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Free read Crimson Death 109 ï ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ Crimson Death Author Laurell K. Hamilton – In her twenty fifth adventure vampire hunter and necromancer Anita Blake learns that evil is in the eye of the beholder Anita has never seen Damian her vampire servant in such a state The rising sun d In her twenty fifth adventure vampireTor but hatred gets the job done too And when Anita joins forces with her friend Edward to stop the carnage Damian will be at their side even if it means traveling back to the land where all his nightmares spring froma place that couldn’t be less welcoming to a vampire an assassin and a necromancer Irela. Personal recommendation don't go into this expecting much of anything and then you'll be pleasantly surprisedOf course after the last book where I got so frustrated I actually gave it a single star and a rant where I told myself I was stopping the series altogether I fully didn't expect to pick up this 25th book at allEspecially because we were going to have to deal with whiney boy Damian as a main characterBut Haven't I invested so much time and energy loving this series as a whole But If I can just ignore the constant insert part A into part B endless sex scenes wouldn't this be better But If I can ignore the fact that so much relationship drama is dragging me around as if I had a noose around my neck and some cowboy was riding away holding the other end of the rope can't I just focus on the police procedural and the supernatural goodnessYeah I can I have been for so many books now ever since right after Obsidian Butterfly admittedly my favorite book of the seriesSo yeah this wasn't so badDamian and Nathaniel and Anita were the first complete triumvirate They were the weaklings They were also the first solid power base that Anita had since all the crap between Richard and Jean Claude I hoped to see a lot better stuff between them but then Damian's thread was just marginalized and the author turned him into the ugly red headed step child Literally For than a dozen books And all the while Anita collected men and now women as if they are trading cards and those relatively solid storylines and wealth of opportunities with her supernatural power base just kinda slipped awayUntil now Hell I was very worried it'd be just another whiney whiney Damian story but no he's actually starting to grow up and take responsibility which is about time since he is a 1000 year old vampire I was relieved It felt like some of the good times I had before Obsidian Butterfly when Anita was backed into a real corner and she had to dig really deep for some hidden juice And she does once again The supernatural stuff in this one was great It's the main reason I keep on reading the series Ireland The leadership of the Harleuin What does Mommy Darkness's shards of power mean for Anita's fate I mean the American Vampires are just consolidating their power now but there is another whole world out there I'm glad that this issue is being addressed finally I hope to see even of that This book is actually establishing a very solid reason to do so Damian's old master the lady of fear is an awesome reason for Anita to go on a political duck hunt across Europe and beyond As for the tragic death of a main character Well what can I say It's about time And no it's not Damian As far as I'm concerned he's golden again It's nice to have the hints of an actual triumvirate that WORKS You know rather than just using relationship drama to limit the overpowered monstrosity that is Anita Blake we might actually get back to core issues like Ethics and Other Overpowered Monstrosities So yeah if I ignore those things that annoy the shit out of me I have to admit that the rest of this book was pretty damn cool This is the Ultimate Flawed Novel but I can't help but think that we need to have a cheat sheet for readers of the series Something like an Anime Filler List for tv episodes that don't follow the Manga but in this case it'd be pages we can successfully skim or just plain skip because of relationship drama or tired sex scenesYeah Um you can skip pages 23 68 74 82 112 150 etc etc Not real pages you can do this with I'm just citing an example We need this for the whole series then Let people enjoy a really awesome UF sometimes skipping whole Character Named books entirely and love it as much as some of us have but without the angst

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Nightmares and blood sweats And now with Damian at his most vulnerable Anita needs him the most The vampire who created him who subjected him to centuries of torture might be losing control allowing rogue vampires to run wild and break one of their kind’s few strict taboos Some say love is a great motiva. To anyone like me who continues to or less hate read this seriesI think we need to get real and create a support group or something because we must all have some serious serious issues

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Crimson DeathIn her twenty fifth adventure vampire hunter and necromancer Anita Blake learns that evil is in the eye of the beholder Anita has never seen Damian her vampire servant in such a state The rising sun doesn’t usher in the peaceful death that he desperately needs Instead he’s being bombarded with violent. I don't always know why I keep reading this series For one thing at this point I know what everyone looks like I have them so ingrained into my brain after a million books that I don't need a full reminder of each character in every new installment I get that there is a complicated poly relationship I don't need details of every kiss goodbye It shouldn't take multiple pages to simply list who she has to say goodbye too I do like how the author has adapted the sexual aspects of the relationships It's not as complicated as it used to be They all accept that they have multiple partners multiple loves and they go on with their lives I am loving this relationship ideal they've come to agree on It's sexy it's practical and it works for them I love the way characters grow and evolve I love watching Anita go all badass and kill the monster No spoilers there If you've read the book you know that's how she rolls I do get annoyed at how she so often seems surprised at just how powerful she is It's almost as if she has forgotten since the last big battle just what her powers can do so she seems to learn a new one in each book and then rarely use it again Not in this one In Crimson Death she draws on some of her previously earned powers and rocks them like the ueen she is Nathaniel goes from being a pretty boy to being a badass in his own right He deserved that He has deserved that for such a long time and it was wonderful to watch He has grown so much yet so slowly that this felt so justified I adore any chance to read about Edward He's just such a deeply layered character who has also changed so much throughout the series Damian deserved a little time in the spotlight He sort of got shafted getting brought to the front then neglected in so many of the earlier books I think at this point though this series reminds me than anything of a soap opera It's about the characters relationships than the mystery and murder and sometimes monotonous dialogue goes on for pages I can just see some overly made up sub par actors reading the dialogue while over acting It's like my frumpy housewife can't look away guilty pleasure I don't want to tell everyone how much I enjoy it but then if I find out you enjoy it too I feel as if I've found a kindred spirit I can't look away no matter how bad it gets and I binge on it nonstop until it's over It's reliable in its mediocrity and I kind of love that about it George 35 stars