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Rescued from Ruin Summary ´ 108 Þ ❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Rescued from Ruin Author Georgie Lee – What the ton doesn't knowDuring the years since Randall Cheltenham Maruess of Falconbridge last saw Cecelia Thompson he has turned into a dissolute rake Catching sight of her now bittersweet memories What the ton doesn't knowWhat the ton doesn't knowDuring the years since Randall Cheltenham Maruess of Falconbridge last saw Cecelia Thompson he has turned into a dissolute rake Catching sight of her. insulso

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Ely a penny to her name Randall seems to offer a safe haven but how can she trust a man who has hurt her before and who seems to have only become darker with the passing of ti. well actually 412 stars i found this regency england romance compelling i read it in less then 2 days and it kept my interest to the end it seems cecelia thompson is back from the colonies supposedly so her charge theresa fields can enjoy the season in london but actually the ladies are playing a careful game of deception for our wealthy widow is in fact near penniless after being forced out of her home in virginia by the new heir and is depending on her or theresa to marry a rich member of the ton meanwhile randall cheltenham maruess of falconbridge the man who broke her heart has never got over the fact that celecia married another man and left england and has gotten uite the reputation of a dissolute rake now the story has begun throw in a conniving former love of randall madame de badeau who has revenge in her heart against the thompson family and a marriage plan of her own add in the dastardly wastel lord strath who thinks marrying cecelia will solve his money problems the smitten mr menton whose hoping to become theresa's beau and finish it off with memorable secondary characters randalls aunt lady ellington one of the leaders of the ton lady weatherly and a host of others who round out the novel nicely as the story progresses we find out mrs thompson and randall were both scarred by love and find it hard to trust other people yet they still are drawn to each other cecelia wanting to be then another notch on randalls belt and randall just wanting to be the beautiful widow and move on when the ladies accept an invitation to stay at falconbridge she and randall can no longer fight their attraction and share their newfound steamy passion all over the estate when a uarrel breaks oout between them and cecelia flees back to london she is blackmailed and having believing randall will not assist her agrees to marry lord strat naturally it is the maress of falconbridge to the rescue i enjoyed this book and will read others by this author

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Rescued from RuinNow bittersweet memories Rescued from PDF threaten to shatter his carefully constructed facadeAlthough in the eyes of the ton Cecelia is a wealthy widow in reality she has bar. A stirring and mesmerising tale of powerful secrets old passions and dangerous deceptions Rescued From Ruin is the second enthralling Harleuin Historical romance from fast rising star Georgie LeeCecelia Thompson’s return to England – after years spent in Virginia as the wife of a plantation owner has set tongues wagging in polite society With her cousin Miss Theresa Fields in tow the beautiful young widow has told her old friends that she wanted her American relation to experience the Season in London Yet Cecelia’s smiles and carefree attitude belie a shameful secret that could jeopardise her entire future After her marriage she was left penniless vulnerable and alone No longer welcome in Virginia or in the house which she had called home for years Cecelia had no other option but to leave America behind and come back to England Having pinned all of her hopes on finding a husband either for herself or her cousin Cecelia is desperate to keep up appearances and to ensure that nobody discovers the truth about the less than fortuitous circumstances behind her return But when Cecelia claps eyes on the man she has never been able to forget Randall Cheltenham Maruess of Falconbridge she soon realises that her life has just got even complicatedRandall had been devastated when Cecelia had left England and married another man Her departure had left him heartbroken devastated and determined never to put his heart on the line ever again In the intervening years since Cecelia had left for Virginia Randall had become a dissolute rake whose entire life was spent drinking gambling and bedding bored widows and society matrons Love is an emotion that he has completely vanuished from his life however Cecelia’s unexpected return makes him wonder whether he had been too hasty in building impenetrable walls around his heartRandall knows that he should keep his distance from Cecelia Getting involved with her once will only lead to heartbreak and he isn’t prepared to endure any pain and anguish because of her However when Randall discovers that Cecelia is on the lookout for a husband he cannot help but feel jealous when he realizes that he is not even in the running Cecelia was the only woman who has ever managed to get under his skin and all the old feelings which he has kept bottled up for so long do not seem to have gone awayWill Randall and Cecelia give their love another try Or has too much water gone under the bridge for the two of them to ever have a future togetherRescued from Ruin is a fantastic historical romance that will touch your heart and keep you turning the pages late into night Evocative poignant compelling and absolutely impossible to resist Rescued from Ruin is a wonderful story of second chances long buried emotions and the healing power of love that will linger in your mind and heart long after the last chapterCecelia is a wonderfully believable heroine whose strength dignity and resourcefulness is admirable and Randall is a gorgeous brooding hero I defy any woman to resistGeorgie Lee continues to go from strength to strength with her wonderful Regency novels and I cannot wait to read outstanding historical romances from her talented penThis review was originally published on Cataromance