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Blank Canvas summary ´ 8 ì ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Blank Canvas By Emma Jaye ➺ – Chris Bacon is dead Long live Chrisander Baccioni Unable to walk or talk coherently after a hit and run attack Chris finds himself on the other side of the world with Jase firmly in babysitting mode P Chris Bacon is dead Long live Chrisander BaccMething Chris tolerated from anyone least of all from an ex lover who was hanging around only out of a misguided sense of duty The barely breathing battered boy was all Kathleen had to wipe away her daughter’s shame and continue the Baccioni dynasty Despite Chrisa. The story start right after the incident that happen at the end of book one when Chris suffering from serious physical injuries from the mysterious hit and run that almost cost his lifeThings then get a bit complicated when at the same time Chris’s rich grandmother from US came and want to take her only grandchild back to US with herWhat will happen then with Jase and Chris relationship when his bigot grandma who come from strict Catholic family seems won’t approved their relationshipWill Chris leave Jase after he taste the luxuries his grandma trying to offer himI love how the author pulled us – the readers to the complexity of the story I didn’t expected this second book to be as intense as the first one From a homeless guy to a heir of the rich Italian family from US Man I really didn’t see it comingAt this second book both Jase and Chris still have to deal with almost the same struggles that happen on the previous story like Chris’s trust issues But what made the reading become so frustrating isthe overgrown miscommunication between Chris and Jase that nearly touch the annoying level and almost cost their already fragile relationship But strangelyI can still understand why all those things happened between them even stillthat not stop me from rolling my eyes so many timesFor those who have issues with cheating considered I’ve warned you that there IS cheating here mainly caused by misunderstanding and also tricked by super manipulative antagonist characters in this bookLike what I said on the previous book the warning still continues you still NEED a lot of patience to enjoying this book because Chris Beacon still a hard and difficult character to understand but that’s what makes the story very intriguing to followOne thing that kinda disappointed me a bit is how the author ‘executed’ Chris problem with his grandmother I mean after all those tensions that build from the very beginning I didn’t expect they ‘solved’ it just like thatBut overall this second book still a bit dark and very intriguing just like the previous bookAnd now I really can’t wait for Nate and Alex's story because this Nate guy had stole my curiosity since the first time he appeared as a paramedic who took care Chris’s drugs withdrawal His strong passionate and mysterious appearance had grew curiosity in meMaybe if we’re lucky enough we can get Russell and Adam's story in the future too eh The bulky club owner and the blind dancer Interesting ARC is kindly provided by the Author in exchange of a fair unbiased and honest review

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Chris Bacon is dead Long live Chrisander Baccioni Unable to walk or talk coherently after a hit and run attack Chris finds himself on the other side of the world with Jase firmly in babysitting mode Pity and betrayal even if it was for ‘his own good’ wasn’t so. 45 StarsIf you have read the first book then you know what happens to Chris at the end If you think that this book is a sugary sweet conclusion to Jase and Chris’s romance then you are dead wrong This book is as dark as the first one The emotional turmoil was huge The pair spends a whole lot of time apart which I was not a huge fan of but the conclusion mollified me a bit I still want to hunt down and seriously hurt that asshole Daniel U will too after you read the storyChris never had much in his life After his mother dies and he meets Matt Chris finally finds people who really care for him and love him He is happy with his new life as a brand new art student while owning his own apartment with his “sarge” Jase But life throws another curveball his way when he is heavily injured after a hit and run That’s when he first comes to know about his “loaded” grandmother Kathleen Baccioni Chris is flown to USA for healing and learning about his new life But what would have been a “Cinderella moment” for any other person leaves Chris in a tailspin when his grandmother tries to mold him into a person he could never beChris is still the same vulnerable and insecure person he was before After his accident he finds himself in a world which does not soothe his ragged nerves at all His grandmother’s non acceptance of his mother and all the big expectations heaped on him does a number on Chris His one constant pillar is Jase but their relationship gets strained as well part due to the homophobic atmosphere of the Baccioni household and part due to Chris’s own insecuritiesChris is kept in the USA as a security measure but he still gets abused in a different way He was supposed to be safe in the Baccioni house but there are individuals who are after him for their own selfish gains I just wanted to yell at times to cut Chris a fuckin break Chris had so much happen to him in such a short life but bad things still kept on happening to himThere is very less Jase and Chris than I would have liked in this story Jase has to go back to UK because of a family emergency and he leaves Chris in the hands of his uptight family I am upset with Jase with how he handles the whole “Daniel” thing I wanted Jase to bash that bastard’s head inChris and Jase do get their much awaited HEA at the end and I loved it completely Chris may never be completely invulnerable or “less needy” but he has Jase to completely smother him with love and also provide “Tough Love” when reuired so he will be ok as long as Jase is there to ground himThis book was sad and fun at times but it also had loads of emotions that Chris had to go through to get complete closure on his mother’s life before UKI am hoping Ms Jaye will give us another book in the series Chris still has a long way to go to overcome his insecurities and learning his self worth and I would love to read about his journey towards a confident self I won’t accept that this is the last book in the series I demand of Crispy Bacon and I think every other reader will tooI highly recommend this seriesThis review has been cross posted at GayBookReviews

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Blank CanvasNder’s unfortunate childhood her grandson was young enough to mould into a god fearing family man Surely only an idiot would reject a life of respect and luxury with a beautiful intelligent woman by his side for a grubby little flat and a dirt poor ex army sergean. Didn't enjoy this as much as the first It wasn't view spoiler the cheating hide spoiler