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Review Ø Dr Golem How to Think about Medicine ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub × [Epub] ➞ Dr Golem How to Think about Medicine ➣ Harry Collins – Dr Golem explores some of the mysteries and complexities of medicine while untangling the inherent conundrums of scientific reseW to Think about Epubmust be They investigate three important issues that lie at the core of medicine’s uncertainty individual versus collective interests medicine as a science versus a healing art and the nature of medical expertise The authors neither jump on the critical bandwagon nor apologize for medicine’s failings rather they show that the inherent discrepancy between the pace of medical discovery and the need for immediate succour is one that must be addressed jointly by physician and patient” Noah Raizman The Lance. I read the Traditional Chinese edition of it The following review contains a little bit of thoughts specifically on the Chinese edition從兩位作者的辯證態度到譯者李尚仁老師的譯文風格都很喜歡!作為一個信奉現代醫學體系的人來說,這本書其實更多地是從社會學的角度客觀展現了另一方的視角,讀後對堅信乃至於迷信另類醫療(落實到生活實際上來說主要指中醫)的人以及 anti vaxxer 們多了幾分諒解(。保留參考書目和原文某些重要詞彙的英文也很有幫助,只不過英文部分應該沒有校對,不時出現 trial 變 trail 之類的錯誤⋯⋯很巧的是,在看到書的結尾處柯林斯記錄平區夫婦如何選擇百日咳疫苗的例子時,剛好陪朋友去看病,醫生的診斷結果含糊且不大看好,在決定治療手段之前也恰巧採取了和平區夫婦相似的舉措:翻查該醫生此前發表的論文⋯⋯

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Dr Golem explores some How to eBook #9734 of the mysteries and complexities of medicine while untangling the inherent conundrums of scientific research and highlighting Dr Golem Kindle its vagaries In eight chapters devoted to case studies of modern medicine Collins and Pinch consider the prevalence of tonsillectomies the placebo Golem How to PDF #10003 effect and randomized control trials bogus doctors CPR the efficacy of Vitamin C in fighting cancer chronic fatigue syndrome AIDS cures and Golem How to Think about Epubvaccinat. This was a great read exploring the hidden uncertainties of medicine Its arguments are framed in two sets the individual vs the collective and the way we interact with medicine Many people take medicine as a lofty field unknowable to the masses below but this book revealed a thoughtful look at just how tremulous medicine's iron pillars of knowledge areBetween explorations of the surprising success of bogus doctors to the ambiguous disorders of fibromyalgia and Gulf War Syndrome to the wild reasons for tonsillectomies to the astounding work of AIDS advocates in reaching a level of knowledge that allowed them to converse on even footing with doctors and positively influence the ongoing search for an HIV cure this book shows that in reality doctors don't know everything and encourages us to pursue an understanding of science for ourselves to a degreeFor the individual may want to skip a vaccine because of fears of side effects but the collective whole and those down the familial line of the individual will suffer from their choice even if they have a slim leg of fears to stand on The placebo effect actually has positive effects on some individuals but when the time comes to conduct studies of life saving diseases and we NEED to do randomized controlled trials that involves not treating patients so as to gain a knowledge of what works and what doesn't we must agonize that we are potentially sacrificing the few for the good of the whole Along these lines a surprisingly persuasive line of reasoning is not to dismiss alternative medicine such as acupuncture and herbal remedies; after all if it doesn't actually harm people and it may help some including those that modern medicine may be struggling to treat then why not let them eat large doses of Vitamin CCaution is of course necessary the authors encourage individuals to learn about medicine but only to a degree that they can make informed decisions when need be One of the authors chose to not get the recommended whooping cough vaccine because of a potential side effect choosing instead a foreign variety which was later adapted by the US as the default While they turned out to be making the correct informed decision they caution against those who decry the MMR vaccine as causing autism based as this argument is on one mother's fears and a single subseuent paper that only looked at a handful of patients while the author agreed that parents should still be taking the vaccine Instead that websites stoke the fears and claims to be superior to those with years of medical experience is a sad extension of their rightful call to interact with medicine on than just a passive levelA compelling interesting read

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Dr Golem How to Think about MedicineIon Throughout Collins and Pinch remind readers that medical science is an economic as well as a social consideration encapsulated for the authors in the timeless struggle to balance the good health of the many with the good health of a few Dr Golem is a timely analysis of the limitations of medicine that never loses sight of its strengths“Collins and Pinch carefully tease out key conflicts in the way that medical knowledge is constructed and used and endeavor to show how necessarily complicated medical decision making Golem Ho. Straight forwardly extends the theoretical framework of Golem What Everyone Should Know about Science and The Golem at Large What You Should Know about Technology to medicine The draw out the tension between medicine as science and medicine as succour short term and long term considerations and population average testing and specific individual causes to help study the issues The various chapters deal with how The Placebo Effect complicates medicine how difficult it can be to spot bogus doctors tonsil treatments alternative medicine contested diseases AIDS activism reprinted from Golem at Large and vaccine controversiesThe most interesting aspects of this volume is how the authors disagree slightly somewhat on the uestion of vaccinations The case studies are not uite as flashy as the ones in the previous books and overall As they admit they move to be on the side of science in this book making it somewhat less interesting a read compared to the previous volumes