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Download doc ´ Sinful Rewards 9 100 pages ↠ insolpro Ô ✴ Sinful Rewards 9 Epub ✷ Author Cynthia Sax – No longer torn between the billionaire and the biker Bee has claimed her man branding his skin with her scent his soul with her care He’s her ideal choice building passion withiR she didn’t know existed supporting her dreams and willing to do anything for herBut is she the ideal choice for him?An early morning surprise attack and the arrival of a beautiful Yet another installment of Sinful Rewards was devoured resulting in even love for Bee our exhibitionist heroine and her protective and encouraging military man Hawke The story begins as Bee is plagued by a gruesome nightmare where she is unable to save Hawke's life no matter how hard she tries Her persistent anxiety regarding financial security abandonment and freuently the danger Hawke faces at work is taking its toll But throughout the story by discussing some of her fears with Hawke and his sharing his own fears regarding her safety Bee and Hawke grow even closer emotionally Bee finally seems to accept and openly display the fact that she is Hawke's girlAlthough there are some intense sex scenes in the novella not as much seems to happen in this story compared to some of the earlier installments This is probably mostly due to Bee being forced to stay in Hawke's apartment because of concerns for her safety Bee does manage to host a bit of an impromptu macaroni and cheese party where we finally meet the infamous Ellen and Bee shows that she's willing to fight for her man even if she can't really throw a punch Apart from the main protagonists I absolutely loved that Bee's mom seems to have her own romance brewing and that Cyndi and Cole are still going strong For me this installment plays an important role in the series because Bee finally seems to embrace her relationship with Hawke She stops lying to herself about whether they're right for each other and the possibility of leaving him and decides that wherever he is is where she belongs I'm proud of the Birdman for opening up about his own fears and getting Bee to open up to him He is always so reassuring and encouraging And loving And hot Sigh Twelve installments really just isn't enough Hawke for meIn case you weren't keeping score I'm completely obsessed with the Sinful Rewards series and with the uirky neurotic emotional interesting and sexy as hell characters Cynthia Sax has created If you love your romance with some dirty talk and your men with a protective streak Sinful Rewards 9 is a must read Disclaimer I received this book free in exchange for my honest review All thoughts and opinions shared are my own

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Witty and regrettably nice rival make Bee uestion her decision Does she step aside forgoing her forever to ensure her man’s survival or does she risk his life and her heart on love Two of the popular tropes in contemporary erotic romance are motorcycle gangs and billionaire rescues Sax manages to combine both of these elements in her Sinful Rewards series By this ninth novella in her serial Belinda Carter has won the admiration of her billionaire business partner and the love of her motorcycle man who doubles as a bodyguard and owns a security company But Bee feels as if she doesn’t deserve her good fortune and keeps trying to screw herself up She has financial worries that she hasn’t shared and is on the run from reporters and photographers Think of this as “The Perils of Belinda” but with sexual escapesVerdict As the ninth book in an ongoing serial a reader starting with this installment will feel dropped into the middle of an ongoing story without enough background While this novella is not complete in itself readers who enjoy the “rescued by a billionaire” or “alpha biker dude” tropes will want to start with the first entry Sinful Rewards 1 A Billionaires and Bikers Novella Bee’s life is crazy but never dull

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Sinful Rewards 9No longer torn between the billionaire and the biker Bee has claimed her man branding his skin with her scent his soul with her care He’s her ideal choice building passion within he I am so freaking happy Bee and Hawke are together I could scream Sadly the new relationship comes with a whole new set of obstacles Bee finds a strong woman who works on Hawke's team Bee wants to step down as Hawke's girl but he's having none of that which is awesomeI love Bee and Hawke's relationship She still has the secret admirer who I really am dying to know who it is I can't believe this is close to the end of the series Hawke is doing such a great job at making Bee feel safe and loved which is great and everything she deservesHonestly Bee has been growing so much troughout this series and this book really shows what a great character she is and how much she's grown as a character but she still has those flaws that make her a realistic likable characterDying to read the next book I know it's going to be amazing and I just love how Cynthia Sax writes these amazing books where it's about the characters growth than the characters sex lives