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review The Moving Finger ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  ➮ [Read] ➪ The Moving Finger By Agatha Christie ➺ – Die anonymen Briefe sorgen für böses Blut in dem kleinen Städtchen Als sie dann noch zwei mysteriöse Todesfälle auslösen bei denen die Polizei hoffnungslos im Dunkeln tappt wird es Riöse Todesfälle auslösen bei denen die Polizei hoffnungslos im Dunkeln tappt wird es Miss Marp. The Moving Finger writes; and having writMoves on nor all thy Piety nor WitShall lure it back to cancel half a LineNor all thy Tears wash out a Word of itverse 51 of Edward FitzGerald's translation of the Rubáiyát by Omar Khayyám“It's rather like Happy Families isn't it Mrs Legal the lawyer's wife Miss Dose the doctor's daughter etc So sweet and funny and old world You just can't think of anything nasty happening here can you”But nasty things do happen even in such an innocuous place as the village of Lymstock where Jerry Burton moves with his sister to convalesce from war inflicted wounds At the beginning both Jerry and Joanna are charmed with life in the country getting neighbourly making calls trying to blend in It is cozy and idyllic and then it turns out that a vicious poison pen is at large Anonymous defamatory letters are addressed to all and sundry and it doesn't take too long for a victim to commit suicide All the village is abuzz with gossip no smoke without fire concerning the identity of the PP as it seems she view spoileror is it a she hide spoiler

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Die anonymen Briefe sorgen für böses Blut in dem kleinen Städtchen Als sie dann noch zwei myste. Not a favorite by any means The Moving Finger is a good tidy mystery but our Miss Marple is not part of the story until the very end I have read uite a few Christie mysteries stand alone stories a few Poirrot a few Tommy and Tuppence but mostly Miss Marple She is my favorite because she knows human failings and foibles so well and she looks like a dowdy old lady; and therefore is not taken seriously by murderers until it's too late

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The Moving FingerLe zu bunt Statt länger Landluft zu tanken legt sie ihr Strickzeug beiseite und schreitet zur Tat. Lymstock is the uintessential definition of the peaceful English countryside just ask any of its inhabitants Everything is so utterly uneventful here that one might be tempted to attribute its inhabitants' main cause of death to boredom rather than old age In other words the perfect place for Jerry Burton's rehabilitation needs Doctor's orders So when the first libel induced suicide happens our hero is obviously first in line to flex his sleuthing muscles In true Agatha Christie fashion we get one heck of a convoluted story without too much action but enough mystery to twist around even the most logical of us Or is it just me who's never able to guess the criminal I especially enjoyed the grand reveal when it turned out that I had never even suspected the culprit Now that's what good murder mysteries are made ofYet with all its well crafted mysteries wild speculation and half way decent romantic subplots my overall impression was still that of disappointment This was supposed to be a Miss Marple novel So why doesn't the lovable old lady make its appearance until the 80% mark Yes that's correct EIGHTYEFFINGPERCENTScore 35 starsObjectively speaking there's nothing too egregiously wrong here Except for the sudden flowery turn towards the end but I'm willing to give it a pass I have to after finding myself shedding a tear or two at one pointAs much as I feel cheated I kind of suspect the fault may lie mostly at my feet I shouldn't have assumed stuff just because GR marks this book as being part of a series continues to sulk nonethelessReview of book 1 Murder at the VicarageReview of book 2 The Thirteen ProblemsReview of book 3 The Body in the Library