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EPUB ↠ MOBI Geschlecht und Charakter Eine prinzipielle Untersuchung í 9780253344717 FREE ↠ ❰Download❯ ➾ Geschlecht und Charakter Eine prinzipielle Untersuchung Author Otto Weininger – Insolpro.co.uk Otto Weininger's controversial book Sex and CharacterD modern European culture This new translation presents for the first time the entire text including Weininger's extensive appendix with amplifications of the text and bibliographical references in a reliable English translation together with a substantial introduction that places the book in its cultural and historical contex If you like books that are bat shit crazy and I certainly do then this one should be at the top of your list It rivals Martin Luther's On the Jews and their Lies Houston Stewart Chamberlain's The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century Charles Carroll's The Negro as Beast and Hitler's Mein Kampf for its bizarre twists and turns in logic and for the absurdity of its content More significant is its popularity published in 1903 it went into its seventeen printing by 1918 which tells you something about the way people were thinking in Austria and Germany in the early part of the twentieth century For those who want to understand what made Hitler and the Nazis possible this book is a must read But if you also want to understand the gnarled inner life of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein then you should also read this book for Wittgenstein loved it and was heavily influenced by it and somehow this doesn't surprise me

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And the idea of human emancipation the uest for sexual liberation and the debates about homosexuality Combining rational reasoning with irrational outbursts in the context of today's scholarship Sex and Character speaks to issues of gender race cultural identity the roots of Nazism and the intellectual history of modernism an In regards to gender egalitarianism feminism Mgtow and the battle of the sexes This book is a must read this is the ultimate Mgtow book it annihilates the aids known as feminism at the root Man must be indifferent to feminism and women in general in this day and age The Suffragettes and Second Wave Feminist's are mere imitators of Males and could never see their efforts bear fruit Euality between the sexes is a lie A genius like Weininger is very rare he is one of the few writers of European Culture i regard as genius I know this book has an infamous reputation thanks to the feminist slags who can't look in the mirror and are incapable of self reflection and analysis I read this book because it is a good antidote to modern women who embrace feminism and gynocentricism This book to the Mgtow Movement is exactly what Mein Kampf is to the National Socialist Movement in Germany To be fair I'm not as misogynistic as Weininger because Modern Women are slaves and prostitutes to Zionist Elites and Marxist Professors in the Universities Weininger understands the dangers that Zionism Communism Liberalism and Feminism pose to the human race and this is one hundred and fifteen years ago Despite Otto Weininger being Jewish he certainly has defeated the negative stereotype so prominent throughout World History I went to Vienna last year and visited his Gravestone in the Protestant Cementary Overall Mgtow men should this book

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Geschlecht und Charakter Eine prinzipielle UntersuchungOtto Weininger's controversial book Sex and Character first published in Vienna in 1903 is a prime example of the conflicting discourses central to its time antisemitism scientific racism and biologism misogyny the cult and crisis of masculinity psychological introspection versus empiricism German idealism the women's movement I can't believe I never really reviewed this book only gave some really long uotes from it Possibly one of the interesting cultural phenomenas of the 20th century The book is at times idiotic on its misogyny but yet its also erudite on the anxiety of living a life amongst decadence and the need for genius amongst the general depravity of society kind of in the way we as an American Idol voting Joel Olsteen and The Shack reading text messaging at all times society are decadent and deprave This book is kind of an attempt to justify the authors reason to go on in a scientific manner to go on though he needs to make very many wild and outlandish statements of opinion and call them facts The guy was a walking cesspool of hatred in all likelihood and most of it was probably inner conflicts and self loathing that he tried to vent out on to the world An anti semitic Jew and a homophobic Homosexual who lived out of step with the world around him he was really uite something Fortunately for the world he produced this book which ranks up there with Klaus Kinski's memoirs as possibly the most enjoyably absurd literature of all time I hope to dethrone them eventually with finding something eually or even absurd than these two cracked Germans suggestions are welcome before deciding to shoot himself at the age of 23 an act that ironically he bungled so instead of dying a heroic death his death sort of dragged on like the whining Werther probably a character he held in disdain And now for the original collection of uotesBefore reading this book I had no idea of what depraved creatures women are I'm glad I didn't have to go through of my life without knowing what I now know For your enlightenmentPeople have either not seen or not wanted to say or indeed not pictured uite correctly what Man's penis psychologically means to Woman whether as an adult or even a young virgin and how it dominates her whole life although she is often totally unconscious of this I do not mean to say that a woman thinks a man's penis beautiful or even just pretty Rather it has the same effect on her as the head of Medusa on human beings or a snake on a bird it hypnotizes entrances fascinates her She perceives it as the thing for which she does not even have a name it is her destiny it is what she cannot escape from The reason why she is so afraid to see Man in the nude and why she never shows him any desire to do so is because she feels that she would be lost straightaway The phallus is what enslaves Woman absolutely and forever Thus it is the very part which thoroughly spoils the look of a man's body which alone makes a naked man ugly and which sculptors therefore often cover with an acanthus or fig leaf that excites women most profoundly and rouses them most powerfully in particular when it represents the most unpleasant thing of all in its erect stateOnly women are happy No man feels happy because every man has a relationship with freedom and yet is always to some extent in bondage while on earthThere has never been a moment when I have not longed among other things for non existencewhether seen in this light women are in fact human beings or whether according to the author's theory the author's theory they would not really have to be classified as animals or plantsWoman is not a microcosm she was not created in the image of God Is she then still a human being? Or is she an animal? Or a plant?