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The Sabotage Cafe review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➻ The Sabotage Cafe ➳ Author Joshua Furst – As a teenager in the 1980s punk scene Julia suffered an unspeakable traumaYears later she has made a new life for herself in the suburbs desperately working to maintain a sense ofTo the abandoned Sabotage Café Julia watches her daughter retrace her own coming of age a mélange of sex drugs and random acts of violence From the Trade Paperback editi. this book is like a writing experiment gone wrong it's the story of a 15 year old run away from the perspective of her schizophrenic mother i picked it up at the library because it was supposedly set in minneapolis during the 80's punk scene not so much

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As a teenager in the s punk scene Julia suffered an unspeakable traumaYears later she has made a new life for herself in the suburbs desperately working to maintain a sens. Sabotage Cafe by Joshua Furst was a fluke find for me at a used bookstore Surprisingly it ended up being one of my favorite reads this yearI am a sucker for coming of age tales Especially those that explore angst ridden issues like drug and alcohol abuse mental illness and general self destruction What can i say I'm a happy go lucky girl Not only did Sabotage Cafe hit on all my favorite tragic topics it was set in Minneapolis MN a city I used to live in I was delighted to find the author referencing some of my favorite hang out spots in a city I still to this day have mixed feelings about Furst's portrayal of Minneapolis is fairly gritty concentrating on the core metro area and the gutter punk population in particular My own recollection of Minneapolis is fairly similar I admit if I had not lived in this area myself I would think the culture described in Sabotage Cafe an exaggeration of this Midwestern city However during my years served living in Uptown Minneapolis I was in close proximity to many of the punk rock preteens teens and twenty something types described in this novel These types hung around places like Liuor Lyles The Red Dragon and of course the CC Club actually mentioned as a hangout for some of the less desirable characters in this book which made me wonder why the hell I was hanging out at this particular establishment so much These types loitered in packs wasting endless hours while chain smoking and looking tough with their wallet chains and tiny leather moto jackets covered in homemade patches They would often ride those welded together trashed out double decker bikes around the neighborhood I still to this day have no idea how they stopped and balanced on them Every time I yelled the uestion How do you balance when you stop I would get back a stony glare of indifference Sabotage Cafe gave me and idea of what may have been a common story behind that glare It also made me reflect on a time when all I considered those kids to be was hardcorenot lost not hungry and certainly not victims They were just bad ass kids I shared my bars with What a difference ten years makes in perspective

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The Sabotage CafeE of The Sabotage PDFEPUB or normalcyBut when Julia's sixteen year old daughter Cheryl goes missing Julia is forced to envision her every move From the city's back alleys. I read through this book very uickly It is a very entertaining read The narrator is of particular curiosity and can be both jolting and revealing I like the idea of a unreliable narrator as this one surely is then I've often seen It adds a lot of levels to what could have otherwise been a a slightly typical teenage rebellion motif I'd actually like to read through this book again at a later date and see if I get any new insights into what is actually happening and what is maybe being imagined by the narrator It got really fuzzy at the end for me The character's in the story are full and people who I'm sure we can relate to people we knew in our own adolecence I certainly canand actually some nowenjoy this one