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FREE PDF Û BOOK Royal Assassin ☆ ➽ [Download] ✤ Royal Assassin By Robin Hobb ➲ – The legend continuesRegal’s treasonous attempt to usurp the Six Duchies throne from his half brother Verity has been foiledNow as Fitz recovers slowly from the foul poison administered to him the Ki The legend continuesRegalTy has been foiledNow as Fitz recovers slowly from the foul poison administered to him the King’s Fool pr I will rant about this book there's no doubt in my mind I'm simply trying to gather my thoughts Let's try with the first book Assassin's Apprentice shall we?I liked Book I It was a beginning story a training story Young FitzChivalry is the bastard son of King in Waiting Chivalry and has to come to terms with a world that doesn't want him King Shrewd however decides to train him as an assassin from an early age and so begins young Fitz' journey into adulthood and the intrigues of the royal court Book I works because Fitz is too young to understand half of what he's doing or to give any serious thought to it He's learning to play a dangerous chess game against opponents who have far experience though usually less sense than him Therefore we expect his failures to be on par with his victories probably to surpass them evenBook II suffers from trying to pull the same stunt twice to an older and experienced Fitz We tell ourselves Fitz would have learned from the ordeals in Book I that he would try to forge his own identity make his own decisions be his own man for once He doesn't At no time did I feel him grow as a character rather he was always complaining about how unfair life was to him about what he wanted to do never sparing a thought for others except occasionally and briefly Fitz is always putting his urges his desires first always at the expense of putting other people in danger An assassin should know betterSo yes this turns Fitz into a selfish little brat but there's still worse to come I've said it before and I'll say it again heroes and their entourage needn't be stupid for villains to be smart But this is what happens in Book II Everyone and I mean everyone is dumb beyond the point of credulity wielding feeble arguments to argue passivity Of course this only makes Fitz' character even dumber for going along with it all Treason is brewing in the royal court and everyone seems to believe inaction is the best remedy Some even go so far as claiming it's their only choice a ludicrous thought Peasants soldiers lords all are easily duped by a web of conspiracy that can be seen from light years away Not one character makes a sensible choice throughout the length of Book II and the author has utterly failed to convince me about the reasons whyI suppose what angers me the most is how the author manipulates hope to lure the reader in Hope that Fitz will become his own man hope that things will turn out okay hope that somebody will have the sense to kill Regal once and for all and thus put an end to his far fetched charade With every turn of page every chapter that gets consumed by the reader things take a turn for the worse; each successive title forebodes another dark depressing chapter and the reader's hopes slowly but surely ebb away It's an incredibly depressing book not so much for the plot itself but because of how unbelievably the characters act The author seems intent on convincing you that two plus two euals five when you know it to be fourI tried to convince myself Book III would be better I checked the one star reviews to prepare for the worst and

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The legend continuesRegal’s treasonous attempt to usurp the Six Duchies throne from his half brother Veri 45 Big fan

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Royal AssassinOphesies ‘We are here Fitz you and Ito change the future and the world’ Cover illustration by John Howe I very much enjoyed this on audiobook and plan to finish the trilogy that way as I think it would be much slower going on physical copy This is much of a character driven fantasy focused on slow subtle moments between characters and an intricate web of interactions And wow does Hobb love to make her main character suffer But I’m glad I’m seeing Fitz grow up so that I can enjoy the entire Realm of the Elderling series with this as the foundation