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Crashlander Summary î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ [PDF / Epub] ★ Crashlander Author Larry Niven – Crashlander Beowulf Shaeffer has long been one of the most popular characters in Known Space Now for the first time ever Larry Niven brings together all the Beowulf Shaeffer storieCrashlander Beowulf Shaeffer has long been one of the most popular characters in Known Space Now for the first time ever Larry Niven brings together all the Beowulf Shaeffer stories including a brand new one in one long tale of exploration and adventure PLUS an all new framing story that pull. In 1966 Larry Niven created the ultimate tourist with his short story Neutron Star It was the tale of Beowulf Shaeffer a laid off pilot heavily in debt and easy to blackmail and how the alien race the puppeteers convinced him to make a dangerous flyby of a neutron star Throughout the late sixties followed several other Beowulf Shaeffer stories which were previously to be found only in the out of print collection NEUTRON STAR In 1994 Del Rey released CRASHLANDER which brought back into print the Beowulf Shaeffer stories of the late 60's together with The Borderland of Sol 1975 a new story Procrustes and interim material that Niven had just penned to bind the stories together into one novel as it were there's no table of contents and the title of each story isn't listed at the head of the page CRASHLANDER has some good material but the latest writing shows that Niven's treatment of his Known Space universe has become very poor indeedThe late 60's Beowulf Shaeffer stories were classics of science fiction mixing hard science with colourful alien races and futuristic fashion In Neutron Star the reader travels with Shaeffer as he visits what was then a revolutionary concept in astronomy In At the Core the puppeteers convince Shaeffer to take an experimental hyperdrive all the way to the galactic core where he makes a discovery that spurs the puppeteers into fleeing Known Space Flatlander begins with Shaeffer as a tourist on Earth and takes him on a journey with a millionaire to a very unusual planet Grendel the last of the golden age of the Shaeffer stories has Shaeffer foil a kidnapping on a newly colonized world These stories are all excellent and are recommended reading for any fan of science fictionThe last two stories however are incredibly disappointing nearly enough so to taint the eariler works The Borderland of Sol was written after the decline of Niven's writing in the mid 1970's It nearly repeats the theme of Grendel with Shaeffer becoming something of a detective but with unbelievable characters B movie shoot outs and uninspired futurisms The last story Procrustes dates from the 1990's and is nearly as bad as Niven's novel from the same time THE RINGWORLD THRONE Procrustes has a plot that is convoluted to say the least and none of the characters act like they have in previous stories Most disturbing is the Robert Heinlein esue turn into sexuality explicit scenes that Niven made in the early 90's as Procrustes begins with an orgy The frame stories were written at the same time as Procrustes are are just as bad They contradict previous Niven stories such as mentioning the Trinocs when they won't be met for another 200 years the Puppeteer Fleet of Worlds etc and end in an inexplicable murder that is nothing but a deus ex machinaMy recommendation skip CRASHLANDER and find the out of print collection NEUTRON STAR which brings together all the golden age Shaeffer stories as well as several other fascinating Known Space short stories

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S together all of Beowulf Shaeffer's adventures and allows Shaeffer and his family to make a clean start at life once and for allContents • Ghost • Known Space • novelette by Larry Niven • Neutron Star • Known Space • • novelette by Larry Niven • At the Core • Known Space ?. I was a little hesitant about this one because I'd already ready the majority of the stories in their original venues andor earlier Niven collections but I ended up enjoying it very much Beowulf Schaeffer is inarguably one of his best characters and the scientific problems and puzzles with which he's presented are challenging and a lot of fun This would be a good introduction to the Known Space series

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Crashlander? • novelette by Larry Niven • Flatlander • Known Space • • novelette by Larry Niven • Grendel • Known Space • • shortstory by Larry Niven • The Borderland of Sol • Known Space • • novelette by Larry Niven • Procrustes • Known Space • • novella by Larry Niven. In desperation to read Known Space I resort to one of the last two books that has a short story I two I have left in the Known Space UniverseI had already read Neutron Star so 80% of this book was already read by me But I did have Procrustes and the Ghost chapters that link all the short stories into one fix up novel concept and basically adds up to be another short story of its own Procrustes was a great short story finally enlightening me on what really happened between Beowulf Shaeffer Carlos Wu Feather Sharrol and Sigmund Ausfauller on Fafnir A major crux in the story between the events of Neutron StarCrashlander and the Fleet of Worlds It was a great read and a great missing piece to the puzzle of this epic generation spanning taleAs far as the rest of the book the short stories of Beowulf Shaeffer well they're some of the best material in the Known Space Canon deeply important to the over arching story surrounding Ringworld and Fleet of Worlds I'd even say the absolute best when it comes down to just considering the short stories Mostly contained in the Neutron Star and Tales of Known Space collections So yes this is a book I'd highly recommend to a Sci Fi fan wanting to get into the Known Space universe as a fantastic place to start This book or Ringworld itself is probably THE best place to start I'd also recommend this to the casual reader who maybe isn't a big Sci Fi fan and wants to see what all the fuss is about It's not the headiest philosophical poignant intelligent Sci Fi but it is some of the most fun adventurous and entertaining of all the Sci Fi I've read My only disappointment in reading the entire Known Space series about 13 14 novels if I remember correctly is when I ran out material to read following completing Fate of Worlds Now I'm almost completely out of even short stories All I have left is one single Gil 'The Arm' Hamilton story and that's it no Known Space for me One of the most bittersweet completions of a series I've ever had Anyway fantastic book as always from Niven Read it Enjoy it