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DOWNLOAD è Laird of Gaela é [PDF / Epub] ☄ Laird of Gaela Author Mary Wibberley – Sparks had flown between Tara Blaine and Jago Black from the moment they met sparks of antagonism and something elseBut by the time Tara was admitting that she felt something for him than dislike she Sparks had flown between Tara Blaine and Jago BSparks had flown between Tara Blaine and Jago Black from the moment they met. Heroine ends up facially scarred and with a limping leg after a car crash The leg will get better in time and the scar is a thin almost unnoticeable sliver on her chin that will also most likely fade in time if not easily corrected with cosmetic surgery But heroine's fiance acts like she is Frankenstein's bride when he comes to visit her in the hospital so she gets traumatized She dumps the fiance and retreats to her aunt's rustic getaway on an isolated primitive Scottish island the titular Gaela where she will type her aunt's latest book and lick her wounds in privateExcept that from the train ride on to the ferry ride and then almost to her doorstep since he ends up being her aunt's next door neighbour she is plagued at every turn by a shady good looking man who seems to have made it his mission in life to pull her out of her state of self pityWhen he has almost succeeded and it looks like the two of them are on the brink of falling in love heroine discovers a deep hurtful betrayal that puts her back at suare one view spoilerHe is a psychiatrist who knew about her depression from her aunt so he had been assessing her and taking professional notes to see if he could treat her on the sly since she would never in a million years gone for professional help otherwise Heroine is devastated because she thinks she is just a specimen on a lab slide for a cool detached professional whereas she thought he was a man who was falling for her despite her disabilities She won't listen to his explanations that he stopped treating her as soon as he felt that there was something personal and intimate happening between them and that he was planning to burn those notes he has taken when he first met her hide spoiler

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Sparks of antagonism and something elseBut by the time Tara was admitting tha. Much ado about nothing reallyThe girl limps a little and has a faint scar on her cheek Thanks to an accident Fiance dumps her And she turns into a self pitying melancholy ueenThe guy is a shrink He treats her like a patient kisses her once or twice But she keeps acting like a shrewThen she sees him helping out a deaf kid as a doctor And the heroine realises there are other greater miseries in life than her own That's enough realisation to get rid of her complex And accept that she loves the guyThere is nothing wrong with the poor guy he is perfect in every sense But there is no spice in his characterIn fact the entire story lacks a sense of drama or spice So the it left me cold and unaffected2 stars Luke warm stuff


Laird of GaelaT she felt something for him than dislike she had discovered who he really wa. After purchasing To Writers with Love On Writing Romantic Novels a guide for aspiring romance novelists by author Mary Wibberley I was interested to see if she put her own advice into action It must be said that in 'Laird of Gaela'a uneuivocally she does although when the author laid emphasis on the role of conflict in the plot line I didn't realise how passionate an adherent she was to this tenet Personally I found this book OTT in terms of creating situations for conflict between the protagonists and it's the main reason I'm giving it a three star vintage romance rating Throughout the story there are any number of contrived and rather ludicrous flare ups between the heroine and hero psychologist 'Jago Black' and recuperating office worker 'Tara Baine' which arise from the most innocuous scenarios and go loosely like this hero casually proffering a granny smith apple 'would you like an apple'heroine breath catches in throat and she swallows heavily 'An apple An apple Ohoh how could you insult me so'hero raising a sardonic eyebrow 'I think dear girl you're reading entirely too much into my offering a piece of fruit'heroine chest heaving and breath coming in uncertain gasps 'Oooh h how dare you You you're nothing but an unprincipled reprobatehero taking her wrist between his muscular thumb and forefinger 'Well since you mention it I could demonstrate exactly how a reprobate behaves in these situationsheroine striking him with palm of free hand smashing apple on his head 'Over my dead body y you vile serpent'If you can put the 'crazy flavour' conflict aside you can appreciate that the book is well and tightly written Mary Wibberley was very popular with MB readers in the 1970's and 'Laird of Gaela' was published in multiple editions But there are some elements of the plot that don't wear well 45 years later; for example the hero shaking a deaf child to prove his prognosis is particularly disturbing That incident along with the ongoing and freuently bizarre tension between the protagonists lends the story a jarring feeling which isn't really what I'm looking for in novels of this vintage but others at home in the Roberta Leigh Carole Mortimer Penny Jordan 1980's Harleuin era may find it to their likingFor me the jury's still out on whether to try other titles from the author