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FREE READ Å His Hero Anthology ´ [EPUB] ✰ His Hero Anthology By Devon Rhodes – Out of print but the individual stories are availableUniform Desires by Simone Anderson Being the younger brother of the school bully has made Jason's life hell until Marine Corps sniper Cade steps in Out of print but the individual stories areOr when his Marine is called overseas will a ring and a promise be enough to get them through Only Sam by Em Woods When Dylan's restaurant burns down his dreams turn to ashes leaving him vulnerable to the man who wants to love himand the one who wants to kill him Fire fighter Sam has been trying to work up the nerve to ask Dylan out But is it too late Zane's Inferno by Sara York When Zane is trapped in a forest fire and almost killed paramedic Nick moves in and doesn't leave his side But a jealous ex is setting up Nickand gunnin. I adore uniformed men and this anthology was a very enjoyable read for meGood selection of stories not much angst just as I like and they were all very well written My most favorite's 'Zane's Inferno' by Sara York and least favorute's 'In the Name of the Law' by Sue Holston Guess I'm just not into GFY trope

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G for Zane Will they survive the firestorm or succumb to the flames In the Name of the Law by Sue Holston Vice cop Mitchell has a secret he's in love with his partner Ivan When too much alcohol leads to them sleeping together then Ivan is shot and nearly dies Mitch realises he must tell the truth or lose Ivan for good Wings of Fire by Kit Sands Fire fighter Salvatore's life will never be the same after he pulls Jamieson from a burning car But can they avoid the actions of a deranged bigot long enough to have their dreams come tru. Uniform Desires by Simone Anderson Marine Corp sniper Cade Donovan is home on leave visiting his family The out and proud Marine can tolerate many things but not bullying Especially when it's a smaller man being ganged up on outside a bar Turns out it's Jason Carlson the younger brother of a bully who tormented kids in the town After coming to Jason's rescue he is immediately attracted to the handsome young man and makes his feelings know Hopes they will be returned As the two young men grow closer will Jason's brother and his terrible past come between the pair Or will Cade's posting back to the Middle East stop what may be a happily ever after This is a nicely told tale with strong characters and a wonderful sense of integrity showing through The theme Hero shines here and Ms Anderson has a nice feel for simplicity and straightforward storytelling I was touched with the feeling Cade showed for Jason and how it was touching without being smaltzy A Ring and A Promise by Devon Rhodes Military Academy graduates Cary Barrientos and Owen Marsh managed to forge a relationship of sorts prior to graduation But the pressures of Cary entering the Navy and Owen the Marines make any sort of future unsure at best As a last ditch measure at holding onto the man he's come to love Cary switches their Academy ringsIs there a future for the young men Or will the pressure of DADT keep them from being happyMs Rhodes crafted a lovely tale here with honest emotion running through both men The pressures of military life threaten the two and the fine line between duty honor and commitments of the heart is explored very well I was moved that the story did not resolve in a day and that the characters had to work to ensure their happy ending Very well doneOnly Sam by Em Woods When Dylan Brooks' restaurant goes up in flames firefighter Sam Carter is there to help put the blaze out Turns out he's been visiting it for months and has a 'thing' for DylanThe two begin to see each other in the aftermath of the fire and get close But will their lives be in danger after it's determined the fire was deliberately set and the arsonist isn't finishedThis tale was done nicely Ms Woods told a complete story with an economy of words and made me care about Dylan first and foremost The two men fit together well from the start and the tension only adds to the story Sam is a great character; I'd love to read about these guysZane's Inferno by Sara York Firefighter Zane Wilson was trapped in a fire and treated on the scene by paramedic Nick Dubois Then he's kissed crazy by him in the locker room He didn't even know the man noticed himThe two are soon dating then living together But when it's Nick who's trapped in a forest fire will the two find their happiness is short livedThis is a great story of two men who hit it off immediately and go full steam ahead Ms York dove right in with them and took us right along with them as they fall into love and passion A nicely told story of two men who 'get' each other and know what they wantIn the Name of the Law by Sue HolstonBalti Detective Mitch Dawson is in love with his partner Ivan Stanislav The problem Ivan is straight and engaged to be married After his fiance dumps him and he goes on a drunken bender Ivan has an encounter with Mitch that never gets mentioned Maybe Ivan doesn't remember it Mitch figuresBut when Ivan is shot and nearly dies will it be too late for Mitch to tell him how he feels Or will he chicken out one timeProbably my favorite of the stories Ms Holston gives us a hard premise one secret crush and one s

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His Hero AnthologyOut of print but the individual stories are availableUniform Desires by Simone Anderson Being the younger brother of the school bully has made Jason's life hell until Marine Corps sniper Cade steps in to even the odds in yet another fight and offer Jason a place to stay Can Jason find the strength to believe that love is worth fighting for A Ring and A Promise by Devon Rhodes When Navy flier Cary secretly switches Academy rings with the love of his life Owen he makes a vow to make their unlikely relationship work But His Hero PDF. 35 starsThe typical anthology fareOne story was meha minefield of pet peeves and clichesTwo stories were tolerable but same oldsame oldTwo stories were good but with way too much sex scenes for their lenghtmy biggest niggle for the whole anthology some whip wielding editor demanded to sueeze as much sex in these stories as possible or you won`t get published at least it felt that wayOne story was very good and a solid 45What was what I won`t tellwhy should I suffer aloneview spoilerAfter massive protests here are the the ratings for each story of the anthology from MsSpoilsportUniform Desires by Simone Anderson DNF15 starsA Ring And A Promise by Devon Rhodes 45 starsOnly Sam by EM Woods 25 3 starsZane`s Inferno by Sara York 35 starsIn The Name Of The Law by Sue Holston 35 4 starsWings Of Fire by Kit Sands 25 starsThese are generous anthology ratings as standalones the ratings would be lower for ALL stories hide spoiler