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review Джамиля 100 ✓ [EPUB] ✸ Джамиля By Chingiz Aitmatov – Der 15 jährige Said erzählt die Geschichte seiner jungen verheirateten Schwägerin Dshamilja Während ihr ungeliebter Ehemann an der Front steht lernt die selbstbewusste lebensfrohe Dshamilja den sc Der jährige Said erzählt die Geschichte seiner jungen verhEnn Dshamilja sagt sich von ihrem Heimatort und den alten Traditionen los und zieht in die Ferne Neu mit einem Nachwort von Tschingis Aitmatow Die wahre Geschichte hinter Dshamilj. What a beautiful short book This is the second time for me to read a book by the Kirghiz author Chingiz Aitmatov the first being The White Ship Compared to The White Ship which was the tragic story of an orphan boy and the struggle between modern oppressive Soviet culture versus minority traditions Jamilia is a love story Once again Aitmatov narrates the story through the voice of young boy In this case he is named Seit who would later become an artist Most men in the village were sent away to war Everybody else is working on the collective farms including Seit He has a beautiful sister in law Jamilia with whom he works The two of them are soon paired with Daniyar a cripple and older orphan boy who returns from war Everybody pokes fun at Daniyar until one fateful nightThis truly is a sad love story Not just of the love between Daniyar and Jamilia but also of the land music art and most of all nature which inspires it all In Jamilia the reader also comes across the social relationships among the Kirghiz specific terms that a sister in law calls her younger brother in law how second marriages work etc Aitmatov skillfully deals with tradition again This time tradition is not threatened by an opposing outside force but rather by itself I found it wonderful that the young boy Seit didn't condemn his sister in law and Daniyar He was willing to understand their happiness And make beautiful art out of itThank you Mr Aitmatov for writing these wonderful stories

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Der jährige Said erzählt die Geschichte seiner jungen verheirateten Schwägerin Dshamilja Während ihr ungeliebter Ehemann an der Front steht lernt die selbstbewusste lebensfroh. Джамиля Жамила Jamilya Jamila Chingiz Aitmatov Jamila Russian Джамиля Kyrgyz Жамила Jamila is the first major novel by Chingiz Aytmatov published originally in Russian in 1958 The novel is told from the point of view of a fictional Kyrgyz artist Seit who tells the story by looking back on his childhood The story recounts the love between his new sister in law Jamilya and a local crippled young man Daniyar while Jamilya's husband Sadyk is away at the front as a Soviet soldier during World War IIتاریخ نخستین خوانش نوزدهم ماه فوریه سال 2009 میلادیدر کانون ماجرا «جمیله»، دختر جوان قرقیز ‌با شوهر نه چندان موردعلاقه‌‌ اش «صادق»، که در ارتش شوروی خدمت می‌‌کند، قرار دارد راوی داستان، «سعید»، برادر ناتنی و پانزده ساله «صادق» است، که به ستایش زن برادر می‌پردازد، و از او حمایت می‌کند «جمیله» با دیگر زنان روستا تفاوت دارد او خودرای و خودآگاه و گاه گستاخ است، و به هیچ وجه حاضر نیست خود را فقط یک مخلوق آماده به خدمت بداند، لذا کارهای سخت را به شوهرش وامی‌‌گذارد «جمیله» همیشه می‌‌داند چطور پسرک‌های سمج را از خود دور کند، تا اینکه «دانیار» خجالتی و رویایی از جنگ بازگشته و قلب او را می‌رباید انسانی متفاوت از دیگران است «جمیله» همراه او می‌گریزد و خود را نه تنها از پیوندهای سنتی مرسوم، که از همه قید و بندها رها می‌‌سازد در این میان تنها «سعید» است که او را می‌ستاید، به اعتقاد او «جمیله» به ندای قلبش گوش فراداده است ا شربیانی

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ДжамиляE Dshamilja den scheuen träumerischen Danijar kennen und lieben Der junge Said erzählt mit den Augen eines Kindes das zu verstehen beginnt welch eine Macht die Liebe sein kann D. Chingiz Aitmatov is a Kyrgyz author who wrote in Kyrgyz and Russian Although Jamila was published in Russian I'm going to count it for Kyrgyzstan for my ongoing Around the World reading challengeSet during the long period of collectivism as a Soviet state in the village where Jamila lives with her in laws her husband is a soldier on the front but is delayed in his return because of an injury and in fact most of the able bodied men are absent for the same reason Her brother in law too young to fight is the narrator of the story He and Jamila harvest wheat together to be sent to the front and he is the witness to her interactions with others He is also coming into his own artistic sensibilitiesAs in most books I have read set in this area the landscape of the steppes reuire a lot of hard work isolation and horses are central to daily life Jamila's father was a known horse trainer so she has skills in that area as well