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Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2R her but they're about to learn that to a bounty hunter with an unnatural thirst for blood even the deadliest human predators are easy pre. Aha I knew there were other supernaturals Sometimes I think the author is focusing on the plot so much that Anna seems like some kind of an idiot because she doesn't realize there's so much to being a vampire and doesn't ask uestions about other supes Then whoops someone lands in her lap and she's shocked Maybe I'm too used to reading so many other books in this genre that I would immediately uestion about everything than Anna does Maybe she's just way stubborn I don't know The story once again is about a case specifically finding a missing teen who may be her niece More things happen in this book on the personal front You actually get to see a little of Max and Anna comes to terms with what she wants in their relationship Anna discovers that not only are there other supes weres empaths etcbut they seem to be organized However she doesn't have time to find out much since she is on a time limit to catch the predators she's hunting There was a little mention of the Watchers in The Becoming but of course Avery is the one who mentioned it so you never knew if it was a lie or not or how anything was run in the supernatural world Apparently Anna knows nothing about the secret society or where she will fit in She hasn't bothered to do anything even talk to Chief Williams and instead has tried to live her life like she is still human except when she goes to get blood in Beso de la Muerta This book ends with the cryptic thought that Anna will now start training Finally How is it that we have gone through 2 whole books without this happening Other than that point of frustration I like the series very much

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Na discovers that her long dead brother may have had a daughter and the girl's in serious trouble There are some very dangerous people afte. Culebra is trying to teach Anna the feeding basics while she is in Mexico and tries to persuade her to sort things out with police chief Williams The girlfriend of Anna's dead brother reports that her abused daughter is missing and her daughter's friend was murdered for threatening to expose a paedophile teacher Anna goes undercover at the schoolThis book was such a let down after enjoying the first one It didn't actually feel like a vampire storyit felt like a crime novel with a few supernatural characters thrown in The plot is a missing teenager who may be related to Anna and a teacher who might be perving on his students We then follow Anna going to the school to investigate Anna finding out the suspect teacher is a shifter Anna getting David involved in the case Anna discovering what Carolyn has lied to her about and the search for Trish There is so much talk and interviewing people that it feels like a crime novel than urban fantasy It is slow and lacks the action and excitement that I expect in this genreThe subject of the book is child pornography and the story is of course pretty dark and grim This doesn't bother me but I DON'T like the implication that the rapes aren't rapes because the victims 'enjoyed' it That seriously offends me In the first book Anna is raped but seems to think she was of a willing participant because she was drugged and didn't fight back In this book a thirteen year old girl is subjected to rape and abuse but despite her terror climaxes leading to the assumption that she was a participant and may have enjoyed it Sounds like an escuse a rapist would use and I expect better from female authorsI also don't like the way the character of Carolyn justifies her treatment of her daughter It is the chip on the shoulder defence saying that she only abused and mistreated her daughter because she didn't get the chances in life that Anna was given Oh please I hate that whining 'woe is me' excuse for child neglect Plenty of single parents on low incomes do everything they can to provide for their child putting the kids first at their own expense not selling them into sex abuse I'm afraid I did not like the slowness of the plot the way the story was put together or any of the new characters that appear I don't like the way that Anna refuses to resolve any of her issues ie Max so it drags on into yet another book It was just dull And I don't like the ideas that the author puts in the heads of her female characters and projects as normal Actually I didn't really like anything about this book and I've decided not to read on with the series

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Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2 Free download ☆ 100 ☆ [Reading] ➿ Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2 By Jeanne C. Stein – Anna Strong was a tough as nails bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire Anna discovers that her long dead brother may havAnna Strong was Anna Strong ePUB #8608 a tough as nails bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire An. This series has promise but the kiddie porn plot was a complete turn off There were too many unlikely situations What parents are going to let their 13 year old son go off with a police detective Anna and not accompany him to the police department Some aspects were just distasteful bad enough to have a 13 year old victim of child abuse but having another 13 year old studying the tapes looking for evidence no One book in the series I hope the plot is a little tasteful