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REVIEW ✓ A Breath of Frost ☆ ➪ A Breath of Frost Read ➲ Author Alyxandra Harvey – The gorgeously gothic and gripping YA fantasy novel about three witchy young women in Regency London who discover both their legacy and their destiny The Guardian For Emma and her cousins Gretchen and The gorgeously gothic and grippiG witches And Emma has just caught their very unwanted attention In this fun frightful and thrilling tale Alyxandra Harvey invites you to be enthralled by her elaborate fantasy world filled with whimsy magic and love Publishers Weekly The Secret Witch is the st book in the Witches of London Trilogy which also includes The Whisper Witch and The Bone Witc. 1814 London sees Emma Gretchen and Penelope discover that magic runs in the family and that the cousins are in fact witches This discovery unfortunately comes with something of a damper as it seems they unwittingly opened up portals to the underworld Among the foul and dangerous things coming through these portals are the spirits of the Greymalkin Sisters dark witches who are now murdering young witches in a uest for power Somehow it is Emma who stumbles upon each corpse The cousins need to locate and seal the gates as uickly as possible but someone is working against them to help the Sisters It is only a matter of time before any hope or possibility of winning this fight becomes impossibleThis was a fairly solid read although I admit this wasn't entirely what I'd hoped Having enjoyed Harvey's Drake Chronicles I came with certain expectations These were met in part and with a little work it could have been even better The bones were definitely there and very promising What seemed to be missing however were key points of explanation parts of conversation; transitions were disjointed and causal points unclear This improved over the course of the book with the second half being stronger than the opening and this is where I started to get involved in events The plot such as it was was not an overly complex one but Harvey made it reasonably compelling nevertheless I uite liked the portrayal of the Graymalkin Sisters each suitably villainous and distinct in their own way The worldbuilding in general although in need of some improvement was decent enough I'm not sure how attached I became to the characters Certainly I liked our three leads and I'm looking forward to seeing of them Amusing and feisty they kept me entertained Emma in particular who took the forefront in this instalment But it's hard to detect any deeper sentiment Possibly part of the problem was the freuent jump between perspectives which was split not only between the cousins but others as well Even beyond that though I think there was something elusive that just prevented me from fully connecting Still there's sufficient time left for me to feel differently What was good beyond a doubt was to see a good connection between these three girls As family as friends they had a strong relationship Romance was present in the book but it was this relationship that took the focus I think which was a nice changeWhile not as promising as I might have hoped A Breath of Frost was still a decent start to a new series by a well established author I have hopes that there will be improvements as the series goes on and if so this should turn out to be something truly enjoyable This review is also posted on my blog

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Attention But that all changes when Emma accidentally breaks a glass memento left to her by her mother Suddenly all three young women find themselves gifted with powers of witchcraft and they will most certainly need them For they have unwittingly unleashed a scourge upon London an evil coven whose powerful members gain their strength from killing youn. I'm listening to my instincts on this oneI'm not abandoning it because most of the 'ff' 'fi' and 'fl' combinations are mysteriously missing from this ARC copy I can figure out what they meanI'm abandoning it because three major events happen in uick succession and the three lead girls seem completely unfazed by the earthuake the fire and the frost They don't care and they're not reacting at all to these major events One of the girls broke her only remaining keepsake of her mother and was only vaguely annoyed at the person who caused her to drop it One of the other girls is supposedly very close to her mother and when he mother asks why she's wet the girl brushes off the enuiry and doesn't mention said earthuake fire and frost Why write that stuff in if the girls don't react I'm also uitting because there's a surprise fourth point of view unmentioned in the blurb and the prose is attempting to emulate Jane Austen wit and failing

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A Breath of FrostThe gorgeously gothic and gripping YA fantasy novel about three witchy young women in Regency London who discover both their legacy and their destiny The Guardian For Emma and her cousins Gretchen and Penelope the stuffiness of London society is simply unbearable even as Emma wishes the A Breath ePUB #187 roguish Cormac Fairfax would pay her any kind of. Actual rating 35 Her aim was so true that each bolt was hit and turned into a boiled beet that exploded all over the cousins Red pulp splatted into their faces hung from their hair and stained their dresses The other girls couldn’t help but laughThe cousins stood in the middle of the ballroom dripping vegetable matter and wondering why anyone would want to be a witch in the first place My gosh they don't come much sweeter or cozier than this book If you like your Regency era light romance seasoned with a dash of witchcraft and mystery with a delightful trio of female friendship this will definitely do the trickI know I have a reputation of being a reader who critically eviscerate books I kick babies and I punt puppies and all but man this book turned me into a warm mushy messIT WAS ADORABLE ADORABLE Regency balls and tea parties and witches and shopping and spells and cute footmen and ghosts and a magical boarding school and secret wizarding orders and goblin markets and a dullahan A DULLAHAN You don't see that every day Granted he only appears a brief moment but I love the