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Snowbound at Christmas Montana Men #55 Free download µ 105 ½ [Reading] ➷ Snowbound at Christmas Montana Men #55 ➭ Jennifer Ryan – When a snowstorm pummels the western half of the country three couples find once off limits love just in time for Christmas An unforgettable holiday anthology Now she s back in town with a secret that has been ten years in the making and this time it s Dex s turn to make the ultimate sacrifice or risk losing her foreverSnowed in at Copper Ridge A Copper Ridge Novella by Maisey YatesMia Landry has always had it bad for brooding cowboy Devlin Grayson Too bad he s her best friend s older brother But when they find themselves snowed in at Copper Ridge Lodge Mia finally has the chance to tell the man of her dre. Close to Perfect Dex and Abby found real love with each other when they were still in their teens Unfortunately something awful happened and Abby was forced to leave Dex never stopped missing her When after ten years Abby returns he finds out she kept a secret something that will change his life completely Will Dex be able to forgive herAbby and Dex are both sweethearts and I instantly liked them They have good hearts and had plenty of undeserved back luck in their lives They could certainly use a happy Christmas When Abby returns after many years of absence Dex has the opportunity to get to know her again The surprise she has for him is adorable but it's also a lot to take in for him I kept hoping their childhood love would still be there as the main characters of this novella deserve another chance They are incredibly brave and their personalities are truly amazingJennifer Ryan's writing style flows easily and I enjoyed the way she describes her settings She writes in a vivid way that makes her stories come to life very well I immediately fell in love with this series and will definitely come back for Hot Winter’s Night Brightwater's residents have to prepare for heavy snow Goldie has recently opened a flower shop and remains at work while she should have gone home and gets stuck Kit helps her out They aren't on speaking terms any longer but when Goldie can't go back to her house he takes her to his family instead Kit and Goldie used to be the one for each other but something came between them Will they get a second chanceGoldie is driven and kind She wants to make a success of her shop as it makes her happy to be there I loved that she is so passionate Kit made her angry and broke her heart but fortunately Christmas is the perfect time for forgiveness so I hoped he could still make things right Kit didn't have many good prospects when he was younger and he left Brightwater He gave up everything he loved for it which also included Goldie It's obvious he missed her and his happiness about finally being on speaking terms again made me smile Kit didn't come out of his years before his return to Brightwater unscathed and I liked how that brought him and Goldie closer together I loved the tension between them and it's clear from the start they are still attracted to one another on many different levelsI love Lia Riley's Brightwater series and was happy to be able to read about this wonderful place again I really enjoyed reading about Kit He's from a close family and it was fun to read about them from a different perspective I liked this warm winter novella a lot and think it's a great addition to the series Snowed in at Copper Ridge Mia has secretly been in love with Devlin her best friend's brother for years Mia always celebrates the holidays with his family and this year isn't any different They've rented a lodge and Mia and Devlin are the first ones to arrive Because of heavy snowfall the roads are being closed and they can't go anywhere while the rest of the family is still at home For Mia Devlin is it and a night alone with him might be the best opportunity she's ever been givenMia isn't experienced when it comes to love She doesn't feel comfortable around men but with Devlin she can be herself She's smart and creative and I liked her uirky and honest personality Devlin is insecure he knows what he wants but he thinks he isn't good enough for the people he loves My heart ached for him Mia brings out the best in him and they're endearing together A night without anyone else to disturb them is a lovely gift and I enjoyed reading about the feelings the main characters have for each otherMaisy Yates writes about family in a warm and sympathetic way and I immediately liked that about Snowed in at Copper Ridge There's so much love and understanding between all members of the family Being stranded is an interesting theme for a story and there's a large amount of fabulous tenderness and yearning This cute winter novella really made my heart melt

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Ams exactly what she wants himHot Winter s Night A Brightwater Novella by Lia RileyWhile Brightwater is being covered in snow Goldie Flint is stuck in her flower shop She never expected her hero to be Kit Kane the former love of her life Kit knows that what he had with Goldie isn t just in the past and with the help of a little bet an ornery grandmother and a lot of snow he s ready to show her that what he really wants for Christmas is a second chanc. A holiday romance collection where all three stories are based around a couple that ends up stuck in a snow storm So my kinda thing I love snowy romances That's no secret But I have to confess I really like holiday novellas Don't ask me why I just really do The setting is just swoony and perfect and maybe its because I met my husband around then Color me nostalgic but it works for me Especially if it's a novella Snowbound at Christmas feature three stories They all part of a cowboy series but all work as a standalone Close to Perfect A Montana Men Novella by Jennifer Ryan I haven't read a book by Ryan before so this is my first of her and the series I liked the writing style The plot was sweet A tad too sweet for me at times But also too dramatic But all in all I enjoyed it The character building left me divided I liked the MCs Love Dex But to be frank the entire female cast was a bit too over the top Too bitchy too sweet you name it it's all there Frankly I didn't mind so much with Abby but Libby meh Couple the female over the top characters with the plot then it's just simply too much for me 25 Stars Hot Winter's Night A Brightwater Novella by Lia RileySo honestly the reason I reuested this ARC Lia Riley I would read anything she puts her name onAnd then there is the whole wintersnowy romance thing I am a sucker for that But I would have reuested anything I was happily grinning all swoony after reading Hot Winter's Night It is exactly what I want in a snowy cute fluffy Kit is a hotilicous caring go getter and I really like Goldie as well Her feistines her want to success and overcome Both of them are fighters yet couldn't find what their way to each other Starcrossed lovers perfectly done The twist a the end Just bloody brilliant Because I guessed a few things but not THAT Great characters swoony setting and fun storyline make this a perfect holiday novella Short and sweet maybe too short I was left wanting Breakwater goodness which makes me think I haven't read them all have I runs to check her GR account45Stars Snowed in at Copper Ridge A Copper Ridge Novella by Maisey YatesAnother first for me But definitely will be reading by YatesThis was just swoony hotilcious holidays cute fluffy I totally adore all the characters love the way the story was told and honestly can't wait to get my hands on stories about them There will be about them right I mean I fell in love with the Graysons 4 Stars While the first didn't really work for me I did enjoy reading the book Which is why I am going to round it up to 4 Stars It's a lovely collection of cutefluffies and just was what I wanted from thisA must read for lovers of the genres and a great introduction to the authors and series

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Snowbound at Christmas Montana Men #55When a Christmas Montana Epub #221 snowstorm pummels the western half of the country three couples find once off limits love just in time for Christmas An unforgettable holiday anthology from Snowbound at Kindle bestselling authors Jennifer Ryan Maisey Yates and Lia RileyClose to Perfect A Montana Men Novella by Jennifer RyanAt sixteen Abigail gave Dex the gift of a lifetime but at Christmas Montana eBook #8608 the cost of it was than he ever knew. Thanks for checking out my books Do you need a happy ending Me too So why not join my Facebook reader group Riley's Readers where we can dish on everything from romance novels to wellness to recipes Must like cool people hot gossip behind the scenes peeks and man candy Be the first to hear about book news and sales Hope to see you there Riley Reader's Facebook Group