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FREE READ à INSOLPRO.CO.UK õ Erle Stanley Gardner Dball But fatal gunplay rocks the boat leaving Wentworth dead Mae a wanted woman and Perry Mason in troubled waters Original. Why the devil do you violate laws in order to get justice for your clients Mason grinned and said 'I'll be damned if I know Paul I guess I'm just made this way When I start unraveling a mystery I can't seem to find a brake Every time I put my foot down it hits the throttle'The last book in Mason series Although it was publish post mortem it definitely was written years before Mason gets to play in a detective Della Street and Paul Drake have their share in solving the mystery The plot was interesting but I hoped it'd be better developed towards the end I missed the court drama Here for the first time that I remember the judge is uite liberal without formal education Although still with Holcomb instead of Tragg we can notice some changes in the DA's office attitudeMae Farr is a young beautiful woman who moves to a big city to get a better life She lost contact with her family back home to keep them from finding out what her profession is She get accused by Penn Wentworth of forging his check and is a fugitive from justice Mason agrees to help her and as always ends up solving a postponed murderIt was a nice read I enjoyed it even without much courtroom mess

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FREE DOWNLOAD î The Case of the Postponed Murder ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Case of the Postponed Murder By Erle Stanley Gardner – When Mae Farr becomes the presumed stalking victim of wealthy playboy Penn Wentworth she asks Perry for help Wentworth say he merely wants her for forging his name on a check Farr When Mae of the ePUB #180 Farr becomes the presumed stalking victim of wealthy playboy Penn Wentworth she asks Perry for hel. A young woman from Nowhere Northern California came to Mason's office It seemed several years ago her sister decided to make it big in a large city and left for LA She managed to find a job and even was able to send some money to her mother She always kept in touch with her sister but became silent some time ago which made the latter worried The woman insisted Perry Mason the lawyer would be a better person for the job than Paul Drake the PI This was the first clue she was not completely honest with Mason After some detective work Mason realized the lost sister was in big trouble related to a forged check The lawyer became convinced something is fishy and asked himself a uestion who actually did the forging This digging out the truth led him to a dead body with his client being the perfect suspect This was the last published Mason novel well after the death of the author At times you can practically feel the rough edges that would be polished had the author had time to do this However I like it better than previous several books For starters while I did not like Mason's client much I did not feel like humanity would be better off without her genes in the global gene pool like I felt about his clients in the last two books The mystery finally made me use my brain and I still missed the villain thanks to series' ever present red herrings It felt like Mason had action than it became usual late in the series As a result by the time he got to the courtroom he had a record number of accusations against him burglary tampering with the evidence etc We also got to see an unseeing before side of Paul Drake knowing that the lawyer was heading into a danger Drake followed him having no doubt he would lose his license as a result I think this would be an appropriate place to say something about the series in general and its author in particular even though there are 3 novellas that follow this book The total number of Perry Mason novels is 82 yes you read it right and I will spell it in case you have any doubts eighty two Plus 3 novellas I just mentioned Some books are better than the others but there are no outright weak ones As far as mystery is concern it is always top notch It takes real talent and great imagination to come up with that many plots and not run out of steam My hat is off to you Mr Gardner Bravo you have earned the title of a Great Mystery Writer only slightly below the level of such giants as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dame Agatha Christie and Rex Stout You have my everlasting respect

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The Case of the Postponed MurderP Wentworth say he merely wants her for forging his name on a check Farr claims he just wants her Mae is willing to play har. 37Once again Perry pulls out legal tricks and proves his client innocent Della is goals in this book and Paul's hatred of romance at the end makes me laughRecommended 13 for mentioned attempted assault language murder and mild romance of secondary characters