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ラブセレブ 1Ever since she could remember Nakazono Kirara has wanted to be an idol Her manager Hanamaki even hand picked her to become the next 'it' girl but after a series of pointless and rather degrading gigs Hanam. Mayu Shinjo is to me in the same realm as Miki Aihara because a lot of her stories tend to really sink into problematic romantic content Another thing to note is that Ms Shinjo's style is particular and peculiar All her girls are these small headed big eyed creatures and her guys have a very different look when they're considered masculine with angular jaws and much thinner eyes while cute or young guys are drawn basically like the girl models without as many lashes There's a very clear disparity between her gendered characters which she even takes advantage of in another series Ai Ore Love Me Vol 1 where the male character basically looks like her standard girl model and the girl looks like her standard boy model the only variation being truly that the girl has eyelashes and the boy does notBut that's another door of horrors to open in another reviewLove Celeb which in Japanese is just the English words Love Celeb but written phonetically in katakana as Rabu Serebu ラブセレブ is a series that focuses on the world of entertainment; actors singers idols directors TV shows movies concerts etc Our heroine is a teenage girl named Kirara who was scouted by an agent and is trying to break out into the world of celebrities dreaming of being a well loved idol performing in large stadiums and taking on coveted roles The issue is however that Kirara can't seem to get any good jobs or catch a lucky break Since her talents or lack thereof aren't getting her anywhere her manager a rather creepy man named Hanamaki decides that the only way for Kirara to ever be someone is to use her body and sex to climb up the ladder She ends up catching the eye of Gin a teenager who is honestly unrealistically portrayed because he's like a powerful rich politician heir business who can do whatever yet he's like in his 2nd year of high school It's weird who is notorious for going after virgins and who eventually ends up falling in love for real with Kirara as he amuses himself by turning her into a star and trying to sleep with her a feat which is often interrupted by Hanamaki or by a random enemy coming to rip Gin from the top of the world The bulk of the story is the antics surrounding Kirara and Gin working up to having sex and then a rinse and repeat of obstacles getting in the way of their eventual happily ever after like literally there are 3 guys in a row that rise up to ruin Gin and take Kirara from him Our first issue right away is the manager Hanamaki He not only is really abusive towards Kirara speaking cruelly yelling at her demeaning her even hitting her etc but it's also revealed that he fell in love with her at first sight He generally makes sexual advancesremarks whenever it suits the plot for a little added drama like him giving her sex lessons to entice Gin when it's clear he just wants to be physical with her or spiriting her away to do some shady film thing because he doesn't want Gin to have her To reiterate Kirara is 16 and Hanamaki an established manager in the entertainment world has to be in his 20s or 30s plus he scouted her off the street and is like weirdly attracted to her so it's just all around creepy and has weird grooming vibes and the power dynamic blows because there are clear situations where Kirara calls him out or isn't comfortable but she relents because Hanamaki has power over herGross Thank you nextWhich leads us to our next problem Gin The author does often try to lessen the blow of his worst ualities by making him out to be like childish or affected than he wants to admit to go against the cool controlled all powerful exterior but generally it doesn't work out well Like Gin just sort of wants to own Kirara by being like let me take your virginity and never look at anyone else and I'll use my money and influence to make you a star there's a lot of implications that Kirara is a helpless bunny and Gin is a wolf taking his time eating her and then acts all dumb about genuinely being attracted to her and acts all petty and griping with her because the way she makes him feel makes him act a lot differently he gets flustered is especially aroused finds himself unable to just have sex with her thinks of her when he tries to have sex with other girls etc For example he tells her he'll kill her if she covers the hickey he gave her then acts all embarrassedupset when she looks erotic on camera showing them and blames her for showing them and accusing her of being a pervert despite her only doing as he said He also like basically rapes his flower arranging teacher They're in a lesson then suddenly he grabs her and goes at it and she doesn't really say yes or anything so I'm saying it's at the very least dubious consent and at worst its her resigning herself to a rape because he's powerful and she feels compelled much like Kirara to do as he says or bend over backwards to please him Also weirdly he's only like 16 too He's still in high school yet he's portrayed as like a business man and politician and weirdly powerful and worldly It's bizarre There are random scenes of Gin at his high school and Kirara is later transferred there to be closer to him at all times and it's an odd disconnect to be honest Like he can't be that young and also this worldly and powerful He goes up against grown men in the mafia and seasoned politicians and all this stuff like what horny teenage boy is capable of really doing all thisIn general the story doesn't have much substance and a lot of the elements are very unrealistic and repetitive Like Hanamaki ruining them finally having sex or some random guy who hates Gin interfering and taking Kirara and Gin having to win back his life and girl The manga is only about 30 chapters long so the fact that these events happen multiple times is a testament to how minimal the plot is If there was story we wouldn't need cameos from Sakuya and Hakuron and we wouldn't need several bad guys doing what's essentially the same stuff On that note the bad guys are all like 20 and