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Death of a Ghost Free read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º [Reading] ➾ Death of a Ghost By Margery Allingham – John Sebastian Lafcadio is one of the greatest painters of the Edwardian period and his ambition to be known as the greatest painter since Rembrandt was not to be thwarted by a matter as trRowded art show in full view of the cream of London society For the second killing only the victim and the murderer were present The first killing took place at a crowded art show in full view of the cream of London society For the second killing only the victim and the murderer were present Now the scene was set for the third a lavish dinner party with vintage wines and with Albert Campion's death as the main course Mr Campion must employ all his tact as well as his formidable intelligence to trap the killer and dodge dea. Famous artist John Lafcadio might have been dead for thirteen years but that doesn't stop him from being able to cause a good stir Before his death he completed 12 paintings and left instructions that they were to be revealed starting five years after his death one a year until all the sealed crates had been opened and his masterpieces were available to the world Albert Campion comes to visit Lafcadio's widow Belle just before the eighth painting has been shown and being a friend is invited to the unveiling All appears to go well and the painting Joan of Arc is revealed as planned turned into a spectacle and overseen as usual by Lafcadio's agent Max Faustian Things go awry when the lights go out Once the power is restored Tommy Dacre Lafcardio's grand daughter's fiance is found stabbed to death with a pair of ornate scissors Campion soon finds himself investigating not only Dacre's murder but a series of other odd events another death and ultimately finds himself almost losing his life when he underestimates the murderer This book is not so much a whodunnit as a prove hedunnit Campion figures out the identity of the murderer early and there are plenty enough clues for the reader to do the same The killer is clever slick supremely self confident and just a little bit insane Campion's attempts to first unmask then stop the killer are stymied every step of the way and for a while there it looks like he might be the final victim It is luck and back up from his friends that saves him this time not his own intellect This is a very different book that I liked and was unsure about both at the same time It is a departure for the usual crime solving adventure and I'm of two minds about whether or not it works Certainly some early strange events such as the disappearance of all Dacre's works finally make sense when the killer's motives are revealed and it is all very clever But the pacing felt kind of wrong to be although I think that was mostly because Allingham had things happen in a different order than usual Here the basic story line went murder suspicion discovery of murderer discover of murderer's motives plan to stop murderer failure of said plan resolution by Hand of God Campion didn't really take over this story he just struggled to keep up with other characters and I think that was probably the source of my dissatisfaction That and the ultimate fate of the murderer which seemed like a cop out to me Not one of Allingham's best although we meet some lovely characters such as Belle and her grand daughter Linda and get a chance to see inside the artist's life of the time I still enjoyed the story but it won't be first on my list of Campion books to reread If you only want to read one pick a different one If you already know you like the series this is still a good solid addition it and I suggest you read it After all drunk Campion at the end of the book is a total delight I'm told it is in the Peter Davison TV adaptions as well although I haven't seen themCopied across from Library Thing; 25 September 2012

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T the work to a newly ravenous public at the rate of one per year Lafcadio's widow unveil the eighth canvas to a carefully selected audience Albert Campion an old friend of the widow's is among the cast of gadabouts muses and socialites gathered for the latest ceremony The event is a success for all but one of the attendees a young artist who is brutally stabbed while others are sipping champagne The art is the last thing on the sleuth's mind whenl the wife of another painter is poisoned The first killing took place at a c. The real attack lay somewhere in the Cantonetti Campion wished he could remember The whole of the restaurant had become indistinct He was aware of vast planes of misty chattering ghosts to whom he supposed fatuously he was as invisible as they to him

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Death of a GhostJohn Sebastian Lafcadio is one of the greatest painters of the Edwardian period and his ambition to be known as Death of PDFEPUB or the greatest painter since Rembrandt was not to be thwarted by a matter as trifling as his own death Lafcadio was not only a brilliantly talented it appears a bit psychic Certain that his reputation would improve dramatically after his death he left aset of twelve sealed paintings with his agent along with the instruction that her widow should wait a suitable interval and then begin doling ou. This book is OK as far as it goes It is a thirties crime mystery based around a posh family and their connections and almost everyone is connected with the art world in some way The initial murder there are to come takes place early on during the first viewing of one of the paintings which has been left by a famous artist to be revealed at the rate of one per yearSome of the characters are so appalling that I woud have loved to have leapt into the pages of my book and killed them off myself When I say appalling I don't mean that they are badly written uite the contrary but they are just people that I wouldn't ever want anywhere near me So that is good writing is it notThe main policeman in the plot is just so straight and humourless and appears to lack the wit to outsmart a slug on the garden fence never mind a dangerous criminal Campion also lacks humour He is such a serious man who happens to be on the scene due to his long standing connection with the widow To me he seemed to be rather slow in picking up the clues and sorting out the motive and the killer but I suppose that prolongs the endingIt may seem a strange thing to say about a story which revolves around the art world but I got irritated by the amount of art talk and technicalities in this book Others may love that but it was not for meIn summary the book was OK I don't regret reading it but there are many other books out there that I should prefer to read ahead of another Campion mystery