKOTA TERRITORIES Legendary gunman Wild Bill Hickcock and his friend Charlie Utter have come to the Black Hills town of Deadwood fresh from Cheyenne fleeing an ungrateful populace Bill aging and sick but still able to b. This one grew on me It starts out slow and weird and despite wallowing in the weird the pace picks up uite a but I was a huge fan of the HBO series about Deadwood and so this probably colored my mental pictures of Charlie Utter Wild Bill Sheriff Bullock Al Swearengen and Calamity Jane As opposed to the TV show which is or less from Bullock’s and Swearengen’s perspectives Dexter’s Deadwood is told from Charlie’s viewpoint I still haven’t taken the time to dust off my DVDs to rewatch the show and I don’t have HBO to watch the Deadwood The Movie but I think I may take the time to do soWe see most of the story through the eyes of Charley Utter Wild Bill Hickock's best friend The two of them land in Deadwood after Bill had killed someone in Arkansas Bill sets to drinking pink gun which becomes a bit of a fashion in town and hanging out with the gamblers and drunkards of town Charley accompanies the teetotaler Captain Jack and Bill on a moose hunt in which an old lame moose is killed leaving a few forlorn females It struck Charley that the cows would come back after they were gone and smell pink gin and think that was the smell of death p 120 This turns out to be a prefiguration of Bill's death a key pivotal moment in the story For the moment though the expedition serves as comic relief They were two thirds of the way across when the moose sankCharley turned around too and watched the moose sinkand then he was in the water too p 121 Once back in Deadwood Charley feels a bit shaken by his near drowning He lay sleepless for most of the nightand stared at the cricket on the floor The cricket's movements were mostly in his whiskers Charley believed God was in every creature on earth even people and waited about ten minutes for Him to reveal Himself It didn't happen p 138 After all it there was a godless place on earth that place would be DeadwoodDexter's Deadwood features several tragic characters that are not in the TV show Malcolm and the Bottle Fiend Malcolm Nash is Charley's son in law and a victim sexual abuse including a wild gang rape by the whore man Al Swearengen who is on the wagon train with Bill and Charley arriving in Deadwood The rape nearly kills him and drives him insane This is one place where Dexter's story differs uite a bit from that of the HBO show because in the latter Al is never portrayed as a homosexual and is already established in Deadwood when Bill and Charley appear We see Calamity Jane nursing Malcolm back to life similar to Jane's saving of smallpox victims in the TV showThe other character the Bottle Fiend is a soft brain that takes care of the public bath in Deadwood and Charley befriends and defends him throughout the book in one of the charming touching relationships He is a well drawn character with his collection of thousands of bottles which was a beautiful visual deviceAs things turn out Bill is of course murdered in cold blood leaving Charley feeling alone and hurt He seeks solace at the bottom of a whiskey bottle before finding his way back because that's where Charley wanted to be again back to the beginning of how things were made Along the way there he expected to see every living thing in Deadwood on its own level and in the end he would know what he needed to do p 172 It is thus that we get his view of life in Deadwood as he figures out what his next steps will beAnother crazy character that was not as far as I recall in the TV show was Mrs Langrishe with whom Charley has an ongoing love affair her husband didn't like women She is another strong Western woman who sees death everywhere but is able to maintain a sense of decorum and get some pleasure out of like with CharleyAgnes Lake Hickok Bill's widow arrives in Deadwood for the funeral and there ensues a funny seen where Charley is too drunk to even rest in his trick chair p 273 as he tries to avoid contact between the widow and the roaring drunk Calamity Jane who as in the TV show is distraught over Bill's demise He and Agnes have a poignant conversation about BillThat's why I ask you things I don't know how else to find out what I lostShe said that and stopped and Charley saw she was through talking now He ran his hands through his hair it was Bill's gesture He thought of the things he'd lost when Bill died there weren't words to explain them But she needed him to explain somethingThings end out of balance he said after a while There isn't any other way they can end because that's the way they happen In the end you want things eual but it doesn't happen He saw her eyes begin to fill he never expected itAnd he stood up and crossed the room dizzy and sat down next to her on the bed He smelled soap again fresh scrubbed skin He noticed age marks around the bottom of her neck He put his arms around her and held her a long timeAnd he loved her for all the lost parts of his life p 274 I felt that this was one of the masterful moments of the whole book But of course it could never work out for Agnes and Charley Later Charley attends a party at Mrs Lagrishe's house where she seduces him with a pleasant banter as a black servant serves them wine on a platterGlasses were exchanged two for one It was unpleasant stuff but it grew on you and he drank one before he resumed the conversationThis drink is closer to love than love itself he said He was looking at the glasses together one full one empty when he said that She smiled at him and cocked her head waiting for him to finish He noticed the freckles on her chest again where had the freckles been when they were upstairs and the tendons in her neck where it met her shoulders He was hypnotized by her tendons Was that a toast she said 'This drink is closer to love than love itself'He felt himself changing ten ways a second Just that it grows on you until you need it he said p 293 This easy going philosophy is truly what keeps Charley alive and vibrant throughout the book I would say that the Charley of the TV show is probably as charming as Dexter's but Dexter's is a tad bit humanI felt that the writing improved as the plot developed and by the end I was hooked While not as moving or vast as Lonesome Dove Deadwood was a great western book and should be taken as a different work of art from the TV show and breathes a vibrant life into some of the characters that the TV show glossed over

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DeadwoodEst any man in a fair gunfight just wants to be left alone to drink and play cards But in this town of played out miners bounty hunters upstairs girls Chinese immigrants and various other entrepeneurs and miscreants he finds hims. When I came across this book I wanted to read it because I had seen the HBO series Deadwood and thought it was fantastic Unfortunately the book was nowhere as good as the series Just so I don't confuse anyone I want to point out that the series was not a film adaption of this book They are both based on the same town and characters but are two different animals when it comes to the telling and style The book is not bad it's just that it lacks the dark dramatic backdrop set in the series Even though the book gives some harsh details and explicit sex scenes it has of a whimsical feel about it That style put me off and I had a hard time taking the story seriously This may be far entertaining for those who don't know the history of the town and the legend of Bill Hickok If you haven't heard the story take my opinion with a grain of salt and know that this might be an enjoyable read for you