Kirara is again only 16 Like the long haired one gets very physical with Kirara while also loving and wanting to marry another girl so it's creepyThere's a lot of dubious consent forced kissingtouching and all around not so great messages and themes about sex and relationships We have the typical possessiveness and like random acts of cruelty to make the girl realize she needs him from Gin that are pretty standard in Japanese media It's not the absolute worst there are several series I find a lot problematic but this still isn't that greatI think for a sorta mindless smutty read it's not the worst you could do but there's definitely series with better art and romance that still have good erotic content And as far as Mayu Shinjo's series goes Love Celeb isn't as harmful as most of her other workI read this as a teenager and along with Desire Climax and Love Monster it was a secret favorite for its mature content but as an adult I'm not especially impressed with any aspect of it

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Characters ☆ ラブセレブ 1 ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ [PDF / Epub] ★ ラブセレブ 1 Author Mayu Shinjō – Ever since she could remember Nakazono Kirara has wanted to be an idol Her manager Hanamaki even hand picked her to become the next 'it' girl but after a series of pointless Job Little does she know Gin is even worse and proposes to buy her After escaping his clutches she feels everything will go back to normalbut then why is she now suddenly the most talked about girl in Tok. see full review Katie's CornerToday I’m having yet another work by Mayu Shinjo It’s a relatively small story compared to Sensual Phrase only 7 volumes long However I’ll be doing two reviews on it so look forward to the next one somewhere next week Why did I decide to make to reviews Well because the story has two events therefore I want to cover each separately Today’s review will cover Kirara as the idolSo let me begin meet Kirara Nakazono – an aspiring idol who as she herself says has no talent but has the enthusiasm to become the firstpic 1 That actually happens much much later but I just wanted to put it here to gain popularity she takes part in various late night shows as well as some variety ones However everything changes when her manager – Hanamaki throws he inside an apartment with words “get your body out there and get a job”pic 2Yes it does happen It also doesn’t help the situation that Kirara is a virgin But don’t forget this is a romance story; therefore a silver haired prince Wolf in disguise appears to help Kirara However his motives are not all that pure and you’ll be laughing when you get to read them Who is this silver haired prince that stole Kirara’s heart in a flash Meet our man lead – Ginzou Fujiwara or for short Gin – the most influential man in Japan well after his dad and grandpa He takes a strange interest in Kirara and wants to make her his Will he succeed And by succeeding I mean to make both Kirara’s body and heart completely his Start reading now and find out how Fin will be trying to seduce KiraraNow you can stop reading if you are afraid of spoilers as I’ll be discussing some issues that are tightly related to spoilers But if you are interested please continue This story as Sensual Phrase is set in the world of Showbiz However we get to see how the author actually makes fun of some things Surely there are serious moments too like when Kirara conforms Gin in the very beginning about her dream but the way Gin changes everything on a whim if he doesn’t like something is just comical The best issue is Kirara’s virginity and her accused lewdness I just couldn’t stop laughing when Gin is accusing he of being a pervert because her room is small Her phrase “Let me lick you” just made me fall down from the chair even when I was reading for the third time I knew that she would say it but the impact was still too strong There are numerous jokes about Gin and Kirara but in the end he still makes her his that is a problem arisesGin being Gin is a very selfish and jealous person As soon as he falls hard for Kirara he becomes a hardcore possessive boyfriend His stunts and idiotic behavior made me laugh before Kirara was a virgin well actually even after that But as soon as he gets her his jealousy was overwhelming He wanted Kirara only for himself and even told her to leave the entertainment world Here comes the problem Kirara wanted to achieve her dream so they became enemies and now without Gin how will Kirara manage to climb to the top again She will and it will be a hard journey especially if Gin is trying to sabotage her But if you thought that Kirara was a complete idiot in the beginning you get to see her differently now She is a strong willed person who wants to achieve her dream and return to the one she loves the mostAre you ready to read Kirara and Gin’s story It’s full of love fantastic humor and lots of misunderstandings that make you laugh You’ll also get to see one of your favourite characters from Sensual Phrase to appear Don’t miss the 2nd review of this fabulous story as now it’s Gin’s turn to climb to the top Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below Stay tuned for reviews as well as promos Don’t miss your next favourite book or manga Happy readingXOXOKatie

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Aki feels it time to get seriousbut what exactly IS a love celeb enter the mysterious silver haired man they call 'Gin' who saves her from the advances of producers who want her virginity in exchange for a. This review is for the entire seriesOK is it just me or is this manga series a lot like Desire Climax Because it was to meWith all the guy wanting sex and the girl resisting and then the guy pushing and the girl falling for the guy and then some other person tries to take the girl away but then the guy falls for the girl too and all thatExcept in this manga the guy got to have sex with the girl far before the guy in Desire Climax did; or maybe it's just because Desire Climax is longerAnyway I give the manga 3 stars for beung entertaining while it lasted but I kinda was super entertaining because I've seen the concept before and because the guy in this book is such a sex pig