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The Dalai Lama's Cat doc Ú Paperback Å david michie Å ❴Read❵ ➬ The Dalai Lama's Cat Author David Michie – “‘Oh How adorable I didn’t know you had a cat’ she exclaimed I am always surprised how many people make this observation Why should His Holiness not have a cat ‘Ma’s catWarmhearted irreverent and wise this cat of many names opens a window to the inner sanctum of life in Dharamsala A tiny spy observing the constant flow of private meetings between His Holiness and everyone from Hollywood celebrities to philanthropists to self help authors the Dalai Lama’s cat provides us with insights on how to find happiness and meaning in a busy materialistic world Her story will put a smile on the face of anyone who has been blessed by the kneading paws and bountiful purring of a c I love cats and I'm also interested in religions so which is the best way to learn something about Buddhism if not through the cat of the Dalai Lama This cat that has many names is the narrator and tells us about her daily life in the Dalai Lama's house and her adventures outside She has been saved as a kitten by the Dalai Lama from some children that wanted to throw her away He brings her home and so she starts living in Dharamsala with the Dalai Lama It is a very nice and funny story but it also teaches us some important teachings of Buddhism It can't be considered a deep book about Buddhism nor a self help or something like this It is simply the story of this cat her daily worries and problems and she shares what she learns with the reader to be compassionate to don't think always only about ourselves that we don't have to live a life influenced by our fears that things aren't always as we imagine that there is no need to be afraid of changes in life because they can lead to something better etc These principles are explained by the Dalai Lama's cat in a flowing and funny way it is not at all preachy This book was since a long time in my wishlist and I'm glad that I finally decided to read it I would recommend it to anyone who loves cats that needs something funny and easy to read and also to people who want to know the basics about Buddhism Though the book is simple and easy to read it explains however important principles that could teach us to live a less stressful life to know ourselves better to become also a better and patient person Really a lovely book

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Is lap A book that would tell my own tale how I was rescued from a fate too grisly to contemplate to become the constant companion of a man who is not only one of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate but also a dab hand with a can opener” Starving and pitiful a mud smeared kitten is rescued from the slums of New Delhi and transported to a life she could have never imagined In a beautiful sanctuary overlooking the snow capped Himalayas she begins her new life as the Dalai La I confess I am not a cat person I've always believed them to be arrogant and they don't give you anywhere near the same level of affection as a dog does Dogs are happy all the time whereas cats are jerks pretty much all the time I'm also allergic so yeah that makes me a bit biased towards dogs tooSo this was surprisingly adorable and I didn't mind His Holiness's Cat at all HHC is still arrogant and is far too preoccupied with food to give out any major doses of affection but she was an entertaining voice I've never read a book written by a cat beforeIt's a relatively short and simple story a few little happenings to drive the story but most of all this is a small glimpse into spiritual enlightenment and how you can make small changes to the way you think in order to lead a happier fulfilling life The knowledge is shared via overheard conversations and are accompanied by a feline metaphor to show the growing wisdom of our MC Main Cat It's a work of fiction but the principles are true enough and I'd be fascinated to know how much research and reality went into the composition of this novelAs a story there's not a huge amount of substance but for those looking for in their lives who maybe aren't too keen on delving into the genre of self helpdevelopment or spiritual this is a great read It shares some fantastic ideas and inspirations but because our friend HHC is just an ignorant cat it never comes across as preachy A delightful little story with a uniue narrator and some profound ideas for furthering self development Highly recommend Even if you're not a cat person like me

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The Dalai Lama's Cat“‘Oh How adorable I didn’t know you had a cat’ she exclaimed I am always surprised how many people make this observation Why should His Holiness not have a cat ‘If only she could speak’ continued the actress ‘I’m sure she’d have such wisdom to share’ And so the seed was planted I began to think that perhaps the time had come for me to write a book of my own a book that would convey some of the wisdom I’ve The Dalai PDFEPUBlearned sitting not at the feet of the Dalai Lama but even closer on h A nice little book and a uick read It is kind of a beginner's guide to Buddhism with your instructor being a cat with a fairly high opinion of herself and the ability to eat herself into a butterball Of course she changes her ways as she observes her master the Dalai Lama and absorbs some of his teachingsIt's all very cute and there are lots of nice pieces about enlightenment and understanding of how best to live The Dalai Lama comes across as charming as he probably is and the cat leads a wonderful life No stress reading this book all good