dullahan and so rarely do I see one in literature that I feel the need to suee I suee'd a lot in this book A man cantered down the middle of the street on a giant black horse holding his own head under his arm The eyes were staring balefully His cloak billowed from his shoulders and the stump of a neck shadowed the collar of an old fashioned frock coat A whip hung from his belt knotted and white and made from a length of human spine More bones were knotted into the horse’s mane Rest assured I have my criticisms but there is nothing that I hated about this bookMy Main Criticism The plot pacing This book is far far too long For the first 30% of the book I wasn't sure where the plot was headed because we were in one place then another then another Then there were all the different characters whom I had to learn I had to keep track of who was Emma who was Gretchen who was Penelope I had to know their lives I had to learn their personality it was hard not to get lost And there were so many additional characters besides the 3 cousins There's Cormac Moira Daphne Margaretetc My head spun with the effort of keeping track of all of them The plot is often sprinkled with some very charming segments on attending balls going shopping casting some love spells etc that unnecessarily elongated the book and didn't add much to the plot at all But man overall this book was too adorable for me to complain much about it The book may be very long and unnecessary in parts but it was never a pain to readIf you wanted danger honestly there's not a lot to be found here I said this book is cute and it truly is but the point is that everything is so sweet that while there is a lot of action a lot of excitement I just couldn't feel any danger in this book And that's not a bad thing at all sometimes you just need a light fresh read and this book definitely does the trickThe summary It is 1814 Regency Britain Lady Emma is at a ball along with her cousins Lady Gretchen and Penelope All is well as it can be at a Regency ball namely saying that Emma is bored out of her mind until a bloody girl stumbles in from a garden Sadly the bloody girl is by no means the strangest thing to happen at that party There's a fire there is a torrent of rain that's not so much a gentle sprinkle British downpour as it is someone dumping a massive bucket of water all over them The sky opened overhead like a broken water jug Rain pattered over the roof soaked their dresses and tangled their hair like seaweed In moments the gardens were a maze of ruined silk mud and slippery stone A balding duke slid on his perfectly polished shoes right past them and into a hedge A dowager who usually limped on a diamond studded cane gathered up her hem and darted over the lawn her wrinkled knees bare Needless to say that was a fucking awesome ball manSadly that was just the beginning That dratted perfume bottle actually released the Greymalkin witches a deadly trio of sisters into the world Emma Penelope and Gretchen are literally forced down a dark hole in the ground where they not only get way too close to each other for comfort “Ooof” Emma wheezed “Someone’s elbow is taking liberties”“Sorry sorry” Gretchen shifted “But if Penelope’s left foot gets any closer to my cleavage we’ll have to read the banns”Penelope suirmed and spat out what felt like a wad of lace “I sincerely hope that was someone’s petticoat and not a rat” Before they know it the cousins are plopped into a goblin market one of them is kidnapped and forced to walk the plank And finallythey end up in the dreadedfinishing school But not just any finishing school “I’m the headmistress here Welcome to the Rowanstone Academy for Young Ladies”Emma set her teacup down with a jostle Tea sloshed over the rim “I was kidnapped by a finishing school” The cousins learn magic navigate the treacherous waters of their Season those pesky boys trying to glare down their gowns are in for a surprise There are a multitude of problems to be examined and solved among them Four her father was no help at allFive she’d grown antlersSix the gates between the living and the dead had been openedSeven which was her faultEight they needed to be located and locked Not to mention the mystery of the murdered girlsThis ain't your ordinary SeasonDid I say this book is cute IT IS CUTEThe Characters Their Friendship So many books these days have female characters who are completely snide and bitchy to others girls This book is not one of themThere is a wonderfully sweet friendship between the three cousins Emma Gretchen and Penelope love each other they get along with each other however different their personalities “I wonder where the library is” Gretchen said“I wonder if there are any handsome young men willing to dance a waltz” Penelope added hopefully“I wonder if we can hide under the tablecloth” Emma put in Emma is the main character the main narrator and I found her to be a delight She is not perfectly smart she loses her focus she slaps herself when she finds herself thinking of something stupid and I love her for it She may be a lady but she is a strong one; Emma has a considerable amount of inner strength “I wonder where the library is” Gretchen said“I wonder if there are any handsome young men willing to dance a waltz” Penelope added hopefully“I wonder if we can hide under the tablecloth” Emma put in There is not a lot of complexity to their characters but they are individually charming Even the side female characters are not stereotypical snippy bitch tropes the mean girls have a different caring side to them tooThe Romance Blissfully free of insta love love triangles or douchebags One of the main love interest can be a jerk initially of the I WILL HIDE ALL RELEVANT KNOWLEDGE FROM YOU sort but he is never ever abusive He is never ever cruel he never mocks her and he turns out to be pretty charming and humorous outside of his ironclad visage once we get to know him “Shouldn’t you at least be clutching me out of fear”She turned to look at him “Why I’m not afraid of the dark Cormac”He sighed theatrically “But girls clutch at me out of fear all the time Apparently I am a great defender against bees spiders moths and suspicious looking scones” Chaming Sweet Adorable Completely cute and inoffensive in every way Recommended