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Summary When the Tea Party Came to Town 108 ✓ [Read] ➲ When the Tea Party Came to Town By Robert Draper – In When the Tea Party Came to Town Robert Draper delivers the definitive account of what may turn out to be the worst congressional term in United States history As he did in writing about President G In When the In When the Tea Party Epub #217 Tea Party Came to Town Robert Draper delivers the definitive account of what may turn out to be the worst congressional term in United States history As he did in writing about President George W Bush in Dead When the Kindle Certain Draper burrows deep inside his subject gaining. An inside view of the first year or so of the 112th House of Representatives ie the 2010 Tea Party House Written in admirably unbiased style the book follows a handful of GOP House freshmen through the travails of 2010 and 2011 the euphoria of the landslide midterms the Anthony Wiener scandal through the debt ceiling debate and up to the 2011 State of the Union Those freshmen include Allan West the ex marine Tea Party rep from Florida famous for saying crazy shit most recently that many of the democrats in the house are Communists and Jeff Duncan the only House rep with a perfect 100 score for the Heritage Foundation in 2010All of these characters despite views which to me seem em unintuitive come off sympathetically All are in their own way idealistic about changing the machine and passionate about representing their constituents And all in their own way face clashes not just with the opposing party that's to be expected after all but with their own leadershipIf the book does one thing right it shows the near impossibility of governing even in the best of circumstances over a giant body of 400 different egos and agendas

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Cooperation from the major players and provides an insider's book like no one else can a colorful unsparingly detailed but evenhanded narrative of how the House of Representatives became a house of ill repute the Tea Party MOBI #9734 Because of the bitterly divided political atmosphere in which we live this lit. The title of this excellent book by Robert Draper is based on a uote from a Congressman who was so frustrated with the “days of fraction” that he was not seeking re election after his fifth term in the 5th Congress of 1796 Yikes Draper does a masterful job of understanding and projecting the push and pulls of the new 112th Congress brought in 2010 by the Tea Party wave We travel with many of the new congressmen on their journey of discovery while also looking over the shoulders of the old guard who are trying to control the result Draper's point is much larger than same old same old that the Fisher Ames uote might indicate Rather he explores particularly through the eyes of the freshmen congressmen the Alice and Wonderland world of appearance and deception that is today’s politics As the Ames' uote makes abundantly clear getting something accomplished in Congress is a cruel slog What is different here perhaps is a meeting that Draper opens with On Obama's Inauguration night while the Democrats are celebrating at the Inaugural Balls a small group of Republican leaders vow to do everything to thwart any of the efforts of the new president whether that is consistent or inconsistent with their own ideology On a very real level the 2012 freshman are the result AND the victims of that eveningI’ll admit that you probably have to be a political junkie to really enjoy this stuff but I would also assert that until we fully understand the Escher inspired never ending circular staircase of Congressional action we have very little chance of landing on successful outcomes either there or as a country

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When the Tea Party Came to TownErary window on the backstage machinations of the House of Representatives is both captivating and timely revealing the House in full from the process of how laws are made and the Tea Party Came to ePUB #187 in this case not made to the most eye popping cast of lawmakers Washington has ever seen Book cover notes. Wow No matter how dysfunctional you think this Congress is you will think it so after reading this book My thoughts upon completing it are to wonder how far our country will fall before Democrats and Republicans find a way to govern together Do Not Ask What Good We Do is not biased in favor of either party and if anything made me see those members whom I previously found odious as human and surprisingly likable Draper has written a fantastic book great for gaining a better understanding of how Congress works but also for understanding the current partisan deadlocks that have ground the US government to a virtual halt