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Firebird summary â 108 ¼ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Firebird Author Mercedes Lackey – A young nobleman who has glimpsed the legendary enchanted Firebird is banished from his homeland He journeys through a fantastical version of Old Russia solving magical mazes and befriending a talking A young nobleman who has glimpsed the legenTastical version of Old Russia solving magical mazes and befriending a talking fox before falling in love with the Firebir. In Old Rus people used to speak of the lands being filled with spirits bright terrible mischievous and kind Oral folklore—passed along as part of what is now known as the byliny—also regaled its listeners with stories of plain men and women who overcame adversity They tell of Olga’s heroism and cleverness in punishing those who killed her husband and of Ivan the Terrible’s stupid crueltyUnfortunately this oral tradition is mostly lost to us Rather than sit as a live storyteller brings rich folklore to life we lounge in front of the television or curl up with a book taking our literature in solitary doses Yet the stories so rich in imagery and magic need not be lost as long as there are talented writers such as Mercedes Lackey to translate them to modern mediumsLackey’s Firebird is a beautiful narrative that combines many elements from many traditional Russian folklore It is a book that is completely Russian without ever mentioning the name of the land It is the Russia of the folklore where bannik inhabit bathhouses and the rusalka stalk the rivers It is the Russia where the unloved middle son of a cruel and stupid tzar can use his cleverness and kindness to achieve great deeds and reap rich rewardsLackey shows immense talent in taking stock characters traditional plots and ancient spiritlore and making it into something creative and interesting She accurately depicts the romanticized Russia of medieval times She even accurately depicts the tension between pagan and Christian forces The Christian and pagan priest disagree with one another but live and work together toward the same goals They both promote kindness and goodwill in an environment that is chilly to both sentiments They work together because although they are theologically of opposite poles they both believe in higher virtues than cruel stupidityIlya the hero is the victim of beatings and practical jokes from his brothers Firebird is the story of how he escapes his murderous brother and father and pursues a dream across many dangers He must face many foes and seemingly insurmountable odds and defeat them with his cleverness strength and kindness I will not give any plot details for part of the wonder of the novel is to discover things as Ilya does and to wonder with him whether he will ever be able to change his life or escape his circumstancesThere are times where the book seems a little trite as it does draw on many stereotypes but ultimately it is the use of well worn yarns that make the entire tapestry so lovely It is also a story that is enhanced by a passing familiarity with Russian culture and history Possibly the book would not be as enjoyable if you have no previous knowledge of Russian folklore or stories I hesitate to say that though for Lackey truly does tell a good story and makes an effort to explain each bit of folklore she weaves in without belaboring itAll in all this was an enjoyable read It’s a feel good novel that is as charming as it is entertaining

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D herself who is actually an enchanted maiden who has been waiting for true love to break the spell that holds her captive. Mercedes Lackey we usually get along tolerably well if not like a house on fire What was this drivel Really what If it's not outright offensive it's boring as hell or it's boring and offensive at once Struggled through to the end out of sheer bloody mindedness Book did not improve Please can I have those hours back

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FirebirdA young nobleman who has glimpsed the legendary enchanted Firebird is banished from his homeland He journeys through a fan. Firebird introduces Ilya the least favoured of Tzar Ivan’s sons Upon first impression Ilya struck me as cheeky arrogant skirt chasing idiot an impression that lasted just as fervently all the way through Putting that aside the plot in itself was purely nonsensical As the story progresses Ilya undertakes a supposedly reckless mission involving the rescue of several very pretty “damsels in distress” the gorgeous Tatiana with whom he fell in love on first sight for the single virtue of her otherworldly beauty among them On top of that the book was unusually slow paced and much to my frustration the author felt the need to elaborate on and analyze each of the character’s acts words or feelings as if they weren’t laid bare in front of the reader’s eyes as it is Secondary characters were just as bad their only redeeming virtue is the fact you don’t have to bear so much of them as of the main character